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Exclusive Editorials

Exclusive Editorials

Five TV Shows That Should Be MMOs


Piggybacking off of our List last week, we take a look at five television shows of the past and present that might make compelling online games. Chime in with your thoughts!Posted Dec 19, 2011 by William Murphy

Story of the Week: Star Wars Comes and Goes

Star Wars Galaxies

The Story of the Week is all Star Wars, as The Old Republic opens its doors and Galaxies shuts its own. Read on for our brief thoughts and feel free to chime in with your own.Posted Dec 17, 2011 by William Murphy

Story of the Week: Azeroth Loses People

World of Warcraft

This week's Story of the Week is none other than Blizzard's admission that 1.1 mln subscribers have left World of Warcraft over the course of 2011.Posted Nov 12, 2011 by William Murphy

The Revenue Model Wars


In a new column that's sure to generate some...heated discussion,'s Adam Tingle takes a look at several big title games and their revenue models. Adam has a few things to say about 'bang for your buck' and other topics. See if you agree. Either way, leave us a comment or two when you're finished. Posted Nov 7, 2011 by Adam Tingle

Pandas ARE Real - Our Story of the Week

World of Warcraft

The Story of the Week continues where last week's SotW left off: World of Warcraft - Mists of Pandaria. As the week progressed, our coverage of Mists continued, spurring hot and heavy discussions in our forums. Of special note, a quote from Chris Metzen sparked a particularly heated debate. Posted Oct 29, 2011 by Suzie Ford

Story of the Week: Rift Ain't Skeered


This week's SotW comes courtesy of Trion's charismatic and emphatic CEO, Lars Buttler. In a recent interview, Lars spoke on Rift being the only real WoW contender, and how they're simply not afraid of SWTOR.Posted Oct 8, 2011 by William Murphy

Story of the Week: TOR Launch and F2P DCUO

Star Wars: The Old Republic

This week's SotW is a tie between two pretty hefty announcements. Earlier in the week, SOE announced that DCUO is going F2P after just several months on the market. Then just this morning BioWare announced the launch date for their upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. And we thought September would be dead for news?Posted Sep 24, 2011 by William Murphy

Story of the Week: Subscriptions Losing to RMT


This week's Story of the Week highlights a recent analysis from iHS and Screen Digest that details a dip in subscription revenue in favor of microtransactions. Does this herald the end of the monthly subscription?Posted Sep 17, 2011 by William Murphy

Story of the Week: Star Trek Online Runs Free

Star Trek Online

Though it wasn't entirely unexpected, Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment announced this week that they have plans to make Star Trek Online free-to-play by the end of 2011. In a week filled with PAX coverage, this story garnered a lot of attention if only because many have been hoping for this development for some time now.Posted Sep 3, 2011 by William Murphy

Story of the Week: WildStar Revealed


This week's reigning news king deservedly goes to Carbine Studios and their newly announced MMORPG: WildStar Online. Though there was stiff competition coming out of Gamescom 2011, this bright new star (pun intended) has everyone talking.Posted Aug 20, 2011 by William Murphy

PVP Is Revealed!

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has pulled back the curtain on PVP in Guild Wars 2 and our own Garrett Fuller has some thoughts on the way the game's going to let players bash each other's heads in.Posted Aug 17, 2011 by Garrett Fuller

UO is Getting Old

Ultima Online

Adam Tingle is taking the plunge into some of the genre's most venerable titles available, and finding out if they truly still have what it takes to compete. For the inaugural issue, Adam journeys back to Ultima Online to see just how much life the old bird has left.Posted Jul 26, 2011 by Adam Tingle

Story of the Week: Star Wars Makes Some Moves

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Story of the Week may be a no-brainer, but that doesn't stop Bill Murphy from chatting about it and recapping the events. Star Wars: The Old Republic has its pre-order all lined up and ready for fanatical consumption, and it's definitely generating some buzz.Posted Jul 23, 2011 by William Murphy

The Trial System Concerns


Garrett Fuller takes a look at the buzz generated by ArcheAge, and questions whether the game's sandbox systems such as player trials really can work in practice. Posted Jul 22, 2011 by Garrett Fuller

Is Story Necessary in MMORPGs?


In this week's column, Managing Editor Bill Murphy takes a look at the recent focus on story-telling in today's upcoming MMOs and whether or not that's a good thing for the industry as a whole.Posted Jul 21, 2011 by William Murphy

The Old Republic Will Change the Industry

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Stepping up to the plate with this week's Devil's Advocate, Drew Wood takes a look at BioWare's supposed forthcoming Opus, Star Wars: The Old Republic and some of the general complaints from the MMO Community about the game's structure. Will SW:TOR revolutionize the way that MMOs are produced? The Devil's Advocate seems to think there's a good chance.Posted Jul 20, 2011 by Drew Wood

An Announcement of an Announcement

Star Wars: The Old Republic

In this week's Star Wars: The Old Republic column, Mike Bitton takes a look at the recent announcement that BioWare will be... er, making an announcement at this week's San Diego Comic-Con.Posted Jul 20, 2011 by Michael Bitton

Kicking Combat Up a Notch

Guild Wars 2

In this week's Guild Wars 2 column, David North takes a peek at the combat in one of gaming's most hotly anticipated titles. There a whole lot of different factors that make combat in an MMO either special or forgettable, and David thinks he has a grasp on which is which. Posted Jul 19, 2011 by David North

Hellfire Ramparts... Again!


In this week's WoW Factor, Joseph Sanicky brings us along on his adventures and mishaps through one of The Outlands' earliest dungeons. Find out what kind of "misadventures" Joe had with PUGs in Blizzard's behemoth.Posted Jul 18, 2011

Why San Diego Comicon Sucks


In this week's SDCC-themed List, Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller takes a look at just how the mother of all Comicons has changed into something altogether unrecognizable. See if you agree with his assertion and be sure to add your own thoughts to the discussion.Posted Jul 18, 2011 by Garrett Fuller