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The Story of the Week

General -  Column

This week, Managing Editor Jon Wood chooses for his Story of the Week's very own Reader's Choice Awards, why we do them the way that we do, and why other methods in the past have proven a little less successful.Posted Dec 4, 2010 by Jon Wood

Art Style

TERA -  Column

In his latest TERA column, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller takes a look at the art style in the game. Garrett talks about the blend between East and West and the creation of unique and interesting monsters. Check out Garrett's column and then weigh in with your thoughts by commenting below.Posted Dec 3, 2010 by Garrett Fuller

Looking up from the Grindstone

General -  Column

In her latest Player Perspectives column,'s Isabelle Parsley takes a look at what some call the 'grind' in MMOs and that, just maybe, it's not as bad as it's been portrayed. Whether it's collecting materials for crafting or finishing that 'kill 10,000 orcs' achievement, there is something to be said for 'grinding'. See if you agree...or not...and then leave a comment below.Posted Dec 3, 2010 by Isabelle Parsley

2010 Awards: New Game of the Year

General -  Awards

In today's round of voting in the 2010 Reader's Choice awards here at, we invite you to check out this year's crop of new games and select your favorite, or even 'none of the above' for 2010. Posted Dec 3, 2010 by Jon Wood

Outside the Box: Vikings of Thule

General -  Developer Journal

In a brand new developer diary exclusively for, we are pleased to feature Bjarni Sigurdsson, Senior Producer for the Facebook MMO, Vikings of Thule with an introduction by Managing Editor Jon Wood. Be sure to check it out and then leave us your comments below.Posted Dec 2, 2010

2010 Awards: Most Anticipated

General -  Awards

As the end of 2010 quickly approaches, it's time for the annual Reader's Choice awards here at Today we are asking for your input as to what game(s) currently in development that you are most looking forward to playing. Check out the nominees and then cast your vote for Most 2010 Awards: Most AnticipatedPosted Dec 2, 2010 by Jon Wood

Chasing 30/50

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

In his latest Guild Wars 2 column, Community Manager Michael Bitton reveals his obsessive compulsive side in obtaining the 30/50 rewards in Guild Wars to bring bodacious rewards into Guild Wars 2. He's a man with a plan that you won't want to miss. Be sure to tell us about your plans to hit 30/50 in the Hall of Monuments below.Posted Dec 2, 2010 by Michael Bitton

The Reshaping of Worlds

General -  Column

In his latest column, Bill Murphy begins a discussion of Blizzard's overhaul of World of Warcraft with the Cataclysm expansion. They didn't -have- to do it, but they did. Using WoW as an example that all MMOs should follow, Bill dreams of the day when things in our MMO haunts don't always remain the same. Check out his thoughts and then add some of your own below.Posted Dec 2, 2010 by William Murphy

Quarantine of Monkeytown

Fallen Earth -  Developer Journal

Fallen Earth devs have provided readers with some brand new screenshots and a developer diary about the destruction of Monkeytown. Disease had run rampant through Monkeytown and the only way to avoid greater contamination was to burn the town to the ground. Check out the Quarantine of Monkeytown and a pair of screens. More will be coming in the weeks ahead. Be sure to leave a comment below.Posted Dec 2, 2010

The Quiz: The Garriott Assessment

Tabula Rasa -  Column's Drew Wood is feeling a bit nostalgic today about the demise of Tabula Rasa, the last major MMO by gaming legend Richard Garriott. To assuage his blue feelings, Drew has created The Quiz with Richard "Lord British" Garriott in mind. See how you do an dleave us a comment below!Posted Dec 1, 2010 by Drew Wood

Henrik Nyström Interview

Mortal Online -  Interview

Recently, writer Adam Tingle had the opportunity to sit down with Star Vault's Henrik Nyström to talk all things Mortal Online. Their discussion ran the gamut from the class system to player interaction to rumors of Star Vault personnel leaving the company. Check out Adam's interview and then leave your comments below!Posted Dec 1, 2010 by Adam Tingle

The Official Review

Mortal Online -  Review writer, Adam Tingle, has written extensively about his adventures in the realms of Mortal Online in his Survivor Guy series. Due to his extended play experiences in Mortal Online, Adam has a review of a game that has just recently turned six months old. See what Adam has to say and then weigh in with your comments below.Posted Dec 1, 2010 by Adam Tingle

Sith Not-So Pureblood

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Column

In his latest Star Wars: The Old Republic column, Community Manager Michael Bitton takes a look at the Sith Pureblood playable race. Mike delves into Sith history to determine why it is that the race despises the Jedi so much and whether or not a 'pureblood' is precisely that. Check it out and then join the discussion below.Posted Dec 1, 2010 by Michael Bitton

Hoe Hoe Hoe for Gardening!

Wizard101 -  Interview

In a recent conversation with KingsIsle's Fred Howard, News Editor Suzie Ford had the opportunity to learn about the brand new Gardening system that is now live on the public test server. Gardening will doubtless arrive on live servers during the holiday season 2010. Howard and the KingsIsle team revealed a lot of exciting new information so be sure to check out the article and comment below.Posted Nov 30, 2010 by Suzie Ford

What a Marvel MMO Needs to Be

General -  Interview

In The Rant this week,'s Adam Janovyak talks about what he believes a Marvel MMO should be. Adam can write this Rant due to having spent time playing DC's version of a superhero MMO. Adam turns his attention to Marvel and discusses what he believes would be best. Check it out and then leave us a few comments below.Posted Nov 30, 2010 by

Top Five MMO Thanks

General -  Column

In The List this week,'s Bill Murphy tears a page from the 'better late than never' playbook and discusses the top five MMO things for which he is thankful. He runs the gamut from investors to players to in-game travel options. Check it out and then leave your thoughts in the comments below.Posted Nov 30, 2010 by William Murphy

Nov 29, 2010 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 261 of the Newsletter, we look at World of Warcraft and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Nov 29, 2010 by Michael Bitton

The Level 1-9 Experience

DC Universe Online -  Preview

In DC Universe Online #16 is an exciting article for's Bill Murphy to write. He's got a hands on preview of his experiences playing DCUO from levels 1-9. That's right: Bill has all the gameplay information that fans and players have been looking for about DCUO and it's all right here at! Check it out and then leave us a comment or two below.Posted Nov 29, 2010 by William Murphy

Early 4.0.3 Experience

World of Warcraft -  General

In his latest World of Warcraft article, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller takes a look at some of the changes in the overhauled starting areas that have gone live as of the 4.0.3 update. Garrett chronicles what he believes are the most significant changes with the advent of the new patch. Check out his article and leave us your comments below.Posted Nov 29, 2010 by Garrett Fuller

Buzz from G-Star 2010

General -  Column

The Free Zone this week centers around last week's G-Star 2010 convention in South Korea.'s Richard Aihoshi has been digging through reports about the convention and has compiled some of the more intriguing information in his latest column. Check it out and let us know what grabbed your attention by leaving us a comment below.Posted Nov 29, 2010 by Richard Aihoshi