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The Development Road Map

Shards Online -  Column

If you have been a regular around the site for the past few months you have probably seen the name Shards Online. Under development by Citadel Studios, Shards is being billed as a new generation in sandbox multiplayer gaming. In fact it made such an impression on the team around here that it was awarded the Best Indie MMO at PAX this year. Posted Jul 11, 2014 by Robert Lashley

Dragon Age's Hinterlands Unveiled

General -  Column

Another week has gone by and that means more RPG news is on the offer. Thankfully, the RPG Files is here with all the news that’s fit to print, presented to you in the special, snarky way that only we can. This week we have a victory for gender equality, an extended look at Dragon Age: Inquisition, a new game from one of the producers of The Witcher coming to stores, the many collector’s editions of Bungie’s Destiny, and more. There’s always more.Posted Jul 11, 2014 by Christopher Coke

Ten Hopes and Fears for Nightmare Tide

Rift -  Column

It has been two weeks since Trion announced RIFT: Nightmare Tide. Since our announcement interview, the development team has taken to the forums and social media to tantalize us with new tidbits of information. A series of behind the scenes articles has gone up, as well as a slew of new screenshots and concept art. With all of these things in mind, it’s time we outline just what we’re hoping for – and what we’re afraid of – in the next expansion.Posted Jul 11, 2014 by Christopher Coke

More 'Hack' Than Slash

Swordsman -  Preview

Having given Age of Wushu and similar departures a try here and there, I felt that Swordsman Online could be the breath of fresh air I needed to cleanse my palate for a while of grittier, more frustrating affairs. And while it's certainly not perfect, completely polished, or even difficult (at least as far as the lower levels go so far) it's an interesting alternative to succumbing to games with subscription fees or steep entry costs. Posted Jul 11, 2014

Beta is Coming… Next Week!

ArcheAge -  Interview

By now you’ve read our news article about the closed beta for ArcheAge launching next week on July 17th for four days. Fear not! It’s just the first of several upcoming closed beta events before the game goes live later this year. To clarify this information and much more, we chatted with Trion Worlds’ CEO Scott Hartsman earlier today. Posted Jul 10, 2014 by William Murphy

Making Weather a True Part of the Game

H1Z1 -  Interview

In most MMOs, weather is just a novelty. It adds some ambiance to the world and makes a zone seem more lifelike. That’s not going to be the case with SOE’s zombie survival MMORPG H1Z1 (also known as Hizzy). I had the chance to sit down and chat with Senior Designer Jimmy Wisenhunt and Graphics Programmer Ryan Favale to talk about how weather in their game won’t be just a setpiece, but a part of the survival and gameplay in H1Z1. Posted Jul 10, 2014 by William Murphy

Bring Your Friends

WildStar -  Column

WildStar is unashamedly a themepark MMORPG, but how does the multi-player aspect really stack up? In his latest column, Gareth Harmer examines just how group-friendly Carbine’s game really is.Posted Jul 10, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

Will Galactic Strongholds Be Your Star Wars Home?

Star Wars: The Old Republic -  Column

Ever since February, we knew about Galactic Strongholds as 'SWTOR Does Housing', but we really hadn't seen many details on how it will work, what it will entail, or perhaps most importantly, how much it will cost. BioWare Austin recently announced their plans to do a weekly livestream on on Thursdays to go over the features of the new expansion between now and when it soft launches in August.Posted Jul 10, 2014 by Jean Prior

Perfect World's Arc Client

General -  General

This past week we spoke to Mark Hill over at Perfect World about their new ARC game platform. As many companies are now harnessing the power of their large communities, Perfect World is hosting their series of games on a single platform for users. Mark gave us some details on the new ARC platform and how players will be able to access games much faster and explore Perfect World’s free to play market in a quick and easy way. Posted Jul 9, 2014 by Garrett Fuller

Veteran Rank Changes Unifying the Game at What Cost?

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

ZeniMax published a post late last week saying it planned to make a series of changes to Veteran Rank content. Those changes, which began rolling out this week, were indicative of what the studio called a desire to listen to the feedback people had been giving and gauge just where the community had been on the matter of Veteran Rank content. After listening, there were several key points. Posted Jul 9, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

A Special Experience for RPG Players

Boot Hill Heroes -  Review

Over the last decade, turn-based battlers seemed to fall out of style. RPG developers moved further and further from their roots, adding in layers of complexity; paradigm shifts, action-combat, dynamic combos – answers to questions many gamers had never asked. Boot Hill Heroes couldn’t have come along at a better time. Posted Jul 9, 2014 by Christopher Coke

An Omega Level MMOARPG

Marvel Heroes 2015 -  Review

Marvel Heroes launched last year in a decidedly less than superheroic state. The game shared many qualities found in the various ARPGs that have come onto the scene since Gazillion CEO David Brevik essentially created the point-and-click ARPG genre with Diablo in 1996. Posted Jul 9, 2014 by Michael Bitton

First Impressions - Seems We've Been Here Before

Black Gold Online -  Preview

Steampunk has been an obsession of gamers for a long time, but it’s criminally underrepresented in most MMORPGs. Snail Games aimed to partially alleviate that concern by smashing both steampunk and fantasy flavors together into one massive and varied free-to-play MMORPG called Black Gold Online. BGO has a lot in common with one of its developers other titles, Age of Wushu, both in terms of visuals, mechanics, and underlying systems. Posted Jul 8, 2014 by David Jagneaux

Jog Grochowski Talks Crafting & the Medieval Sandbox

Gloria Victis -  Interview

Gloria Victis is setting out to carve a niche in the online gaming world with its innovative systems including a medieval setting and a true sandbox crafting experience. We caught up to Gloria Victis's Jog Grochowski to talk about the game, those aspects and much more.Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Garrett Fuller

Two Interesting Developments

General -  Column

Although the month or two after E3 can sometimes be slower than usual in terms of news, there was still quite a bit going on in the MMOG space over the past couple of weeks. A number of items caught my attention over this span. The top two, both involving potentially intriguing changes, were Perfect World's latest western acquisition and the departure of Blizzard's Chief Creative Officer.Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Richard Aihoshi

Two Years of TSW

The Secret World -  Column

Two years of The Secret World. It hardly seems true. Though it is still a baby next to its Funcom brothers Age of Conan and Anarchy Online The Secret World has certainly had an exciting life so far. We’ve faced the end of the world while cowering in our basement, there has been controversy, there has been terror, there has been joy, and artists have been given freedom to run wild. All of this happening while the MMO is still learning to walk. Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Shannon Doyle

Ten Most Voted Female Characters in MMOs and RPGs

General -  Column

A few months ago, we had an exciting MMO Super Women discussion about what essential elements create memorable female protagonists. We asked you to name the women characters from MMOs that made an impression on you. As a result, we compiled your votes into the following ten MMOs and RPGs. Enjoy, and be sure to add any additional female favorite heroes in the comments below!Posted Jul 8, 2014 by Genese Davis

The Return of Underworld

General -  Interview

Last week we got the chance to sit down with Paul Neurath, long time game designer who had worked on such titles as Ultima: Underworld, Thief, and System Shock. Paul is now part of Otherside Entertainment which is a new studio looking to bring new life into classic RPGs that we grew up with. The studio is beginning their first project with Underworld Ascension which will bring players back to the classic Underworld franchise.Posted Jul 7, 2014 by Garrett Fuller

The MMO Isn't Over - It's Evolving

General -  Column

Recently, I read a piece proclaiming the MMO "era" to be over. While the genre has undergone some shifts through the years as both technology and gamers change, the genre isn’t on life support. While certain trends have held and others faded, MMOS are still being made, played, and planned. The genre is evolving, just as it evolved after 2004, and continues today. We seem to be on the verge of a new chapter right now, in fact.Posted Jul 7, 2014 by Christina Gonzalez

Is This the Game We Were Promised?

Guild Wars 2 -  Column

I remember the day a when a friend showed me the original Guild Wars. From that point on, I was hooked! Cut to a few years later, and I’m still playing with my friends, and the second game is announced. Obviously, since I was a fan of the original, news for a sequel was pretty exciting. But once ArenaNet started to talk about what they were doing with Guild Wars 2, it sounded like they were making the perfect game. Posted Jul 7, 2014 by David North

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