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The Challenge is Welcome

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

While there have been a few bumps in the road for the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, these have been typical for MMOs. Launch has worked out mostly as anyone with MMO experience might expect, with some players experiencing issues, and some painful growing pains that began once the gates opened up to the masses. Yet this will concentrate more on some pain of a different kind - the kind inflicted upon players through gameplay.Posted Apr 8, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez Interviews Jake Song About Russian Version

ArcheAge -  Interview has another fantastic interview with ArcheAge's Jake Song. The team started with a list of questions and added more as answers were given. See what he had to say in this comprehensive new interview with our friends at Apr 7, 2014

The Flexibility to be a Sandbox RPG We Want to Play

TUG -  Preview

In every gamer’s life, there comes a time to take a look at the horizon and see what new and innovating things are in the works. I hit that point recently and began a search to see what could peek my interests. Was there really anything out there that had the potential for different in either its mechanics or its development? This search lead me to TUG (The Untitled Game) by Nerd Kingdom where I read this description and was instantly intrigued. Posted Apr 7, 2014 by Franklin Rinaldi

The ArenaNet Team on the Aftermath of Season 1

Guild Wars 2 -  Interview

Now that the year-long story arc that embodied Guild Wars 2 season one is finished, we caught up with the ArenaNet team as part of a retrospective on the event and a sneak peek at the future. We checked in with the Lore, Story and Art departments to find out more. Check it out!Posted Apr 7, 2014 by David North

Megaservers and You

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

ArenaNet saved the best – or at least the biggest – announcement for last. Megaservers will fundamentally change how Guild Wars 2 operates, altering the dynamics of its social structure and its biggest events. Change of this magnitude is rarely universally accepted, and a quick browse through the forums and social media will tell you that's the same in this case. So what's the good and what's the bad of this new, Tyria-shattering tech?Posted Apr 7, 2014 by Jason Winter

Waiting for Draenor

World of Warcraft -  Column

This week in the WoW Factor we take a look at six things you can do while waiting for this fall's release of Warlords of Draenor.Posted Apr 7, 2014 by Reza Lackey

Apr 6, 2014 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 433 of the Newsletter, we look at RaiderZ and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Apr 6, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Tactics - A Solid Addition to the Squad-Based RTS Genre

Line of Defense -  Preview

Line of Defense: Tactics by game studio 3000AD is an RTS game designed for mobile devises and currently ported to the PC and MAC. It is small squad combat and is a companion game to the upcoming MMO Line of Defense where you control a patrol of four Galactic Commandos (yes… another name for space marines), each with different skills, infiltrating rebel bases, basically killing everything in your way.Posted Apr 5, 2014 by Carolyn Koh

Fun & Balanced But Repetitive

Lightbringers: Saviors of Raia -  Review

Lightbringers by Frima Studios is an RPG that’s playable through your browser on the web, through the Facebook interface and now, on the iOS as well as Android platforms. I played it on the iOS platform on an iPad3. It will not run on the iPad2 or the iPad Mini (same processor as the iPad2, smaller screen). Frima is well aware of the demands of the game as the first tip you see when you boot up the game is to shut down all other apps and use WiFi instead of 3-G.Posted Apr 4, 2014 by Carolyn Koh

VR Dogfighting IN SPACE

EVE Online -  Preview

I’ll admit that I have a peculiar fascination with the EVE franchise, even though I’ve yet to partake in anything related to EVE Online first-hand. There’s something decidedly hardcore about CCP Games’ flagship title that speaks to me, and although Dust 514 didn’t turn out so excitingly, the spinoff certainly still piqued my interest.Posted Apr 4, 2014 by Som Pourfarzaneh

A Touch of Free-to-Play Hubris

Landmark -  Column

Sony Online Entertainment's (SOE) Director of Development for the Everquest franchise, Dave Georgeson, talked to IGN about the free-to-play model. While he says there's “nothing wrong” with subscriptions, he now says “free-to-play is the way that gamers should want their MMOs to be, and the reason I think that is that if we don’t do a really good job and we don’t entertain the player, we don’t make a dime.”Posted Apr 4, 2014 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

Review in Progress Part 1

Elder Scrolls Online -  Editorial

The Elder Scrolls Online is easily the most anticipated and biggest MMO launch since Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many people probably wrote ESO off as another SWTOR in terms of hype and let down, but so far... I believe those people are mistaken. There are a lot of wonderful design choices in ESO, and plenty of bugs to grind an axe on. But one thing’s prevailed: I’m having a lot of fun, and the rabbit hole keeps going deeper. Posted Apr 4, 2014 by William Murphy

Mordheim: Warhammer Meets XCOM, Sort Of

General -  Preview

From its dark fantasy setting to its heritage as a tabletop miniatures wargame, the Warhammer franchise has always been a bit hardcore. Rogue Factor and Focus Interactive’s newly announced third-person tactical strategy RPG, Mordheim: City of the Damned, certainly looks like it will fit that mold. With a gritty art palette, permadeath options, and player looting, Mordheim will aim to appeal to Warhammer fans and hardcore strategy gamers alike.Posted Apr 3, 2014 by Som Pourfarzaneh

Hands On the Alpha

Albion Online -  Preview

Last week while many gamers were celebrating the release of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls another lesser known MMORPG was opening its doors for an alpha test. Sandbox Interactive, a developer based out of Berlin,Germany, allowed players trickle into their freshman effort, Albion Online. We got our hands on the game, and have our own first impressions to report.Posted Apr 3, 2014 by Robert Lashley

Tales of Tomorrow

WildStar -  Column

Where will WildStar’s story take us? In this week’s column, Gareth Harmer gives a run-down of in-game history, before looking at where the future might lead.Posted Apr 3, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

The Lucrative Way to Play

PlanetSide 2 -  Interview

We met with SOE’s Planetside 2 team recently, specifically Art Director Tramell Ray Isaac, to chat about the game’s ongoing progress, PS4 development, mission system, Hossin map, but mainly the sheer astounding success of the Player Studio. Player Studio allows enterprising and creative PS2 players to make items for sale in the game’s cash shop. In doing so, they get a cut of the action. Posted Apr 2, 2014 by William Murphy

The Superheroic MOBA

Infinite Crisis -  Column

Games like SMITE change things up from the League formula by offering a unique third person perspective, but you don’t necessarily have to change things that much to create a satisfying experience, and that’s where Turbine’s Infinite Crisis comes in for me. Posted Apr 2, 2014 by Michael Bitton

A Successful Pre-Launch?

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

MMORPG launches in the past have never had a good reputations. Players that are waiting for the servers to go live for the first time are usually met with an array of issues, ranging from not being able to connect to the game, stuck in a queue, or even persistent roll backs. If this is such a common problem among MMOs why hasn’t a developer come up with a solution to fix them?Posted Apr 2, 2014 by Ryan Getchell

Saving the Suburbs

Monster Madness Online -  Preview

If you like saving the suburbs from hordes of monsters, building your own weapons, and some seriously stylish art and graphics then Monster Madness Online is the perfect game for you. The game hosts an online hub which allows for players to meet up and go off test their skills against the monster invasion. We got to see the game at GDC and had fun demoing the title across mulitple platforms. Posted Apr 2, 2014 by Garrett Fuller

Housing Speculation – Too Many Questions to Jump on the Hype Train

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Column

So, the big news in the land of Star Wars: the Old Republic, is that we're finally getting housing to play with this summer with the release of Galactic Strongholds. It's a feature that players have been requesting since before launch. Let's face it, the most readily-viable games these days for housing are ones that have a free-to-play element, because a game studio can easily monetize unlocks on top of everyone having the option of using the shop for décor items or whatever. Posted Apr 2, 2014 by Jean Prior