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Exclusive Editorials

Exclusive Editorials

It's All About Gameplay

General Correspondent Matt Plourde uses this article to take a look at a simpler form of MMO gaming and asks readers to decide if TomeNEt, a simpler ASCII-based MMO is really so much worse than the multi-million dollar AAA MMOs.Posted Jun 15, 2009 by Matt Plourde

Ten Most Misused Words in MMOs


In this week's list, Jon Wood gives us ten phrases that get thrown around to the point where they've almost lost their meaning.Posted May 26, 2009 by Jon Wood

Most Anticipated Games: Where Are They Now?


In this week's list, Managing Editor Jon Wood takes a look at past and present winners of's Most Anticipated Game awards to see if, in hindsight, those much looked for games lived up to the hype.Posted May 20, 2009 by Jon Wood

Five Marketing Campaigns You'll Never See

General contributor Sanya Weathers takes over the top five list this week with a satirical look at MMO marketing departments as she counts down five marketing campaigns that players will never see.Posted May 12, 2009 by Sanya Weathers

Five 80s Cartoon That Would Make Good MMOs


In this week's Tuesday Top Five, Managing Editor Jon Wood writes this look at 80s television cartoons that would make interesting IPs for future MMORPG projects.Posted May 5, 2009 by Jon Wood

Top Five MMO Quotes


In this top five editorial, Sanya Weathers takes a look at the top five quotes surrounding MMOs and some of the history surrounding them.Posted Apr 30, 2009 by Sanya Weathers

Top Ten Games That Should Be MMOs

General Managing Editor Jon Wood counts down the Top 10 video games that should be made into MMOs.Posted Apr 28, 2009 by Jon Wood

The Four Shortest Lived MMOs

General Managing Editor Jon Wood takes another trip down memory lane this week, counting down four shortest lived MMORPGs.Posted Apr 21, 2009 by Jon Wood

Top 5 MMOs That Never Were

General Managing Editor Jon Wood counts down the top five games to be cancelled in mid development, never to see the light of day.Posted Apr 14, 2009 by Jon Wood

Moonkins Created By Nature, Adored by Blizzard

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Correspondent Javier Ledesma writes this piece on Druids in Blizzard's smash-hit World of Warcraft.Posted Mar 25, 2009 by Javier Ledesma

PCGA State of the Game 2008 Commentary


Today the PC Gaming Alliance, a not-for-profit group, released its "State of the Game 2008" Report. Managing Editor Jon Wood took a quick look and pulled out some of the interesting tidbits of MMO information and offers some of his own commentary.Posted Mar 23, 2009 by Jon Wood

(Traumatize) Children's Week

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Correspondent Deborah Diterich sounds off on Blizzard for the events in this year's incarnation of the popular event, "Children's Week", that sees players rewarded for being unusually mean and cruel to their young charges.Posted Mar 16, 2009 by Deborah Dietrich

Some Thoughts on Capturing the Essence

Star Trek Online Star Trek Online Correspondent Troy Hammers writes this editorial discussing how Cryptic will capture the essence of Star Trek in their upcoming MMO.Posted Mar 16, 2009 by Troy Hammers

Looking at UO

Ultima Online Ultima Online Correspondent Shannon Young writes this editorial overview of the classic MMORPG, Ultima Online discussing the game from launch to today.Posted Mar 10, 2009 by Shannon Young

Early Impressions

Star Trek Online's new Star Trek Online Correspondent Troy Hammers writes this first look at the game, giving his impressions on what he knows and has heard so far about the upcoming MMO.Posted Mar 2, 2009 by Troy Hammers

Where is The Secret World

General Managing Editor Jon Wood writes this editorial focusing on Funcom's little talked-about upcoming MMORPG The Secret World.Posted Jan 22, 2009 by Jon Wood

Live Event PQ Analysis

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Managing Editor Jon Wood writes this analysis of the new PQs introduced as a part of Warhammer Online's first Live Event, The Witching Night.Posted Oct 30, 2008 by Jon Wood

My Early Experience in the Blighted Isle

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Warhammer Online Correspondent Bao Huynh writes this editorial discussing his experiences with the first four camps on the Blighted Isle in Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online.Posted Oct 9, 2008 by Bao Huynh

Correspondent - Roleplaying is Dead, Long Live Roleplaying...

Star Wars Galaxies Star Wars Galaxies Correspondent Jef Reahard writes this editorial piece reflecting on the days of a roleplayer's paradise in Star Wars Galaxies.Posted Sep 19, 2008 by Jef Reahard

Anatomy of a Launch - Part Two

Age of Conan: Unchained

New writer Mathew Reuther pens this look back at the Age of Conan launch from his own perspective. Posted Jun 11, 2008 by Mathew Reuther