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Exclusive Editorials

Exclusive Editorials

GDC 2010 MMO Retention Panel


Of the many panels at this year's Game Developers Conference, none really stood out as so personally interesting to players as the retention panel where developers discussed some of their ideas to keep us playing their games.Posted Mar 24, 2010 by Garrett Fuller

Copying WoW - Flowers for Alganon

Alganon's Bill Murphy takes a look at the recent furor over at Quest Online's Alganon and talks about how the game may have tried too hard to look and feel like Blizzard's MMO giant, World of Warcraft.Posted Mar 19, 2010 by William Murphy

Five Things the Warhammer 40K MMO Needs to Get Right

General's Garrett Fuller writes this latest article on the five things the upcoming Warhammer 40k MMOG by Vigil Games needs to get right.Posted Mar 8, 2010 by Garrett Fuller

The Sci-Fi MMO: The Future


In the final of a three part series,'s Bill Murphy explores the Sci-Fi subgenre of MMOs and looks at what's to come for these decidedly non fantasy MMOs.Posted Mar 2, 2010 by William Murphy

The Free Trial

General's Garrett Fuller writes this short editorial on "the free trial," its importance and whether or not there may be avenues as yet unexplored by game companies.Posted Mar 2, 2010 by Garrett Fuller

The Sci-Fi MMO: The Present


In the second of a three part series,'s Bill Murphy explores the Sci-Fi subgenre of MMOs and looks at its present and where we stand today.Posted Feb 24, 2010 by William Murphy

The Sci-Fi MMO: The Past


In the first of a three part series,'s Bill Murphy explores the Sci-Fi subgenre of MMOs and looks into its past at games both that made and and those that haven't been so lucky.Posted Feb 17, 2010 by William Murphy

A Look at Low Level Battlegrounds

World of Warcraft contributor Melinda Haren writes this look at low level PvP battlegrounds in Blizzard's World of Warcraft.Posted Feb 15, 2010

Some Concerns about The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic's resident Star Wars aficionado Michael Bitton writes this article expressing some of the concerns that he, as a major Star Wars geek, has about the upcoming Bioware MMO.Posted Feb 12, 2010 by Michael Bitton

Confessions of an MMO Writer


Matt Daniels, the former Lead Writer for Mythic's Warhammer Online, stops by to talk a little bit about what a game writer does when working on an MMO.Posted Feb 10, 2010

What JGE Can Learn from Sci-Fi Games

Jumpgate Evolution writer Bill Murphy takes this look at what NetDevil's Jumpgate Evolution has to learn from its predecessors in the sci-fi MMO market.Posted Feb 8, 2010 by William Murphy

Mass Effect: The MMORPG?

General writer Bill Murphy muses about the idea of a Bioware MMO built off of one of the studio's own unique franchises, Mass Effect.Posted Feb 2, 2010 by William Murphy

CCP in 2010

General's Garrett Fuller looks at the year ahead for CCP, the developers of EVE Online, Dust 514 and the reported World of Darkness MMO.Posted Dec 30, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

SOE in 2010

General's Garrett Fuller looks at the year ahead for Sony Online Entertainment with a focus on their upcoming titles, The Agency and DC Universe Online.Posted Dec 29, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Cryptic in 2010

General's Garrett Fuller speculates about the year ahead of Cryptic Studios and brings to light an interesting "In Development" piece of concept art that many of us may have forgotten about.Posted Dec 22, 2009 by Garrett Fuller - Holiday Shopping Guide


With only a few shopping days left until Christmas,’s Garrett Fuller writes this sometimes tongue in cheek look at holiday gifts for the MMO gamer.Posted Dec 18, 2009 by Garrett Fuller

Dragon Age Sex Controversy Examined

General's Dana Massey writes this article taking a look at the recent controversy sparked by what WorldNetDaily described as "dirty gay sex." Posted Dec 9, 2009 by Dana Massey

2009's Most Interesting Stories, Part One


With December in full swing and the New year nearly upon us, contributor Shannon Drake writes this look back at some of the most interesting stories of 2009.Posted Dec 4, 2009 by Shannon Drake

Important Aspects of the Franchise

Star Trek Online Managing Editor Jon Wood takes a look at the Star Trek franchise and identifies a number of elements that he would like to see replicated in Cryptic's Star Trek Online to help recapture the tone and feel of the IP.Posted Nov 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

Keeping the Market Share

World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Correspondent Dan Growns writes the ways that he feels that Blizzard is moving toward keeping its share of the MMO market and gives his opinions on what the gaming giant will have to do to maintain it in the future.Posted Sep 10, 2009 by Daniel Growns