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Exclusive Columns

Columnists - The List

Every week, brings you a sometimes less than serious countdown related to the MMO genre.

Why GTA5 is Better Than Most MMOs

General -  Column

Even though it's a solo-only affair until the multiplayer patch drops, Bill Murphy's been delving into Los Santos for the past week or so and has made a startling discovery: there's a whole lot more to the world of this single-player city than there is to the wide world of many MMOs. Read on to find out why GTA, despite the controversy surrounding the IP, may be an example of world building for MMO developers to start noticing.Posted Sep 27, 2013 by William Murphy

5 Wishes for WoW's 10th Anniversary Expansion

World of Warcraft -  General

As World of Warcraft approaches its tenth anniversary and as Blizzcon nears, speculation has started about the next expansion. Sure to be a big one given WoW's decade of awesomeness, we have a list of things we'd like to see included. Check out our ideas and then add your own in the comments.Posted Sep 24, 2013 by Garrett Fuller

The Top Five 'Adult' MMOs

General -  Column

Most MMOs cater to a more adult audience but some take that notion much further and add an edge of sexy spice to the mix. In The List today, we take a look at five MMOs that might steam up your screen. Check out our five and then add any we missed to the comments.Posted Sep 19, 2013 by William Murphy

The Best and Worst of PAX Prime '13

General -  Column

Another year, another PAX Prime in the books. This week, we’re breaking down some of the best and worst aspects of this year’s show. Posted Sep 6, 2013 by Michael Bitton

5 Reasons People Love to Hate WoW

World of Warcraft -  Column

One of the most common complaints about any MMO for the last nine or so years has been that it's a "WoW clone", said in a snarky tone of voice to boot. In The List today, we look at five reasons why people like to pile the hate on World of Warcraft. See what we think before adding your thoughts to the comments.Posted Aug 23, 2013 by Suzie Ford

5 Things We LIKE About EQ Next

EverQuest Next -  Column

Now that we've had a couple weeks to digest the news regarding EverQuest Next, it's time to reflect on the things that struck us as simply amazing. See what we chose before adding your thoughts in the comments.Posted Aug 16, 2013 by Adam Tingle

Five SOE Live Musings

General -  Column

SOE Live is in the books for 2013 and we've got a great list of random musings about last weekend's convention. See what struck our fancy before heading to the comments to chat.Posted Aug 8, 2013 by Suzie Ford

Five Things We Don’t Want in EverQuest Next

EverQuest Next -  Column

Last week we took a look at five things we'd really love to see in EverQuest Next. This week, we look at the flip side and offer our choices for things we do not want to see in EQN. See if you agree before adding your choices in the comments.Posted Jul 30, 2013 by Adam Tingle

Our EverQuest Next Wish List

EverQuest Next -  Column

EverQuest Next will finally debut into the light next week during the annual SOE Live convention in Las Vegas. As we try to contain our own budding excitement, we have The List to offer today of the things we would like to see featured in EQN. See if you agree before adding your own list to the comments.Posted Jul 26, 2013 by Suzie Ford

Top Five Wants for E3 2013

General -  Column

In The List lately, we've been taking a look at "the mosts" for 2013. In our latest edition, we take a look at five games we really want to learn more about during next week's E3 convention. See what's caught our eye and then let us know what you hope to hear more about.Posted Jun 7, 2013 by William Murphy

MMORPG’s Most Wanted MMOs of 2013

General -  Column

The List debuts today with another terrific series of games that most MMO players are dying to get their hands on at some point this year. We give you our five top choices so see if you agree before heading to the comments to post your list!Posted May 31, 2013 by William Murphy

The Worst MMOs of 2013... So Far

General -  Column

While 2013 has seen its share of "good things" in the MMO world (which we profiled in The List last week!), it's also seen some games that seem to represent the exact opposite side of the coin. Which MMOs are we speaking of? You'll have to read (and watch!) The List to find out. Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know in the comments.Posted May 24, 2013 by William Murphy

The Best MMOs of 2013... So Far

General -  Column

We're bringing back The List, with a video twist. And to start things off, we're counting down the best MMOs of 2013 so far. The honored games can be both new and old titles, so read on to see our picks, and be sure to add your own!Posted May 17, 2013 by William Murphy

PAX East Cometh!

General -  Column

With PAX East fast approaching, we're offering up our picks for things to look forward to at the show in this week's The List.Posted Mar 18, 2013 by Michael Bitton

The Best and Worst of Neverwinter Beta

Neverwinter -  Column

We're breaking down the best and worst aspects of our experience in the Neverwinter beta this past weekend as part of this week's The List.Posted Feb 13, 2013 by Michael Bitton

Five Things TERA Got Right

TERA -  Column

TERA has been out on the market for about six months now and has been making steady progress with new content and features being added. In The List today, we take a look at five things that TERA did very well. See what you think before adding your items to The List in the comments.Posted Nov 9, 2012 by William Murphy

21 Things You Should Know About ESO

Elder Scrolls Online -  Column

In The List this week, we expand the usual number hugely as we talk about the recently revealed new information about The Elder Scrolls Online. See what we have to say before adding your thoughts in the comments.Posted Nov 2, 2012 by William Murphy

What Now?

General -  Column

Love the games or hate the games, there’s been a lot of excitement in the MMO genre over the last few years. But now with Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Secret World, and TERA behind us, what’s left to look forward to in the not so distant future? We’re running down a couple of our favorites in this week’s The List.Posted Sep 25, 2012 by Michael Bitton

The Best WoW Versions

World of Warcraft -  Column

In The List today, we take a look at the various iterations of World of Warcraft in light of next week's release of the latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria. We rank order them according to our preferences. See if you agree before leaving your thoughts in the comments.Posted Sep 18, 2012 by Garrett Fuller

Five Old School Games

General -  Column

It seems like the MMORPG or even the single player RPG has been around in computerized form forever. But it's not so. Back in "the day", there were these little things called tabletop RPGs. In The List today, we take a fond look back at five of the best. See what you think!Posted Sep 11, 2012 by Garrett Fuller