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Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Interviews

Piranha's Russ Bullock on the Biggest Update Yet

MechWarrior Online

But as someone who never really took the time to pay much attention to Mechwarrior Online and the much larger Battletech universe, the highlight of my evening was sitting down and talking with Russ Bullock, president of Piranha Games. If one person would be able to convince me that Mechwarrior Online was a game worth playing, surely this man would be the one.Posted Dec 17, 2015 by Steven Messner

An Ode to Star Wars from the Devs Who Make the Games

By now, our UK compatriots have begun to file in and see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Tonight, many of us here at MMORPG will as well. To keep the spirit of the Force going, we reached out to some of gaming's past and present Star Wars maestros to snatch their memories from working on the beloved IP...Posted Dec 17, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Pre-Alpha 3 Launch Event & the Road Ahead

Shards Online

Beginning on Saturday, December 12th, some big, big things will be happening with Shards Online during this weekend’s Pre-Alpha 3 event. The NDA has been lifted temporarily through the weekend so that fans and potential backers can get a first-hand look at the upcoming sandbox title from Citadel Studios. We had the chance to speak with Derek Brinkmann about the Pre-Alpha 3 Event and what lies beyond.Posted Dec 11, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Unlock the Power of The Force in Star Wars: Uprising

Kabam RPG 's latest update to mobile ARPG Star Wars: Uprising adds The Force and lightsabers to the game. We sat down with Kabam RPG's Daniel Erickson to learn more and find out what else has been going on since the game's launch in September.Posted Dec 10, 2015 by Michael Bitton

BlizzCon 2015 Interview

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

We sat down with Blizzard's Dean Ayala and Derek Sakamoto to chat all things Hearthstone. We are publishing this now due to issues with audio and video, but know that our readers will appreciate the information within!Posted Dec 9, 2015 by Michael Bitton

State of the Game Interview - Part Two

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We recently sat down with BioWare Austin's Bruce Maclean (senior producer), Ben Irving (lead producer), and Charles Boyd (lead designer) to chat about the state of Star Wars: The Old Republic now that Knights of the Fallen Empire has been out for a few months.Posted Dec 8, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Battle Arena - New PvP Action with a Trovian Touch


PvP will be entering Trove in a big way with the arrival of the 5v5 Battle Arena. We had the opportunity to speak with Executive Producer Andrew Krausnick about all of the special Trovian touches that are being brought to bear in the Battle Arena and about the possibility of even more PvP being added over time.Posted Dec 8, 2015 by Suzie Ford

22nd Expansion Interview with Brad McQuaid


Last month saw the release of EverQuest’s 22nd expansion. To honor the occasion we asked a few questions of one of the original designers and visionaries behind the project, Brad McQuaid. Read on for what Brad had to say.Posted Dec 8, 2015 by Robert Lashley

State of the Game Interview - Part One

Star Wars: The Old Republic

We recently sat down with BioWare Austin's Bruce Maclean (senior producer), Ben Irving (lead producer), and Charles Boyd (lead designer) to chat about the state of Star Wars: The Old Republic now that Knights of the Fallen Empire has been out for a few months.Posted Dec 7, 2015 by Michael Bitton

PVE, Crafting, and More Come into the Game

Orcs Must Die: Unchained

Orcs Must Die: Unchained will be updating later today and with it comes a huge new PvE game type and much more. We had the chance to interview Producer Chris Rippy to find out what the hubbub is all about.Posted Dec 3, 2015 by William Murphy

Durango - Nexon's Foray Into Mobile Survival MMOs


Two weeks ago, Nexon announced its first foray into the mobile survival MMO space with Durango. We caught up with the development team to see what Durango brings to the table and what features players can expect to find. See what they had to say.Posted Nov 30, 2015 by William Murphy

On Beta, PVE, and What Makes Albion Unique

Albion Online

Now in closed beta after months of alpha testing and gathering feedback, we caught up with Sandbox Interactive to chat about what they've learned, where the game goes from here, and how they're working to make Albion the best sandbox MMO it can be.Posted Nov 25, 2015 by William Murphy

Stash Aims to Bring Back the Magic to MMORPGs

Stash is a fully funded turn-based MMORPG currently closing up a Kickstarter. We caught up with the CEO Michael Hartman at Frogdice to talk all about the project, its housing system, its unique take on combat, and what players can expect now that the game is moving deeper into the development phases.Posted Nov 23, 2015 by Robert Lashley

A 'Coding' Melting Pot


An inside look at the many coders who have implemented their work into the game and how those early code threads have evolved with the game (e.g., Legacy of the Baby Dragon). Here to shed some light on the franchise’s evolution is Jennifer Chan (Technical Director) and Terry Michaels (Senior Producer) from Daybreak Games.Posted Nov 18, 2015

Blizzcon 2015 Wrap Report with Technical Director Alan Dabiri

Heroes of the Storm

We sat down with Technical Director Alan Dabiri to go over some updates to Heroes of the Storm, some of which are coming as early as November 17th! We first discussed the new Arena mode, where players can pick one of three heroes, their heroic ability, and then just jump right in and brawl. Each arena has much simplified objectives without lanes. Dabiri noted how internal playtests had their fellow devs stating it was the most fun they’d had in awhile.Posted Nov 17, 2015 by Jean Prior

BlizzCon 2015 Wrap Report with Michael Chu & Jeremy Craig


On day 2 of BlizzCon, we sat down with the devs of Overwatch to discuss the highly-anticipated shooter. We spoke to Senior Game Designer Michael Chu (story and worldbuilding) and Senior Designer Jeremy Craig (system design and user experience). Posted Nov 16, 2015 by Jean Prior

The Eldar, Progression, New Weapons, and More

Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade

Greetings Crusaders, long time no see. We've been really busy killing Traitors in the Eternal Crusade Alpha test. Recently we had a chance to chat with Nathan Richardsson about that same Alpha test, and ask a few questions about the future of the game.Posted Nov 16, 2015 by Terry OBrien

The Best Things About EverQuest From the People Who Made It


Recently we had the chance to sit down and chat with three EverQuest developers, just before both the original EQ and its sequel are to receive their 22nd and 12th expansions. We have a full week of features on EverQuest planned, but today we wanted to ask each developer what they love most about the storied franchise. Here’s what Holly Longdale (Executive Producer), Jonathan Caraker (Lead Designer) and Alan VanCuvering (Assistant Lead Designer) had to say.Posted Nov 16, 2015 by William Murphy

Next Update, New Content & More - D3 Blizzcon Wrap Report

Diablo 3

On the second day of BlizzCon 2015, we sat down with System Designer Joe Shely and Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger to go over the particulars of Diablo 3's upcoming big patch, 2.4. Starting off, Berger discussed the new zone, the Eternal Woods, featuring roaming yetis. He added that the royal manor of King Leoric would finally be available to players now that the cultists have moved away from the entrance.Posted Nov 11, 2015 by Jean Prior

Matt Firor on Orsinium and the Future of DLC

Elder Scrolls Online

Now a week since going live, we caught up with Zenimax Online’s Matt Firor to chat about the Orsinium DLC pack, the reception it has received, and what the team has planned for the next update. Posted Nov 11, 2015 by William Murphy