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Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Interviews

10 Year Anniversary Interview


On March 16th, SOE's EverQuest celebrated its 10 year anniversary.'s Carolyn Koh recently spoke with EQ Designer Jonathan Caraker about the milestone.Posted Mar 31, 2009 by Carolyn Koh

GDC Interview with Todd Harris

Global Agenda

While at GDC we had the opportunity to talk to Todd Harris, Executive Producer of Global Agenda, where he gives us an introduction to the game, and talks about classes, conquerable territory, and more.Posted Mar 31, 2009 by Keith Cross

Paul Barnett Choppa and Slayer Interview

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

MMORPG Managing Editor Jon Wood interviews Warhammer Online Creative Director Paul Barnett while attending GDC where he talks about the recently added Choppa and Slayer careers, and goes on tangents about the Land of the Dead, and flatulence powered dirigibles.Posted Mar 30, 2009 by Jon Wood

Paul Barnett Talks about Game Design

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

MMORPG Managing Editor Jon Wood interviews Warhammer Online Creative Director Paul Barnett where he talks about the lecture he gave at GDC, covering a range of topics including golden ages of gaming, breeding creativity, the challenges of designing games both large and small, and the bright and unknown future of game design.Posted Mar 30, 2009 by Jon Wood

Interview with EVE Economist

At GDC we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, CCP's resident economist to talk about the effects of the Apocrypha expansion and the POS exploit on EVE’s economy as well as the effects of Iceland's economic troubles on CCP.Posted Mar 30, 2009 by Keith Cross

Customization Q&A

Free Realms's Carolyn Koh recently had the chance to talk to Free Realms Art Director Rosie Rappaport and Associate Art Director Sebastian Stokowski about the character customization options in their MMO.Posted Mar 25, 2009 by Carolyn Koh

Introductory Q&A

Black Prophecy

Kirk Lenke, the CEO of Reakktor Media, takes a few moments to answer Jon Wood's general questions about the upcoming sci-fi MMO.Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

Jeff Hickman Interview

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Managing Editor Jon Wood sat down with Mythic's Jeff Hickman to talk about a number of issues including: Rally Call, Career Balance, the game's 10-Day trial and more.Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Jon Wood

Bare Rose Design

Second Life

We keep hearing about people that have successful businesses in Second Life. Today,'s Second Life expect David Greene talks to the folks from Bare Rose Design, a popular in-game clothing designer, about their experiences.Posted Mar 9, 2009 by David Greene

Book 7 Q&A

Lord of the Rings Online

Recently, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the chance to ask the folks from Turbine a few questions about the upcoming Book 7 update for Lord of the Rings Online.Posted Mar 3, 2009 by Jon Wood

An Interview with SpaceJunky

Second Life

Second Life is an MMO like no other. Not so much a game as a virtual world, the Linden Labs experiment mirrors the real-world in many ways, including up and coming musical acts. Second Life expert David Greene (known in game as Arra Jinx) sits down with Shakti Cianci of the band SpaceJunky to talk about Second Life, the band and how it call comes together.Posted Mar 2, 2009 by David Greene

Interview in a Box

EVE Online Managing Editor Jon Wood recently spoke to CCP's Ryan Dancey about the the upcoming release of the retail boxed version of EVE Online.Posted Feb 23, 2009 by Jon Wood

Poll Feature: PvE or PvP?

Today we’d like to continue a new series of discussion features on, where we post a few thoughts on a particular MMO game related topic, and then ask the readers to weigh in with their opinions by responding in the forum thread or casting a vote in the related poll. Once the poll has been open for a reasonable amount of time we’ll then come back and revisit the topic, summarizing the results of the poll and community discussion. Today's feature will focus ont he question of PvP vs PvE and their improtance in an MMO.Posted Feb 19, 2009 by Jon Wood

Choppa and Slayer Impressions

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning’s Hasani Davis Sits down with Adam Gershowitz to talk about Mythic Entertainment's slayer, Choppa and the Call to Arms event bringing them into the game. Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Hasani Davis

Wind Slayer Interview

Wind Slayer

Recently,'s Jon Wood had the opportunity to ask a few questions of the developers of Wind Slayer, a 2D MMO.Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Jon Wood

Darkfall Online Interview


Recently,'s Jon Wood had the opportunity to ask a few questions of Aventurine's Tasos Flambouras about their upcoming MMORPG, Darkfall Online.Posted Feb 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

Legacy of Xan Interview

Anarchy Online's Jon Wood asked some questions of Anarchy Online's Game Director Colin Cragg about the just-announced Legacy of Xan booster for the seven year old title.Posted Feb 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

Progress Report Interview

Jumpgate Evolution Managing Editor Jon Wood spoke recently with Jumpgate Evolution Lead Designer Hermann Peterscheck to talk about the progress of the game. Posted Feb 4, 2009 by Jon Wood

Combat Interview

Champions Online's Jon Wood recently caught up with Champions Online Lead Designer Bill Roper to talk about the combat system in Cryptic's upcoming super-hero game.Posted Jan 30, 2009 by Jon Wood

Adding the Choppa and the Slayer

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Mythic Entertainment announced today that as a part of their live expansion, Call to Arms, the two remaining careers will be added to the game, the Orc Choppa and the Dwarf Slayer. Yesterday,'s Jon Wood spoke with Mythic's Jeff Hickman about the new careers.Posted Jan 29, 2009 by Jon Wood