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Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Interviews

Taking Shape - An Interview with Brad McQuaid & Chris Perkins

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

This past week we had the chance to interview Brad McQuaid and Chris Perkins about the work on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The game is really in great shape despite not making its Kickstarter. MMO fans will have a lot to look forward too as the team has: a playable solid core game, gotten its first round of funding, and hit solid internal milestones. Let’s have the guys bring us up to date on the project and give you a few details you may not have heard yet. Posted Oct 12, 2015 by Garrett Fuller

Alpha Testing & Beyond with Nathan Richardsson

Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade entered closed alpha just a few short weeks ago, and has been getting tons of updates weekly ever since. We caught up with Executive Producer Nathan Richardsson to chat about the game, and what's next.Posted Oct 9, 2015 by Suzie Ford

For the King: IronOak Has A New RPG Dream

For the King

Midway through an already funded Kickstarter we interviewed IronOak Games to find out just what an “Online Roguelike Tabletop RPG” was. Read on to find out what they had to say about that string of buzzwords and what interesting rewards they are throwing at their Kickstarter backers.Posted Oct 6, 2015 by Robert Lashley

Tidbits & Teases - Leah, Cain & the Cube

Diablo 3

Blizzard is pretty cagey when it comes to the release of information about its games but we managed to corner the team behind Diablo III to find out a few interesting tidbits of information about the game's lore and the recently released Kanai's Cube.Posted Oct 5, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Its Groove Found, Its Future Bright


To say Firefall has had a long and controversy filled history would probably be an understatement. There was a time when developer Red 5 Studios seemed destined for a fate similar to that of Flagship Studios. But problem child founder Mark Kern was ousted, Chinese company The9 invested 20 million dollars, and perhaps most telling... Chris Whiteside was brought on to lead the studio and future development of Firefall.Posted Sep 30, 2015 by William Murphy

A Chat with RA Salvatore About Underdark and D&D Storytelling


Last week we got the chance to talk with renowned fantasy and D&D author R.A. Salvatore. Salvatore is responsible for some of the best Dungeons and Dragons fiction ever written. He is also the writer who put dark elves on the map with his famous stories about Drizzt Do’Urden. Recently, while finishing up his latest novel, Salvatore took up the chance to write a quest line for Perfect World’s D&D MMO Neverwinter. Posted Sep 29, 2015 by Garrett Fuller

DarkScape - An Opportunity to Create a Game that Embraces PvP


With the launch of DarkScape, a hardcore PvP version of RuneScape, Jagex has given players free rein to take part in no-holds barred player vs player action in a shadowy world reminiscent of the gentler version. We spoke with Jagex's Conor Crowley to find out more.Posted Sep 28, 2015 by Garrett Fuller

Hearts of Stone Adds More Everything to the Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hearts of Stone is the first of several planned expansions to this year's phenomenal RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. We reached out to CDProjektRed with some questions about what we can expect from the add-on, and we were not disappointed with the answers. Posted Sep 28, 2015 by William Murphy

Tome of the Sun – A Uniquely Chibi Take on the Action RPG

Tome of the Sun

Tome of the Sun is one of several games Chinese megapublisher NetEase is hoping will capture western minds and attention spans this year. We caught up with Game Designer Alex Liang to chat about the unique mobile action RPG and how it plays.Posted Sep 27, 2015 by William Murphy

Eternal Arena Looks to Capture PVE Fans with its Hybrid MMO MOBA

Eternal Arena

NetEase is a big player in China’s gaming market, and they’re poised to make a splash here in the west with a host of MMOs for mobile platforms later this year. We caught up with the Eternal Arena team and its Content Designer Brad O’Farrell to talk about the unique hybrid of MMORPG and MOBA his team is creating.Posted Sep 26, 2015 by William Murphy

ELOA: The Game, The Controversy & The Future


ELOA Online has been in Korea now for some time, and in the US and EU as Inspirit Online. However, it turns out that Inspirit is an unauthorized version of the MMO, and now Webzen is officially bringing ELOA to the West later this year. We reached out to the developers to chat about the controversy, the game itself, and their thoughts on the future of MMOs.Posted Sep 25, 2015 by William Murphy

Making the Game of Our Dreams, A Chat with Denis Poprykin

Wild Terra

Wild Terra, inspired by Ultima Online and other legendary games, is firmly in its alpha stage of development with big plans for the future. We had the opportunity to chat with Developer and Executive Producer Denis Poprykin to find out much more about this indie open world sandbox title.Posted Sep 25, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Ethan Casner Discusses Crowdfunding & The Project's Future

Divergence Online

We recently caught up with Divergence Online's Ethan Casner to get an update on the game's somewhat rocky development and find out where things go from here.Posted Sep 23, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Mike Laidlaw on Trespasser & (Possible) Future Plans

Dragon Age: Inquisition

With the release of the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, Trespasser, a couple of weeks ago and the announcement of the definitive Game of the Year Edition earlier this week, it is clear that DA:I is a finished product. We had the opportunity to talk with Dragon Age Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw about Trespasser, the (possible) future of the franchise and more. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.Posted Sep 23, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Gamerz for Gamerz - EverQuest Vets Bolstering Online Communities

Gamerz for Gamerz

Gamerz for Gamerz is a brand new service that is set up to bolster online gaming communities. The idea is simple, yet exciting: bring gamers and devs together both in game and in person to build a stronger bond and share stories of their favorite hobby. This is not only done through a simple forum or Facebook page, but through an array of special tools that will make interaction much easier.Posted Sep 22, 2015 by Shawn Schuster

An Update with Mark Jacobs

Camelot Unchained

Last week City State Entertainment sent out a release letting the community know they had a special announcement. We reached out to Mark Jacobs to find out just what his special announcement was and what else CSE has been up to with Camelot Unchained. Read on to find out what Mark had to say.Posted Sep 22, 2015 by Robert Lashley

A Quick Look at the Indie Space Colonization MMO

Colonies Online

Colonies Online is quietly and efficiently building its way out of early access on steam and into a more stable ongoing live release. We caught up with the game's developers at Iron Bit to learn about the game, it's status, and what's coming next.Posted Sep 21, 2015 by Robert Lashley

So Much to Look Forward To - An Interview with Dan Tudge

Sword Coast Legends

Head starts and an upcoming launch aside, Dan Tudge took time this morning to chat with us about Sword Coast Legends. After playing in the head start last weekend we had some questions for Dan surrounding what the team is working on in these final weeks and what their plans are for after the game launches. Posted Sep 18, 2015 by Garrett Fuller

Stronghold Sieges - 20 to 30 Minutes of PvP Mayhem


A few weeks ago we had a walkthrough of the new Strongholds expansion for Neverwinter. At that time Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer teased Stronghold Siege. This week we get more in depth on the new PvP feature with Senior Content Designer John Hopler. Read on to find out what John had to say.Posted Sep 17, 2015 by Robert Lashley

Online Game Pioneers - An Interview with Funcom's Gaute Godager Part 2

After 15 years, Godager, the last Funcom founder standing, retired from the company and perhaps video games altogether. Currently, Godager works as a clinical psychologist, diagnosing and treating psychiatric illnesses at an inpatient clinic in Norway. Read our exclusive excerpt from Morgan Ramsay's recent book, Online Game Pioneers at Work. Today, we present part two of Morgan's interview with Godager.Posted Sep 16, 2015 by Morgan Ramsay