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What IS the Next Big Thing?

General -  Column

A lot of people have been loudly championing the idea that MMOs are a dying breed and that the golden era marked by World of Warcraft, Ultima Online, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, EVE Online and others is over. Yet developers, both ‘big house’ and indies alike, continue to make MMOs and players keep playing them.Posted Jan 22, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Building Upon Star Wars Galaxies' Crafting

Crowfall -  Interview

Crowfall has some mighty lofty goals for itself. The new MMORPG being made in Austin and helmed by Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton seeks to make the sandbox MMO something great again. And they've enlisted the help of some serious talent to do so: namely Thomas "Blixtev" Blair and Raph Koster. Today, we learn all about Blixtev's design for the crafting in Crowfall to build upon the near perfection that was Star Wars Galaxies.Posted Jan 22, 2015 by Thomas Blair

SOE’s H1Z1 and the Self-Inflicted Wound

H1Z1 -  Column

If SOE had simply said, “Hey. We’ve got this really cool feature in airdrops. These are our plans. What do you think?” the message it eventually got would have been loud and clear and the crisis would have been averted. Posted Jan 21, 2015 by Michael Bitton

The MMOs TGN is Dying For in 2015

General -  Other

The start of 2015 ushers in a new year of eagerly-anticipated releases. Finally, finally, finally we might get our hands on some of the biggest MMO games we’ve been holding out for since they were first announced so very long ago. So much is on the horizon, but we’ve whittled down our list to a Top Three of titles that we think will be the game-changers this year. Posted Jan 21, 2015 and TGN Join Forces!

General -  Other and TGN Army have joined ranks! That’s right, TGN has broken further into the MMORPG world and is prepared to take you to Guild Legend status in 2015! We felt the time was now for us to band together as gamers keep turning their eyes more and more to YouTube for the latest gameplays, tutorials and updates. We’ll be working with MMORPG to keep you on the pulse of what’s breaking in MMOs across online video.Posted Jan 21, 2015 by William Murphy

Tamriel Unlimited - The Surprises & Questions of B2P

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

So here we are, as reported earlier, The Elder Scrolls Online will be rebranded as he Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited as of March 17th on PC, with the console versions released in June under the same format. Buying the game will allow access to the full content released before the rebranding, and “downloadable content” will be included with the now optional subscription. Posted Jan 21, 2015 by Christina Gonzalez

Tamriel Goes Unlimited on St. Patrick’s Day

Elder Scrolls Online -  General

The rumors can end now, folks. It’s official, as of this moment in time. Elder Scrolls Online is ditching its subscription model in favor of a model more akin to Guild Wars 2. Simply buy the base game, gain access to all of its content, and never pay another dime. In addition, the PS4 and XBOX One Editions will be launching officially on June 9th. It’s all coming up Tamriel this year, it seems. However, that’s not quite all she wrote. Read on for the full details.Posted Jan 21, 2015 by William Murphy

Underworld Ascendant: Something Special for Classic RPG Fans

General -  Interview

Fast forward to our modern world and the team at Otherside is working on Underworld Ascent as a new RPG which will bring back the game in a new version for fans. Paul talked about what it was like working on the game in the past. He also sheds some light on the new project and gives RPG fans something to look forward too.Posted Jan 21, 2015 by Garrett Fuller

Playstation 4 Q&A with Executive Producer Clint Worley

PlanetSide 2 -  Interview

With the beta for the Playstation 4 version of PlanetSide 2, we wanted to find out more what SOE has in store for players. We chatted with Executive producer Clint Worley to find out.Posted Jan 20, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Is WoW F2P Creeping Closer?

General -  Column

These days, it doesn't seem to take much at all to start another round of speculation that World of Warcraft is about to implement some form of free to play. I've felt for some time that this will eventually happen, at least on a regional basis, with China most likely. The inevitable counter-argument is that the venerable game brings in too much money via subscriptions to change. However, is this assumption as solid as those who make it would like to be? Posted Jan 20, 2015 by Richard Aihoshi

How Is Game of War Such a Mobile Hit?

General -  Column

I’m sure you have seen the commercials for Game of War, the hugely successful city-builder by developer Machine Zone. There’s Kate Upton, world-renowned supermodel, asking “Will you be my hero?” You might have seen another commercial that shows her asking “So tell, me, do you want to come and play?” after a relatively impressive battle of armies (without any other woman in sight, by the way.) That one aired during a football game. Posted Jan 20, 2015 by Beau Hindman

The Player's Choice Awards - Part Three

General -  Awards

This round of the Player's Choice Awards brings out the big guns from 2014. What's the Best Expansion or Update from the year past? What new MMO impressed you the most? What veteran MMO had the best year? Click through and vote!Posted Jan 20, 2015 by William Murphy

World Championship Wrap Report

SMITE -  General

Recently I had the opportunity to cover the Smite World Championship, held at the Cobb Energy Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Hi-Rez invited the top two teams from four regions; North America, European Union, China and Latin and South America, to battle it out for the title of 2015 Smite World Champions. Posted Jan 19, 2015 by Terry OBrien


World of Warcraft -  Column

This week we learn about a new Warcraft project, World of Warcraft: Chronicle and take a look at what’s next for the raiding scene with the Blackrock Foundry.Posted Jan 19, 2015 by Reza Lackey

An Expansion, Finally!

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

Is this real? Has the moment I, and countless other Guild Wars 2 players, have been waiting for finally come? I mean, why else would ArenaNet register another name? What other reason would they possibly have to book an entire room to themselves at Pax? If this doesn’t all lead to the official announcement of an expansion, then I have no idea what ArenaNet has around the corner. I guess they could producing a series of Amiibo like figures to act as adventuring buddies. Posted Jan 19, 2015 by David North

5 Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse

H1Z1 -  Column

The zombie survival genre has grown to become something decidedly different from anything else in the industry. With a combination of elements from several different existing conventions, zombie survival games have worked out their own niche that continues to rise in popularity. It makes sense when you think about it. Posted Jan 19, 2015 by David Jagneaux

Jan 17, 2015 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 474 of the Newsletter, we look at Crowfall and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Jan 17, 2015 by Michael Bitton

A Few More Days Before the Fall…

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn -  Column

A few more days before the Fall… a claim to splendor, one and all. A world of darkness does await, with little glories that won’t abate!Posted Jan 17, 2015 by Victor Barreiro Jr.

Hands-On with the XBOX One Version

SMITE -  Preview

At the 2015 Smite World Championships, held from January 9th-12th of this month, I was able to get thirty or forty minutes on the playable beta version of Smite for the X-Box One. For those who do not know, Smite is Hi-Rez Studios recent entry into the MOBA genre, released in March, 2014. Smite is no standard entry into the genre dominated by Defense of the Ancients 2 and League of Legends, the devs over at Hi-Rez have made several very significant innovations.Posted Jan 16, 2015 by Terry OBrien

Early Access and the Airdrop Madness

H1Z1 -  Preview

Last night was a bit depressing. After HiveLeader’s excellent first impressions and livestream video, I was pretty excited for H1Z1. Even knowing how Early Access goes and how alpha builds get wiped and are pretty buggy messes, I’ll admit that the thought of a PVE sandbox zombie survival MMO has my interest piqued. Posted Jan 16, 2015 by William Murphy

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