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Finally – Return to Morrowind

Elder Scrolls Online - Previews

For years since launch, the island of Vvardenfell has sat on the Tamriel map in Elder Scrolls Online… taunting me, blank as the digital parchment it was drawn upon once was. But no more. Thought I traveled down to Maryland to see the official unveiling of the new ESO chapter, we didn’t get any time to actually play the new Warden class or the new zone. Now I can safely say that if you love ESO, Morrowind is set to give you heaps more of the game you adore.Posted Apr 24, 2017 by William Murphy

PAX East 2017 - Hands On with the Warden and Battlegrounds

Elder Scrolls Online - Previews

The Warden is TESO first new class, a sort of druid-y type caster with access to Ice magic (protective), Nature magic (healing) and Animal Companions (for DPS). These can be mixed and matched to suit any prospective player style, not to mention the many available other skill lines. See Bill’s preview here for a good in-depth look at the class.Posted Mar 15, 2017 by Terry OBrien

Brian Wheeler Talks PVP in Morrowind

Elder Scrolls Online - Interviews

During a recent trip to Zenimax Online Studios, we got to talk with ESO's PVP Lead Brian Wheeler about the upcoming PVP battlegrounds, Cyrodiil changes, and more. Posted Mar 1, 2017 by William Murphy

The Warden is ESO’s First True Hybrid Class

Elder Scrolls Online - Previews

During last week’s press event at Zenimax Online Studios, we were given a slew of information on all of the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Chapter’s content. One of the chief new features being added with the update is the Warden class. The game’s fifth class is one for everyone to enjoy, as it’s the game’s first true hybrid – a healer, a tank, and a DPS rolled into one.Posted Feb 22, 2017 by William Murphy

Battlegrounds Bring Small Group PVP to Tamriel

Elder Scrolls Online - Previews

When Morrowind launches in June for Elder Scrolls Online, it’s bringing with it one of the features that’s long been requested by ESO fans: Battlegrounds PVP. As any Tamriel fan can tell you, Cyrodiil’s large-scale persistent warfare is fun, but sometimes you just want to get in, smash some faces, and get some rewards.Posted Feb 22, 2017 by William Murphy

Morrowind is the Culmination of the First Three Years of ESO’s Life

Elder Scrolls Online - Previews

The Elder Scrolls Online has become one of the premiere MMORPGs in North America and Europe. Really, when you think about it, there are just four big earning traditional MMOs in the West: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, SWTOR, and ESO. Zenimax’s flagship MMO has come a long way since launch to dominate the charts, and this June its first big Chapter will be the culmination of everything the team has learned since 2014’s original release.Posted Feb 22, 2017 by William Murphy

Home Improvement with Bill the Skoomaman Murphy

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

It’s going to be an Elder Scrolls week here at, as just about everyone is feeling the hype from last week’s Morrowind announcement, and this week’s PC launch of Homestead. Housing is finally here in Tamriel, and while it’s certainly robust, we’ve got a few features we’d love to see added in the coming months. Posted Feb 8, 2017 by William Murphy

The Top 5 Morrowind Features

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

These past few weeks have been fantastic for Elder Scrolls Online. The game is reaching great heights and now has a fantastic new offering with Morrowind coming out later in 2017. The announcement article goes over a lot of ideas that will be coming up for players. So we thought to break down the list of with some of our favorite features that have been mentioned so far. Posted Feb 7, 2017 by William Murphy

Bring On Morrowind – A New Chapter This June

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Elder Scrolls Online is launching their first standalone Chapter this June. ESO: Morrowind launches on the 15 year anniversary of the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and brings players in direct contact with Vivec as he tries to stop something terrible from happening in Vvardenfell. With the new 30+ hour storyline comes a new class (Warden), a new Trial, PVP Battlegrounds, and more. We’re unpacking the announcement and reacting to it all in this week’s column.Posted Feb 1, 2017 by William Murphy

What Do We Want in 2017?

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

With Housing about to hit Elder Scrolls Online in Homestead next month, and with it pretty resoundingly winning our Player’s Choice award for MMO of the year in 2016, we think it’s time to look ahead to 2017 and what it could bring Tamriel. With every major desire since launch just about added to the game, what could the next 12 months bring ESO? We weigh in with some wants of our own.Posted Jan 27, 2017 by William Murphy

Housing Impressions from Homestead on PTS

Elder Scrolls Online - Previews

Homestead, the forthcoming mega housing patch for Elder Scrolls Online, just hit the Public Test Server and we dove in eagerly to view a few of the more luxurious spaces and see how the decorating works. Alongside all the new homely goodness, ESO is also adding furniture crafting, overhauling a ton of class and weapon skills for balance, and tweaking loads of other aspects to the game.Posted Jan 5, 2017 by William Murphy

Homestead - Why It's Good News for Everyone

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Homestead is The Elder Scrolls Online next DLC package coming to Tamriel in Feburary 2017. While a large part of the community seems to be ecstatic about it, there is a vocal group of players who are upset with it. Ryan discusses the information we know about Homestead and asks you if there is grounds to be upset or if it’s all false claims.Posted Dec 14, 2016 by Ryan Getchell

A Trip of a Lifetime - Where Real and Game Worlds Collide - SPONSORED

Elder Scrolls Online - General Articles

Anyone who has ever played an Elder Scrolls game knows some of its most iconic locations - Elsweyr, Skyrim, Black Marsh, Hammerfell, Summerset Isles. The loveliness of each one in Elder Scrolls Online often makes one imagine what it would be like to go their "in real life". With the just-announced A Trip of a Lifetime sweepstakes, that dream can come true.Posted Dec 7, 2016

Introducing Homestead – Housing Comes to Tamriel in 2017

Elder Scrolls Online - Interviews

Housing is an often-requested feature in just about every MMORPG that launces without it. Elder Scrolls Online is no different. Since the game launched, housing has been one of Zenimax’s most-requested additions. In early 2017, Homestead will be the free Update that brings it to all Tamriel’s citizens. We caught up with the ZOS team to chat about all the many things you’ll get to do with your own private residence.Posted Dec 6, 2016 by William Murphy

What Shape Will Housing Take in ESO?

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Everything ESO has released thus far has all had a unique story tied to it, new NPCs for us to admire or hate. Coming next year to ESO is an update that, will introduce content to Tamriel that I have no idea how they’re going to include an ongoing story for and that’s, Player Housing.Posted Nov 30, 2016 by Ryan Getchell

The Obstacle of Combat

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

My time in The Elder Scrolls Online has been an odd one this week because despite my random adventuring across a variety of zones, I’ve begun to grow incredibly frustrated at how a AAA title, and arguably one of the last MMO giants, got something as fundamental as combat so spectacularly wrong.Posted Nov 28, 2016 by Lewis Burnell

Castle of the Worm Awaits

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

I’ve still not found a guild, or touched crafting, but I have decided I really should begin to make my way out of Glenumbra. I still don’t know the secrets of Daggerfall and that alone is keeping me here. I’ve a couple of quests remaining in the zone but I have to admit I’ve grown tired of the same scenery. I also can’t shake the feeling that Abnur Tharn, whom I keep running into, looks frighteningly like Peter Stormare.Posted Nov 21, 2016 by Lewis Burnell

5 Lessons Learned From Creating the Orsinium DLC Game Pack

Elder Scrolls Online - Developer Journals

Orsinium, Elder Scrolls Online's first big exploration-based DLC after becoming Tamriel Unlimited, is now a year old. The orc-themed story driven campaign is a huge shift in how ESO tells its tales, and in this exclusive developer journal Zenimax's own Matt Firor lists five main takeaways one year after we returned to Wrothgar.Posted Nov 15, 2016

One Tamriel’s Design of Freedom

Elder Scrolls Online - Columns

Elder Scrolls Online’s most recent update, One Tamriel, fundamentally changed how the game can be played. Now, with Skyrim’s Special Edition launching for PS4, XB1, and PC, we take a look at how ESO’s One Tamriel has turned the MMORPG into the premier Elder Scrolls experience.Posted Oct 28, 2016 by William Murphy

The Witches Festival Comes to Tamriel

Elder Scrolls Online - Interviews

The Witches Festival hits Elder Scrolls Online today, and as the game’s first ever holiday event, we decided to reach out to Zenimax Online Studios and ask them a few questions about how it all works and what to expect.Posted Oct 13, 2016 by William Murphy

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