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Creation Limitation

General - Columns

My daughter regularly watches me play video games and being five, she’s starting to want to play them with me. Like most children her age she’s surprisingly good on a tablet or phone and can comfortably play simple games such as Angry Birds or whatever else it is ‘the kids’ now play.Posted Dec 13, 2016 by Lewis Burnell

DomiNations Heading Off Into the Atomic Age & Beyond

General - Interviews

DomiNations recently updated to the Atomic Age in a big flashy new content expansion. We had the opportunity to chat with Big Huge Games' Executive Producer Brian DeSanti to learn more about the update as well as to find out what 'Age' the devs have their sights set on for the future. Posted Dec 12, 2016 by Suzie Ford

The Exiled Tribune - The Community Grill, Stash Tabs & More,

Path of Exile - Columns

The Path of Exile team spent last week keeping tabs on the recently released Content Update 2.5.0 and the The Breach Challenge League and also spent time with players in interviews and writing up a few choice articles. It's been another busy week but we also managed to squeeze in a few questions too. Check out The Exiled Tribune.Posted Dec 12, 2016 by Suzie Ford

What to Expect from PvP Season 5

Guild Wars 2 - Columns

With the next season right around the corner, many players are in gear for practice mode as they test, learn and master their favorite builds in preparation of the next season of competitive play. Whether you're a portal play making Mesmer or a bunker mid master of the elements, season 5 brings new challenge and chances for glory to all the GW2 PvP players.Posted Dec 12, 2016 by Alexander Wilkie

The Open World of Warhammer 40K Creates Never-ending Content

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr - Interviews

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Martyr is due out in the coming months, and Action RPG from the folks who brought us Van Helsing, set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe. It aims to bring a sandbox world (or universe) into the ARPG genre, and we caught up with the developers to chat about just how they plan on doing this.Posted Dec 12, 2016 by William Murphy

VIP RPG Newsletter #2 - Cat Quest & Dwarf Heroes

General - Columns

Welcome back everyone that read my first newsletter, or welcome for the first time indie RPG fans! Last week we took a brief snapshot of Death Trash and Warbanners, two games that are fairly deep in their mechanics and unique in their visuals - which is right up our alley. Without further pause, let’s dive into this week’s games: Cat Quest and Dwarf Heroes.Posted Dec 12, 2016 by Cody Bye

Intrepid Studios Aims to Breathe New Life into the MMORPG

Ashes of Creation - Interviews

Ashes of Creation came out of nowhere recently to be one of the upcoming most wanted MMOs based on its premise and a couple of early trailers alone. In light of their impressive vision, we reached out to Intrepid Studios to speak with their Creative Director and Founder Steven Sharif.Posted Dec 12, 2016 by William Murphy

Roccat Sova: PC Gaming From the Couch Without Compromises

General - Hardware Reviews

Who doesn’t want to game from the comfort of their couch? Being able to put your feet up and sink into some comfy cushions adds that extra touch of relaxation that some gamers just crave. This presents a problem to PC gamers when so many of our games require mouse and keyboard to play their best. Pulling it off can be done but rarely without compromise. The Roccat Sova may be the solution we’ve been waiting for.Posted Dec 11, 2016 by Christopher Coke

ChronoBlade & Its All Star Cast Ready for Launch

General - Interviews

ChronoBlade is the latest mobile release from NetMarble, a side-scrolling online Action RPG, you may remember ChronoBlade from when it was in a limited testing period as a browser-based MMO. It's undergone a lot of changes since then, and is nearing launch worldwide. Apart from having a fully-fleshed out narrative, the NetMarble guys have hired an all-star voice cast and we caught up with the team to chat about the game and its casting.Posted Dec 10, 2016 by William Murphy

Dauntless is the RPG to Watch in 2017

General - Columns

Between this year’s Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience conference, there was no shortage of exciting RPG news. Even among heavy hitters inside and outside the RPG world, what stood out most was a new game from a new studio: Dauntless, the first game by Phoenix Labs. The trailer was stunning but didn’t reveal much. We did some digging and found out how much more there is to be about than art style. Read on for our thoughts!Posted Dec 9, 2016 by Christopher Coke

Just Survive Isn't (Un)Dead

H1Z1 - Interviews

H1Z1 used to be one game, but it split into two over the course of development - the competitive flavored King of the Kill, and the MMORPG survival Just Survive. The latter has been slow in receiving updates, leading some to believe it was forgotten. Now it has a new game director and big plans for the next year. We chat with Daybreak's Ben Jones about the silence and upcoming plans.Posted Dec 9, 2016 by William Murphy

Weathering the Storm

Chronicles of Elyria - Columns

This week Timothy Eisen looks at surviving the weather and making it to launch in Chronicles of Elyria.Posted Dec 9, 2016 by Tim Eisen

Healers, DPS is Part of Your Job!

Final Fantasy XIV - Columns

For the most part, playing how you want is fine. But there’s one area where I cannot stress enough that conventional knowledge is incorrect: the idea that healers shouldn’t DPS is preposterous, and anybody who says otherwise is wrong, wrong wrong.Posted Dec 9, 2016 by Michael O’Connell-Davidson

The Uniqueness of Worlds is About to Get Nuts

Crowfall - Interviews

One of the biggest draws to the initial design pitch of Crowfall was that its many worlds would be unique - no two sharing the exact same layout and peaks and valleys. Well, that idea is about to come to fruition in the alpha, and we spoke to Todd Coleman about what it all means for Crowfall moving forward.Posted Dec 9, 2016 by William Murphy

The New Monolith Update Makes a Solid Second Impression

Paragon - Previews

The new Monolith update replaces the previous map with a revamped, asymmetrical, and more compact version that does a great job to encourage action-packed matches. That’s sort of the theme of the update, really. The game is now living up to its look. Paragon is faster across the board. Posted Dec 8, 2016 by Michael Bitton

Champions of Fire Invitational - Opening Doors to New eSports Tournaments

General - Event Blogs

When I was asked to take a trip out to Las Vegas to cover the first ever eSports tournament put on by Amazon’s Mobile App store I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The only details I had about the “Champions of Fire” tournament was that it was going to prove that casual mobile game can be just a competitive as League of Legends or CS:GO. So, of course I assumed Champions of Fire was a game.Posted Dec 8, 2016 by Blake Morse

Dragon Quest VIII is a True Classic

General - Columns

This week we got the chance to talk to the team behind Dragon Quest VIII’s team about what is coming for the game. 3DS fans will be very excited to have their old classic PS2 game fully available to take anywhere they want. Yes, thank you mobile for bringing all the great old school games back into our hearts. For Dragon Quest fans there is a lot of exciting news as the game gets a few more characters and some great options. Finally we get to play this great title on 3DS in North America. Posted Dec 8, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Into the Light

Final Fantasy XV - Review

10 years were spent creating this latest opus by Square Enix. Did they hit the mark? Read on for Rob’s thoughts in his review.Posted Dec 8, 2016 by Robert Lashley

Revelation Update Offers a Fresh Start for Players and Trion Worlds

ArcheAge - Previews

ArcheAge’s next big update hits this weekend on December 10th with the launch of 3.0 – Revelation. Not only are there going to be brand new fresh start servers, but there are two new races, five new zones, and major changes to the marketplace based on player feedback. Read on for the full scoop.Posted Dec 8, 2016 by William Murphy

Protecting Your Home From Pirates

New Dawn - Interviews

New Dawn is a new sandbox survival game which takes a close look at history. You play one of the natives on a small island near South America. Your homeland is raided by vicious pirates around the year of 1800. This epic struggle pits the local natives as defenders of their island against the invaders. You’ll be able to gather tools, weapons, and resources to rescue your sacred ground. We spoke to game director Tedesco Giorgio about the project. Posted Dec 7, 2016 by Garrett Fuller