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Exclusive Developer Journals

Exclusive Developer Journals

A Return to the Roots of MMOs - Part 1

Saga of Lucimia

In this month’s dev journal, were going to talk about the most recent round of alpha testing for the Saga of Lucimia, as well as upcoming goals for the next monthly build, and cover some of what we have been working on for over the past year and a half building the game up from scratch. Posted Oct 13, 2015 by Tim Anderson

Character Roles and Skill Advancement

Chronicles of Elyria

Tired of having to raise your character level so you can craft? Chronicles of Elyria allows players to focus on just the areas they want. Finally, you can be a full-time crafter without having to gather or engage in combat.Posted Oct 12, 2015 by Jeromy Walsh

Build Up Your Nation's Power!

Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis offers various ways to make a living: earning the reputation as an undefeated duelist or a famous crafting master, being an experienced warrior fighting in countless battles or a trader who always have something precious in store. But whichever path you choose, your life will be concentrated around various settlements. Let's take a look at the structures building and development system, implemented in the latest Gloria Victis update.Posted Oct 7, 2015

Monster Journals - Gelatinous Cube & Wererat Revealed

Sword Coast Legends

Today, we’re continuing our look at the monsters of Sword Coast Legends, due out later this month. There are a whole host of baddies you’ll be playing against as heroes, and as when you’re the Dungeon Master. Today, we’re shining a light on the Gelatinous Cube and the Wererat!Posted Oct 6, 2015 by William Murphy

Monster Journals - Beholder & Troll Revealed

Sword Coast Legends

The beauty of Sword Coast Legends is that not only will players control their own characters, but if they're playing Dungeon Master, they'll be able to control a whole cadre of monstrous beings pull straight from pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be doing some deep dives in to some of these monsters. Today, we're starting with the wondrous and terrible Beholder, and the monstrously strong Troll. Read on!Posted Oct 5, 2015 by William Murphy

Get Into the Lore

Gloria Victis

Although Gloria Victis is highly focused on skill-based combat and great PVP experience, immersion and credibility of its world are crucial as well. That entails a need for complex, believable lore, as well as a deep and mature storyline. Characters that the players will meet have their own personalities, stories to tell, personal beliefs and value systems.Posted Sep 29, 2015

Contracts and Player-Created Professions

Chronicles of Elyria

Contracts give power back to the players, enabling an infinite number of character-driven occupations. The foundation for marriages, guilds, trade agreements, in-game mail systems, families, and even governments, contracts make Chronicles of Elyria one of the first true sandbox MMOs.Posted Sep 28, 2015 by Jeromy Walsh

Pappy's Top Ten Stories


Pappy here. Today I'm going to talk about some of the greatest stories that players will experience in WildStar. But before we jump into that, I figured I better rewind just a bit for those players who might have never played our game.Posted Sep 28, 2015

Free-to-Play and You


Greetings readers! I’m Mike Donatelli, Product Director for Carbine Studios’ WildStar. We are less than a week away from a major moment in our game’s history as we’ll be switching over to a free-to-play business model on September 29. The decision to change business models was not a light one, and we put a lot of thought and debate into when, why and how we were going to do it. Posted Sep 24, 2015

Character Customization and Bloodlines

Chronicles of Elyria

Half nature, half nurture, learn how your family’s bloodlines and genetics, your starting region, and the occupations of your parents work together to define what most MMOs call your character’s race. Then, learn how character customization continues after character creation.Posted Sep 14, 2015

Behind the Scenes - One Day in the Life of a Game Designer

Albion Online

Who doesn’t dream of a job that does not only pay your bills but is also truly about your passion and sometimes feels more like a hobby? Many would say that this description goes very well with people who work as game designers for video games. But what does a game designer really do all day long? We shed some light on this question by following Sandbox Interactive Game Designer Emil „Empa“ Östlin around.Posted Sep 10, 2015

Design Journal #5 – Families & Family Selection

Chronicles of Elyria

Begin as a wealthy nobleman, a village merchant, or a lonely Ward, all made possible by your choice of family. Explore Family Selection, Wards, and non-traditional characters in this week’s design journal.Posted Sep 7, 2015

Territory Control System

Gloria Victis

Territory control system is one of the unique features of Gloria Victis. It will not only be strictly connected to the player-driven economy, but will also involve entire nations in massive conflicts, not just the most powerful guilds. How?Posted Sep 4, 2015

A Living, Open World

Gloria Victis

Creating the total immersion has been one of the fundamental goals of Gloria Victis since the very beginning of development. This implicates a need of an open world – a really open one, without loading screens or invisible barriers at every turn. A world which would be as much believable and alive as possible.Posted Aug 27, 2015

Design Journal #4 – Incapacitation, Spirit Walking, and Permadeath

Chronicles of Elyria

Explore the difference between incapacitating and killing someone, what happens when your soul is separated from your body, why family is important when you’re facing the grave, and what people can loot off you when slain - All in this week’s Chronicles of Elyria Design Journal.Posted Aug 24, 2015

Design Journal #3 –Time, Aging, and Offline Player Characters

Chronicles of Elyria

Learn how day and night cycles, seasons, character aging, and offline player characters creates a dynamic gaming experience unlike anything seen before.Posted Aug 17, 2015

Design Journal #2 –Soul Selection, Destiny, Achievements and Soul Mates

Chronicles of Elyria

In this design journal Soulbound Studios Creative Director Jeromy Walsh ventures back inside the Akashic Records, taking a revealing look inside the Chronicles of Elyria Soul Chamber to talk about soul selection, destiny, achievements, and soul mates.Posted Aug 10, 2015

Design Journal #1 – Introduction to Souls

Chronicles of Elyria

Developing MMO, Chronicles of Elyria, has soul, err Souls to be exact. In this design journal learn more about why CoE chose to give characters Souls & how it ties into lore, the permadeath feature, and skill advancement. Posted Aug 3, 2015

Economy - It’s All About the Players!

Gloria Victis

Production was an integral part of medieval society and was inseparable from the day to day lives of those that lived in that period. It was a time of self-sufficiency where everyone had a rudimentary understanding of every craft. However there were also those that truly excelled in a specific craft and made it their profession – the fame of these masters would spread far beyond the borders of their nation and men from foreign lands would come to them looking for their products.Posted Jul 30, 2015

Open Letter About the Future

Project Gorgon

My name is Ryan, known in the Project Gorgon world as “Silvonis”, and I am a member of the Project Gorgon Development team. My official title is Producer, but in a small development team I am involved in several aspects of development. I wanted to take a moment to write an open letter to discuss the future of Project Gorgon.Posted Jul 25, 2015

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