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Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

MMO Book Preview: The Quest of Narrigh

Connor becomes trapped in a fantasy world while playing the online role-playing game, The Quest of Narrigh. He has no memory of how he got there. He played the game well on his brother’s laptop. He defeated his enemies with his acts of defiance and bravery. Now the game has become a reality. And in a world governed by magic, filled with hostile races, warring factions and ferocious beasts, Connor soon finds he does not have the bravery to swat a fly. Posted Oct 14, 2014

Review in Progress #4 – A Hard Lesson in Safe Trade


As you might recall last week, I obtained my first real seafaring ship: the clipper. One of ArcheAge’s biggest selling points, at least in my eyes, is the crafting and trade game. There are two ways to go about it too: the safe way where you don’t have to worry about danger (but get less reward), or the dangerous way where you have to go into enemy territory (but the payoff is significantly larger). This past week, I learned the difference between the two the hard way.Posted Oct 10, 2014 by William Murphy

Review in Progress 3 - Farmville Deluxe


ArcheAge is starting to become as addicting as Farmville. Only in this case, I don’t really hate myself for liking the game. I’ve just spent inordinate amounts of time roving the countryside, exploring crafting, and dabbling in a whole bunch of other things. The question I ask myself though is: am I focused on ArcheAge’s crafting and farming because they’re fun, or is it because the questing and combat progression is so old hat?Posted Oct 2, 2014 by William Murphy

Do You Remember TAERA?

Do you remember Taera, whose real life name was Laura Genender? The ferocious gamer. The community manager for MMORPG for four years. The author of articles for The Escapist and The associate community manager for CCP's EVE Onlne. You might remember her sense of humor. Her late-night ramblings about space pizza. The songs she made up and sang, such Flying My Spaceship. The jokes she cracked and the lengths she went to in order to make people laugh.Posted Sep 23, 2014

Review in Progress Part 2


After my initial reluctance to play through Old Russia for the fourth time I found myself genuinely enjoying Bungie’s new game Destiny. You can read my thoughts on my time on Earth and my frustrations with the social systems in last week’s review in progress. In this week’s I’ll talk about my impressions while traversing the Moon and Venus and knocking on the door of Mars. Posted Sep 19, 2014 by Robert Lashley

Review in Progress Part 1


Earlier this week Destiny officially released to tremendous commercial success. Lauded by Activision Blizzard as the biggest franchise launch yet in video game history, it achieved $500 million shipped on day one. These sales are to retailers and digital distributors not to the end users but it is pretty safe to bet at this point that Destiny is on a fast track to be Activision’s third billion dollar franchise joining Call of Duty and Skylanders. Posted Sep 12, 2014 by Robert Lashley

Silicon Valley Expansion First Impressions


This week, Trion Worlds released its new Silicon Valley Expansion for its action MMO Defiance, but before the expansion hit the public's PCs, Trion let us take a look at it during their in-house Community Day. Posted Aug 8, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

Review in Progress #1


For all intents and purposes, Firefall “launched” in 2013. But a lot has happened at developer Red5 since then, and much more has changed with Firefall the game since the departure of former CEO Mark Kern. For those reasons, we’re re-reviewing Firefall over the next couple of weeks to paint a more accurate picture of where the game stands today.Posted Aug 1, 2014 by William Murphy

Perfect World's Arc Client

This past week we spoke to Mark Hill over at Perfect World about their new ARC game platform. As many companies are now harnessing the power of their large communities, Perfect World is hosting their series of games on a single platform for users. Mark gave us some details on the new ARC platform and how players will be able to access games much faster and explore Perfect World’s free to play market in a quick and easy way. Posted Jul 9, 2014 by Garrett Fuller

Review in Progress #2


At over 40 hours played, I’m sitting at level 25 (almost 26). I’ve completed the game’s first Adventure, first Dungeon, and partaken in a few rounds of Walatiki Temple PVP. I’m crafting a ton of weapons for Rob and myself via the Weaponsmith trade, rounding out my Tanking and DPS builds, and I’m getting warier and warier about entering the first contested PVP zone around level 30. But the main takeaway? I’m having fun.Posted Jun 20, 2014 by William Murphy

Dog Fight Module Examined

Star Citizen

You know those people who quip little cliché sayings? I’m talking about the ones who might say, “Well, better late, than never,” when they hear you complain about Star Citizen’s dogfight module being delayed yet again. Those people are idiots.Posted Jun 7, 2014 by Red Thomas

Watch Dogs: The Story is a Hack, But the Game is Fantastic

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is not what I expected to call an RPG. In fact, we’re not even going to list the game here on our new RPG game list. But if the series keeps on its current path, we just might have to revisit that decision. Ubisoft sent me a copy for my PS4 (unexpectedly), and when I booted it up I was pleased to find an open world modern day RPG.Posted May 29, 2014 by William Murphy

Block Story: One to Keep an Eye On

Voxel-based sandboxes are everywhere in PC gaming right now. They have generally low system requirements because of their retro looks, they take the burden of making assets off of the game developers and on the players, and players get to exercise ingenuity and creativity with fairly simple tools. Since the market for these games is getting a bit crowded, developers are going to have to come up with some interesting twists to keep things fresh.Posted May 14, 2014 by Pete Schwab

InnoGames: A New Home for the Future

It’s certainly not a household name, but indie developer Innogames has certainly chalked up some impressive numbers – over 120 million players have signed up for their free-to-play MMORTS games. Gareth Harmer was recently invited to the grand opening of their new offices in Hamburg, and spoke to developers and investors alike.Posted May 13, 2014 by Gareth Harmer

Review in Progress #4

Elder Scrolls Online

This will be the final “In Progress” Elder Scrolls Online article before next week’s final score tally. I’ll maintain that the big detractor from ESO’s score (based on the average out of 10 of our seven categories) will be the major culprit of “polish”. It’s plain to see that for all its fun, ESO wasn’t quite ready for launch. But we’ll get to all of that next week. Today I’m going to talk about the PVP in Tamriel: The Alliance War or AVA. Posted Apr 25, 2014 by William Murphy

Get Ready, Get Set… Founderize!


ArcheAge has some big plans for its upcoming Founder’s Pack program. For those of you in Alpha right now, you have gotten a taste of sandbox heaven with the game. Now players will get the chance to log in a little early, fly around on a glider, and lay the groundwork for their own space in the sandbox while waiting for the official launch later this year. Posted Apr 24, 2014 by Garrett Fuller

Wargaming's WoT Grand Finals

World of Tanks

Wargaming's flagship title, World of Tanks, boasts more than 80 million registered players world-wide—a colossal number born not only from the game's simple-but-addictive gameplay, but also from the publisher's willingness to give the players what they want. Last week, Wargaming held the first ever World of Tanks Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland, an event that Wargaming hopes will bolster the profile of both it and e-sports as a whole.Posted Apr 12, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

Review in Progress #2

Elder Scrolls Online

For the first week’s article, head here. I’ve locked in around 30 hours so far, I’m sitting at level 17, and just finally completed the first main zone of the Ebonheart Pact. By completed, I mean I’ve finished the quests achievement, unlocked all the POIs on the map, and collected every skyshard available. And yet, I’ve not completed the Fungal Grotto and I’ve not even set foot in Cyrodiil. Posted Apr 11, 2014 by William Murphy

H1ZZZ1: Wake Me When It’s Over


Last year at SOE Live the team here at got wind that Sony was working on another black box project that they were not willing to talk about yet in addition to EverQuest Next, and EQN: Landmark. Earlier today the internet got confirmation just what that project is. It was announced during an episode of Game Talk Live featuring SOE President John Smedley, their new MMO is H1Z1.Posted Apr 10, 2014 by Robert Lashley

Taking the PC Version for a Spin

Dark Souls II

Dark Souls 2 is a resoundingly good RPG, if our official review is anything to go by. But the original Dark Souls’ PC edition was an abhorrent nightmare of a port. The studio, From Software, admittedly said, “Look, we’re sorry, but we’re not PC guys. We’ll do better next time, I promise.” So it was with cautious fingers and eyes on my monitor that I booted up DS2’s PC edition. I will say these things primarily: the graphics transferred nicely. The UI and controls, have not… yet. Posted Apr 8, 2014 by William Murphy