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Announcements, Experiences & Thoughts on PvP

ArcheAge -  Column

Today is the day for more ArcheAge goodness. In my last column I discussed all the different forms of transportation and my encounters with them. This time around we're going to take a moment to talk about my latest experiences with ArcheAge, some announcements, and PvP as much as I understand!Posted May 27, 2014 by Jeffrey Lerman

The Changing Impact of Servers on Communities

General -  Interview

Servers. Some might think about them in purely utilitarian terms, but for others, servers conjure up all sorts of notions. With megaserver technology becoming somewhat more common in newer titles and even in older games undergoing some revamps, the idea of what a server is and what that means to a player is shifting. Yet things are changing on both ends, with larger environments and smaller ones taking hold in the genre. What might this mean for communities?Posted May 26, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Awesome Design

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

The epic battles, amazing visuals, and compelling story all make Guild Wars 2 so much fun. ArenaNet did such a great job designing this MMO, but the real beauty of it didn't hit me till earlier last week. Guild Wars 2 is the only game that's designed in a way that I can not only get some of my friends to play, but also some of my family as well. I finally have a game that I can play with everyone that I care about at the same time!Posted May 26, 2014 by David North

5 Reasons You Should Play WildStar

WildStar -  Column

The most anticipated new MMORPG of 2014 is, without a doubt, Carbine Studios’ WildStar. The Elder Scrolls Online has had its time in the spotlight, bugs and all included, so now it’s time for that focus to shift to the new IP on the block. However, before the complete launch that will undoubtedly be full of server stability problems, balance issues, and complaints from the typical “I hate this game, yet I play it” players, let us bask in the glow of pre-launch hype just a bit longer. Posted May 26, 2014 by David Jagneaux

May 25, 2014 Newsletter

General -  Newsletter

In Issue 440 of the Newsletter, we look at Hearthstone and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted May 24, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Countdown to Launch With Jeremy Gaffney

WildStar -  Interview

It's a beautiful Thursday on San Francisco's legendary Embarcadero. The sun's shining, the breeze is blowing in off the Bay, and how are Carbine's President Jeremy Gaffney and I spending this glorious afternoon? Inside of course, talking about games. Well, one game—Wildstar. Posted May 24, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

Caves, Dwarves, and Dark Elf Shenanigans

Landmark -  Column

Today’s Landmark column delves primarily into two big things related to future development for Landmark with repercussions for Everquest Next's future. Aside from cave formations, we’ll be discussing a poll they put up to see what race should next get a head start in being developed: Dwarves, or Dark Elves.Posted May 24, 2014 by William Murphy

Can We Make Quests Matter Again?

General -  Column

We would all love to see MMOs take new risks and new directions. While the standard formula is good, and games like WildStar are set to deliver top notch experiences based on the theme park model, most of us are jaded enough to want something different. Posted May 23, 2014 by Mark Kern

The Final Push to Cross the Finish Line

Origins Of Malu -  Interview

Origins of Malu is a project that has been in the works for several years now and is close to getting out the door. To get there, a new KickStarter campaign has launched to hire the needed personnel to cross the finish line. We chatted with Michael Dunham, CEO of Burning Dog Media to find out more about the program. Posted May 23, 2014 by Suzie Ford

The Week in RPG – May 23rd, 2014

General -  Column

Each week, the RPG Files makes its mission to keep you updated on all the happenings in the world of roleplaying games. Whether it's the open world reaches of Dragon Age: Inquisition or the down-the-sights action of Destiny, if there's news, we've got you covered. With our own commentary, of course. This week we're talking Wasteland 2, Transistor, Child of Light, Gauntlet, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and so much more. Join us as we explore the Week in Review.Posted May 23, 2014 by Christopher Coke

Examining the F2P Updates

Rift -  Column

Since Scott Hartsman rejoined the team as CEO in August 2013, Trion Worlds has set about returning RIFT to its prior glory with regular, meaty content updates. What's changed since then is the business model. How do RIFT's updates stack up since the free-to-play conversion? What do they tell us about the state of the game and where Trion's focus is at? Join us as we answer these questions in this week's Tripping the Rift.Posted May 23, 2014 by Christopher Coke

Red is the New Black

Transistor -  Review

Transistor, the visually and aurally arresting follow up to Supergiant Games’ Bastion, is a perfect example of what an indie developer can do when not beholden to the whims of chairmen and stockholders. Transistor is a gorgeous, witty, emotionally resonant, and has one of the most unique and enticing combat systems we’ve played in years. Read on for our full review, and see why it trumps its predecessor in many ways.Posted May 22, 2014 by William Murphy

Games of Glory: An Ambitious Project with a Focus on Community

General -  Interview

Games of Glory is a MOBA-esque game currently in development that aims to make changes in the genre and to bring in unique influences from other game types. Anders Larsson tackled our questions about Games of Glory and had a lot to say. Check it out and let us know what you think.Posted May 22, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Downright Enjoyable for Survival Fans

Nether -  Preview

Nether is a first-person shooter survival game set in a claustrophobic city with multiple levels of buildings, rooftops and subways, littered with detailed scenes of horror which tell a bit of the terrifying story of the world. Stumbling through the dark to come across a pile of bloody skeletons, the little details help put your mindset in the same place as the creators’ and really manages to deliver the uneasy feeling that the nether brings. Posted May 22, 2014 by Alexander Brown

The Pre-Launch Primer

WildStar -  Column

Wildstar’s launch is just over a week away, but are you ready? Whether you’ve completely missed the game previously, or just want a recap on everything it has to offer, this pre-launch Primer contains everything you need to get started.Posted May 22, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

A Bump in the Road to Icewind Dale

Neverwinter -  Column

When Bill, our Editor in Chief at, asked me if I would mind taking a look at Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale I told him absolutely. It had been a while since I had played, I’m still logging in daily to pray for those tokens though, but I had been looking forward to this content update and I would dive back in and take a look. When I tried to do that though I hit a little bump in the road.Posted May 21, 2014 by Robert Lashley

My First Foray Into Fantasy Sports with LCS

General -  Column

I never got fantasy sports. I saw the posts come across my feed all the time and watched as my friends became insufferable once their fantasy football leagues picked up, but I just never saw the appeal. It all seemed a bit silly. Well, now I think I’ve become that insufferable friend – only with something far nerdier: fantasy League of Legends.Posted May 21, 2014 by Michael Bitton

Forming the Legion

DUST 514 -  Preview

During EVE FanFest, we heard about Project Legion, CCP’s in-development MMOFPS. But what’s the vision behind the title, and why did the studio decide against evolving Dust 514? Gareth Harmer interviewed Senior Producer Julien Dulioust to find out more.Posted May 21, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

Zenimax’ Update Mistake?

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

We’re now in the second full month for The Elder Scrolls Online. Those that are still enjoying their time in Tamriel have stayed past the first free month and the five free days Zenimax gave out. Yet, it has been a couple of weeks since Matt Firor posted about the game’s road ahead, and some are getting restless, since the Craglorn update has no confirmed release, and much anticipated key fixes are coming in that update too. Posted May 21, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

My Most Memorable MMOGs

General -  Column

It's approaching two decades since I started writing about the massively multiplayer category. I don't recall the exact date or even which title was the first I covered, but since then, I've played hundreds for at least a few hours each, and seen lots more. Recently, I was asked which ones I most remember. While this question may seem simple enough, it took me a fair bit of time and thought to answer.Posted May 20, 2014 by Richard Aihoshi