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Goblins vs. Gnomes

General -  Column

Well, just like that BlizzCon has come and gone, and it vvvvwas awesome. Having been to the four most recent BlizzCons this was hands down the best. Not only did they announce a new IP (Overwatch), there was tons of news for their existing titles including the announcement of a new Hearthstone expansion that is right around the corner.Posted Nov 17, 2014 by Reza Lackey

Nov 14, 2014 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 465 of the Newsletter, we look at EverQuest II and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Nov 14, 2014 by Michael Bitton

How Will Goblins vs. Gnomes Change the Game?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft -  Preview

So at BlizzCon this past week we got the announcement of a new Hearthstone expansion. The news that it was Goblins vs. Gnomes made everyone laugh, until they found out it was coming in December! Then everyone got excited, until they started playing with the new cards. One hundred and twenty new cards to be exact. That is a massive expansion and Blizzard’s Team Five is on a role with a huge success in Hearthstone until the Goblins and Gnomes blow the game up...literally. Posted Nov 14, 2014 by Garrett Fuller

Is That Even an RPG?

General -  Column

The holiday season has arrived, and with it comes the annual torrent of questions: what games are worth buying? Which games lived up to the hype? And most important of all, which in this diverse sea of games earns the coveted title of “Game of the Year”? We have a new question: even with leveling, and stats, and gear, how many of them – Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, Overwatch? – actually deserve to be called RPGs?Posted Nov 14, 2014 by Christopher Coke

The Long Wait, An Era’s End

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn -  Column

Victor fleshes out some translated information from a Japanese interview held at the FFXIV London Fanfest and reminsces about the time before A Realm Reborn.Posted Nov 14, 2014 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

Warlords of Draenor Review in Progress #1

World of Warcraft -  General

There's nothing that kills procrastination on writing an article more than the fact that the game you're supposed to be writing about is, well let's just say "non-functioning". Yes, I'm talking about the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor and, yes, it's been one of those days.Posted Nov 14, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Digesting Drop 3

WildStar -  Column

Earlier this week, WildStar’s Drop 3 finally hit live servers. It’s been three long months, but the Mysteries of the Genesis Prime are now open for us to explore. For many of us, the release marks the start of Carbine’s road to recovery. But does this latest update really tick all the boxes?Posted Nov 13, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

WildStar’s Gambit and the Community’s Power

WildStar -  Column

WildStar is going through a time of transition. There’s no way around it. Server populations have been on the decline. Key Carbine team members like Jeremy Gaffney, Chris Lynch, and Stephan Frost left for various reasons and that was before NC Soft let roughly 70 people go. The update timeline was officially stretched. About a month ago, the Shade’s Eve Halloween event and the Christmas event, Winterfest, would not be held at all. Megaservers were announced and implemented. Posted Nov 13, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

The Beginning and Present of

General -  Column

Earlier this week, Nilden had an awesome idea and one that we honestly should have been doing sooner. Basically, we’re going to start using my column space here as a “Letter to the Editor” sort of piece. For this week, we’re going back to 2001 and the beginning of Read on to learn some history of our site and some perspective on its future as well.Posted Nov 13, 2014 by William Murphy

Live Q&A Recap

World of Warcraft -  General

On Wednesday November 12th, hours before the launch of World of Warcraft’s fifth expansion Warlords of Draenor in Europe and the rest of the world, Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas and Lead Class Designer Kris Zierhut from Blizzard took part in a live Q&A hosted on Twitch by WoW Community Manager Josh Allen.Posted Nov 12, 2014 by Robert Lashley

Blizzard’s Moving On to Smaller and Better Things

General -  Column

I feel this doubling of efforts towards World of Warcraft is all you’re going to see on the MMO front for the foreseeable future. So, what now? What does it all mean for Blizzard? Well, it seems to me that the studio is looking to move on to smaller and better things.Posted Nov 12, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Setting the Tone

Moonrise -  Developer Journal

Today we’re discussing the tone of our game’s story. Tone is one of the hardest things to define for a game, especially before you start writing. Everyone can sit down, talk about touchstones, and agree on a target, but at the end of the day, tone is something that develops during the creation process, not something you just decide to do in advance. Posted Nov 12, 2014 by Andy Collins

Time to Slow It Down, ZeniMax

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

Timing is everything. The last time in this space, I wrote about The Elder Scrolls Online rebounding from mistakes and negative first impressions moving forward. Since that was published, a major error happened with the latest round of patching, causing discrepancies between what was supposed to be included and what actually made it to the live server, as well as additional bugs, and, for a time, major login errors. Posted Nov 12, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Aurorian Upheaval

ArcheAge -  Column

Trion Worlds dropped the ball this week. A triple-whammy of bad decisions has managed to push players away from the game just in time for the holidays. Let’s take a look at what went wrong.Posted Nov 11, 2014 by Mark Wilhelm

Recent Unanswered & Unanswerable Questions

General -  Column

While I won't go as far as to say it usually happens, neither is it uncommon that when I look back at the recent past in order to decide what to write about, I end up with unanswered or unanswerable questions. This is at least partly due to how my mind works in relation to the MMOG space; I seldom take what I see or hear at face value. Some of the titles I've had cause to wonder about lately are Overwatch, Dawngate, WildStar and Otherland. Posted Nov 11, 2014 by Richard Aihoshi

Bioware Reclaims the RPG Crown

Dragon Age: Inquisition -  Review

There is no better way to begin a review of BioWare’s Dragon Age Inquisition than to say that anyone who has been hungering for a magnificently crafted role-playing game will find a place to love and in which to play for years to come. DAI stretches a player’s abilities and emotions all the way from the game’s first moments through the final epilogue following the credits, all wrapped up in some of the most visually stunning environments ever created. Posted Nov 11, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Gilded Wasteland - The Role of PvP in a Story-Driven Game

Swordsman -  Interview

Last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Swordsman Online's Associate Product Manager Wayne Song to discuss the guild aspect of the new Gilded Wasteland expansion. This week, we're continuing that interview with some more from Song on the importance of PvP in the game and what role it plays in the endgame.Posted Nov 10, 2014 by Shawn Schuster

Why Echoes of the Past is Important

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

Players have had a long wait for a content update for Guild Wars 2, but the wait is finally over. This long wait is just one of several reasons players feel unsure about the games future. While season 2 of the Living World has made serious improvements, it’s also plagued with it’s own faults. Still, it has helped to keep your hopes up, at least a little bit. Echoes of the Past has been live now for nearly a week, and it seems that hope can grow a bit more.Posted Nov 10, 2014 by David North

Nov 10, 2014 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 464 of the Newsletter, we look at Elite: Dangerous and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Nov 10, 2014 by Michael Bitton

The Top 5 Free-to-Play WoW Clones

World of Warcraft -  Column

The term “WoW Clone” gets thrown around a lot these days. While it may not really be fair to claim that any game should be labeled a clone of another game, it is the reality that we live in. World of Warcraft is, by far, the biggest and most popular MMORPG in the world and as the old saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, copy ‘em,” or something like that.Posted Nov 10, 2014 by David Jagneaux

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