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A Leveling Experiment and Other Tidbits

General -  Column

Changes are coming to the Eorzea Reborn column. Learn about this little experiment and Victor’s plans for FFXIV moving forward!Posted Oct 2, 2015 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

The First Pre-Alpha Wrap Report

Crowfall -  Preview

After spending several hours in the recent Crowfall Pre-Alpha Combat Test 1, I can say without a doubt my confidence in this crowdfunded title has never been stronger. For ArtCraft entertainment to take this player-driven MMORPG from a Kickstarter demo in March of 2015 to a playable module in August is nothing short of impressive. Considering that the module was delivered on-time and is actually fun game mode, it’s my opinion that the future couldn’t be brighter for Crowfall.Posted Oct 2, 2015 by Mike Joseph

Destiny - The Taken King - Reflections on its First Year

General -  Column

A little over a year ago I sat down to review Destiny. While I enjoyed the game I ended up giving it a 7.0. This was lower than what most publications rated Destiny at and I’m okay with that. I wasn’t trying to be a stickler, or “that guy” that “stuck it to the man” on a high profile game. Posted Oct 1, 2015 by Robert Lashley

Latest Game Update is a Big'un!

Gloria Victis -  Preview

It's been a while since I stepped foot in Gloria Victis, with real life travels taking me to different lands, it was nice to venture back into this virtual gameworld and get some brand new updates directly from the Dev team themselves. To say there is a lot happening in Gloria Victis is an understatement, they are forging ahead with not only updates, but complete overhauls to systems that will indefinitely change the game for the better. Posted Oct 1, 2015 by Ripper X

The Great Cash-Grab Debate

Crowfall -  Column

The words "cash grab" get thrown around to represent how some feel that Crowfall might be set up to take all of our money without actually giving us anything real in return. This is a scary reality for many crowdfunded games, but it's always been a risk that developers have shouldered.Posted Oct 1, 2015 by Shawn Schuster

Its Groove Found, Its Future Bright

Firefall -  Interview

To say Firefall has had a long and controversy filled history would probably be an understatement. There was a time when developer Red 5 Studios seemed destined for a fate similar to that of Flagship Studios. But problem child founder Mark Kern was ousted, Chinese company The9 invested 20 million dollars, and perhaps most telling... Chris Whiteside was brought on to lead the studio and future development of Firefall.Posted Sep 30, 2015 by William Murphy

Imperial City From a PvE Perspective - Is it Worth It?

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial City DLC came with a host of changes, including the PvP upgrades and balance that many had been hoping for for some time. Cyrodiil is a place where many players do go to enjoy themselves, and Zenimax has stated before that its goal was to create a zone that would attract different kinds of players. So what is Imperial City like for a player like myself who often plays solo and is more of a PvE-oriented RPG player?Posted Sep 30, 2015 by Christina Gonzalez

Third Times a Charm with Romero's Aftermath

General -  Preview

Seeking to take the game in a different direction, a number of Infestation developers broke away from OP Productions and formed their own studio, Free Reign Entertainment. Free Reign licensed the engine, and got to work on a “spiritual successor” called Romero’s Aftermath. Posted Sep 30, 2015 by Michael Bitton

All We Hear Are Crickets, Blizzard! What's Up with Legion?

World of Warcraft -  Column

It’s been awhile since we wrote about World of Warcraft, not because we wouldn’t like to, but because there is honestly next to nothing new to write about. Don’t misunderstand: There’s nearly always something that can be said about WoW. Right now, however, what people want to know is the one thing that we have heard next to nothing about since Gamescom at the beginning of August: Legion. Posted Sep 29, 2015 by Suzie Ford

5 MMO-Related Things I Hate

General -  Column

The word hate can have very different levels of meaning. So, to be sure it's clear, the topic of this article refers to things that fall pretty low on the intensity scale. To illustrate what I mean, my wife thinks I hate turnips. I don't. However, when given the option to take or leave them, I'll almost invariably do the latter. This doesn't mean I passionately detest them.Posted Sep 29, 2015 by Richard Aihoshi

Get Into the Lore

Gloria Victis -  Developer Journal

Although Gloria Victis is highly focused on skill-based combat and great PVP experience, immersion and credibility of its world are crucial as well. That entails a need for complex, believable lore, as well as a deep and mature storyline. Characters that the players will meet have their own personalities, stories to tell, personal beliefs and value systems.Posted Sep 29, 2015

A Chat with RA Salvatore About Underdark and D&D Storytelling

Neverwinter -  Interview

Last week we got the chance to talk with renowned fantasy and D&D author R.A. Salvatore. Salvatore is responsible for some of the best Dungeons and Dragons fiction ever written. He is also the writer who put dark elves on the map with his famous stories about Drizzt Do’Urden. Recently, while finishing up his latest novel, Salvatore took up the chance to write a quest line for Perfect World’s D&D MMO Neverwinter. Posted Sep 29, 2015 by Garrett Fuller

Reloaded and Overloaded

WildStar -  Preview

WildStar is back! Well, it didn’t really go anywhere to begin with, but to say that Carbine’s freshman game was an underappreciated title would be an understatement. WildStar has always been a bit of an underdog, and today marks the relaunch of the MMO as a Free to Play game. And at least so far, the relaunch seems to be working from a hype perspective, because those megaservers have definitely been feeling the pressure. Read on for more of our Day One thoughts on a Free to Play Nexus.Posted Sep 29, 2015 by William Murphy

DarkScape - An Opportunity to Create a Game that Embraces PvP

Runescape -  Interview

With the launch of DarkScape, a hardcore PvP version of RuneScape, Jagex has given players free rein to take part in no-holds barred player vs player action in a shadowy world reminiscent of the gentler version. We spoke with Jagex's Conor Crowley to find out more.Posted Sep 28, 2015 by Garrett Fuller

Hearts of Stone Adds More Everything to the Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -  Interview

Hearts of Stone is the first of several planned expansions to this year's phenomenal RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We reached out to CDProjektRed with some questions about what we can expect from the add-on, and we were not disappointed with the answers. Posted Sep 28, 2015 by William Murphy

The Five Best MMOs for New Players

General -  Column

Jumping into a new MMO can be an intimidating experience for even the most seasoned players, especially those who have little familiarity with MMORPGs in general. Most of us on the site play MMOs like doing so is our job, and yet there are still some times when I start up a new game, or an existing one that I haven’t touched in a while, and feel the familiar sense of panic when I see how many skills or activities are available.Posted Sep 28, 2015 by Som Pourfarzaneh

Contracts and Player-Created Professions

Chronicles of Elyria -  Developer Journal

Contracts give power back to the players, enabling an infinite number of character-driven occupations. The foundation for marriages, guilds, trade agreements, in-game mail systems, families, and even governments, contracts make Chronicles of Elyria one of the first true sandbox MMOs.Posted Sep 28, 2015 by Jeromy Walsh

Pappy's Top Ten Stories

WildStar -  Developer Journal

Pappy here. Today I'm going to talk about some of the greatest stories that players will experience in WildStar. But before we jump into that, I figured I better rewind just a bit for those players who might have never played our game.Posted Sep 28, 2015

Should Studios Outsource?

General -  Column

Player Versus Player, MMORPG’s bi-weekly debate in text, is back! This week our writers are talking outsourcing. Selling labor is a reality of the times and is also part and parcel of modern game development. Even though most jobs stay in the U.S, we ask are so many hands in the cookie jar a good thing? Posted Sep 27, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Tome of the Sun – A Uniquely Chibi Take on the Action RPG

General -  Interview

Tome of the Sun is one of several games Chinese megapublisher NetEase is hoping will capture western minds and attention spans this year. We caught up with Game Designer Alex Liang to chat about the unique mobile action RPG and how it plays.Posted Sep 27, 2015 by William Murphy

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