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Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Interviews

All About the Crown Crates Coming in One Tamriel

Elder Scrolls Online

During Gamescom last week, it was announced that Crown Crates would be coming to Elder Scrolls Online with the One Tamriel update. The announcement sparked a lot of discussion so we went straight to the source to ask Matt Firor for more details. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.Posted Aug 25, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Gamescom 2016 with J. Todd Coleman & Jess Mulligan


Early Friday morning at Gamescom we sat down with Jess Mulligan from Travian to talk about Crowfall while we waited for J Todd Coleman to find his way to us. It was a lovely informal chat. Jess on the other hand? She's been in the industry a long time. Quite possibly she has more experience in the industry than I do at playing the products of the games industry. With that, we had our rambled on...Posted Aug 23, 2016 by Jonathan Doyle

Three Years On, Chatting FFXIV With Yoshi-P

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s 3rd Anniversary is here, and it’s time we counted our blessings for having one of the best MMORPGs in years come out of one of the more notorious launches (and subsequent relaunches). We caught up with Square Enix’s own Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) to talk about the milestone, and what’s to come with the game’s future.Posted Aug 19, 2016 by Robert Lashley

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - From H1Z1 Mod to Stand-Alone Game

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

BlueHole has partnered with PlayerUnknown to take the H1Z1 player mod, Battle Royale, to make it into a stand alone game. Now called PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the game will expand on the idea in new ways. We chatted with PlayerUnknown to learn more about the partnership with BlueHole and what it means to Battlegrounds.Posted Aug 18, 2016 by William Murphy

Dungeon Improvements & Making Content Accessible to All

Elder Scrolls Online

Recently Elder Scrolls Online updated its dungeons and Trial content to make it more accessible to all players. We had the opportunity to chat with Creative Director Rich Lambert and Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan to learn more about why and how those changes were made. Posted Aug 17, 2016 by William Murphy

How Snail Games Kept Hope Alive for 12 Long Years

Dark and Light

The announcement that Snail Games would be bringing Dark & Light to the world in the very near future caught many fans off guard. We took the opportunity to reach out to Product Manager Shen Yan to learn more about Dark & Light, how it's changed over the years and what players can expect in what developers call "even more of a sandbox" than ever before.Posted Aug 16, 2016 by William Murphy

Virtus Gaming - A Brand New Social Media Platform for MMO Gamers & Devs

Virtus Gaming is an upcoming brand new social media platform for MMO gamers and developers. We caught up with the network's founder Drew Duncan, to chat about what makes Virtus different from the seemingly endless also rans, and why he thinks Virtus will succeed where others failed.Posted Aug 15, 2016 by William Murphy

Bethesda at QuakeCon: Our Interview With Pete Hines

The RPG presence at QuakeCon 2016 was muted, but we did score some time with Pete Hines to talk about all things Bethesda. No, there are no Elder Scrolls VI spoilers.Posted Aug 9, 2016 by Jason Winter

Making Extra Time Count, The Reasons Behind the Delay


Perfect World Entertainment announced recently that it would be delaying Livelock across all platforms without a definite launch date in the foreseeable future. We had the opportunity to speak to Lead Game Designer Kevin Neibert to find out the motives behind the decision and the opportunities that will be realized as a result. Posted Aug 5, 2016 by William Murphy

The Level 999 Door of Mystery & Ongoing Development


Earlier this week, our community's interest was piqued by the news that a Tibia player had reached level 998 and would soon be ready to open the 'door of mystery' that can only be accessed at level 999. We had the opportunity to chat with Lead Product Manager Martin Eglseder about this and much more.Posted Aug 4, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Next Expansion, The Starfall Prophecy, Announced


Rift is set to get a brand new full expansion. Called The Starfall Prophecy, the expansion comes with a level cap increase to 70, five new zones, new dungeons, a new raid (post launch), new Legendary abilities that fundamentally alter how souls play, the Planar Fragment system, Planar Assault instances, Fortress Sieges, and loads more.Posted Aug 4, 2016 by William Murphy

Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) - Interview: Yong-Hyun Park

Heroes of Incredible Tales

Producer Yong-Hyun Park is as experienced as they come when it comes to MMOs on PC. After years working on Lineage II and TERA, the veteran developer is hard at work (with his team at NAT Games) on his first mobile game—a fantasy action role-player called Heroes of Incredible Tales.Posted Aug 3, 2016 by Neilie Johnson

Chaos Omen CCG Paving the Way for an MMO

Visions of Zosimos

Visions of Zosimos by Forever Interactive is a forthcoming trading card game, part of an Intellectual Property that will eventually become an MMO. We had the chance to sit down with a trio of members of the development team to find out more.Posted Aug 1, 2016 by Robert Lashley

Bringing MMOs & Survival Shooters Together

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov coming to us from Battlestate Games has captivated many folks looking for a realistic survival shooter. Set in the fictional Russian city of Tarkov, the game pits an international corporation against the host nation. We had an opportunity to speak with Project Lead Nikita Buyanov about EoT to learn more.Posted Jul 28, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Making the Move to PS4


Trion’s voxel MMO Trove has been a huge success on the PC. Now the team is working on the port to consoles and giving players an even bigger world to enjoy. We sat down with Andrew Krausnick to go over what it is like to transfer an MMO to the PS4. Andrew also gave us some insight on the game’s upcoming content, so jump in and read as we continue our Trove coverage with their big move!Posted Jul 22, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

Roaming Tamriel in Style with Shadows of the Hist

Elder Scrolls Online

When the next DLC for Elder Scrolls Online launches, Shadows of the Hist will bring with it a brand new Style Parlor to tweak and adjust your characters’ looks, as well as a whole new dye system for your normal armor and the outfits you’ve collected over time in ESO. We chatted with the team at Zenimax Online Studios about the additions and what they mean for every player of Elder Scrolls Online.Posted Jul 22, 2016 by William Murphy

New Daybreak Austin CEO Jack Emmert Talks DCUO

DC Universe Online

Not long ago, the announcement that Jack Emmert had been made the Daybreak Game Company Austin CEO came as a surprise to many. We caught up with Jack to find out his plans for Daybreak Austin and for DC Universe Online. See what he had to say.Posted Jul 20, 2016 by William Murphy

The PlayStation 4 Launch Day Interview


Neverwinter has hit the ground running with the release of the game on PlayStation 4. We had the chance to talk with Producer Ben Bascom about the move to PS4 and consoles in general. See what he had to say in our exclusive interview.Posted Jul 19, 2016 by Robert Lashley

A No Holds Barred Interview with Sergey Titov - WarZ & Beyond

Shattered Skies

Shattered Skies is a survival shooter by the same people who made the much derided WarZ / Infestation. We were given the opportunity to interview Sergey Titov in a no holds barred series of questions to learn more about the game and about why people might be skeptical about his latest venture. See what he had to say in this exclusive interview.Posted Jul 19, 2016 by Robert Lashley

The Story Behind All the Latest Updates

Dark Age of Camelot

Venerated Dark Age of Camelot just keeps chugging away with new updates, new everything. Loyal players are often treated to new ways to play the game including the recent announcement that big changes are in store for all character classes. We chatted with Producer John Thornhill about exactly that. See what he had to say in this exclusive interview.Posted Jul 18, 2016 by Garrett Fuller

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