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Exclusive Columns

Columnists - The RPG Files

In this "whenever we feel like it" column, we'll be talking about, reviewing, and previewing all the best and brightest RPGs coming to the market, even if they're not "MMO" in nature.

Does The Taken King Fix Destiny’s Problems?

General -  Column

The hype train for Destiny: The Taken King has officially left the station. Bungie has been flooding the internet with new information since Gamescom stirring up excitement in current and lapsed players alike. This week week take a close look at what’s changing, what’s fixed, and whether it’s worth $40 to check it out.Posted Aug 21, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Bioware, Accessible Doesn’t Have to Mean Easy

General -  Column

Accessibility: It seems to be the mantra for AAA RPGs these days. By itself, there’s no problem with that, being accessible is something all games should aspire to so more players can enjoy them. The problem is, developers too often think more accessibility should mean less difficulty. Looking through my library of games, one studio stood out more than any other: Bioware. Outside of DLC, when was the last time a core Bioware game challenged you?Posted Aug 14, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Why the 'Retro Renaissance' is Great for Modern RPGs

General -  Column

In the last two years, the CRPG genre has returned from the dead and taken the roleplaying genre by storm. In June of last year, it was Divinity: Original Sin. In September, Wasteland 2. This year, Pillars of Eternity. As far back as July 2013, Shadowrun Returns kicked things off on the tactical RPG front. It’s the best thing that could have happened to modern RPGs and why we have crowdfunding to thank. Here’s why.Posted Aug 7, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Growing Out of JRPGs

General -  Column

Everyone has a childhood favorite. For Chris, it was JRPGs. Now, whether it’s Final Fantasy, Ni No Kuni, Persona 4 Golden, or Bravely Default, he can’t rekindle the magic. Why is that? This week, we exploring falling out of love with your favorite genre. Posted Jul 31, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Witcher 3 Gets Inventory Patch, More Problems

General -  Column

The Witcher 3 received its 1.07 patch this week, bringing with it much needed inventory improvements and an alternative movement mode. Unfortunately, it also brought a brand new problem. This week, Chris takes the issue and looks at the larger problem of unfinished games and post-launch patches. Plus, a meaty Diablo 3 update, Chris Roberts responds to Star Citizen drama, new Fallout 4 gameplay, and more!Posted Jul 24, 2015 by Christopher Coke

8 Franchises We Would Love to See Made into RPGs

General -  Column

We all have dream games. Now that the heavy-hitters have hit the market, we’re turning our gaze inward. In this RPG Files, we’re looking at the franchises we would most like to see be turned into RPGs. Plus Star Citizen coming under fire, a new Dragon Age contest, and a crushing blow to Dead Island 2!Posted Jul 17, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Batman: Arkham Knight is Closer to an RPG Than You Think

General -  Column

Batman: Arkham Knight isn’t an RPG but it’s closer than you might think. This week, Chris looks at each of those ways and how the latest entry in the Batman series succeeds where so many RPGs fail. That and the week’s news, including a Witcher 3 inventory improvement, Dragon Age: Inquisition abandoning older consoles, No Man’s Sky gameplay, Darkest Dungeon updates, and more!Posted Jul 10, 2015 by Christopher Coke

The Witcher 3’s Most Disturbing Quest is Also its Most Moving

General -  Column

This week, Chris shares his experience with the Bloody Baron quest line in The Witcher 3. The quest is disturbing in more ways than one and shows how far the video game medium has come. Plus, Diablo 3 update news, Star Citizen spending big on performance capture and its FPS module, plus news on Shroud of the Avatar and Darksiders II!Posted Jul 3, 2015 by Christopher Coke

The Promise and Problems of Final Fantasy 7’s Remake

General -  Column

With the news of Final Fantasy 7 finally being remade, players have questions. Why now? What will change? This week, Chris shares his thoughts on those questions, what looks good, and what stormy seas might lay in the months ahead. That, final Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, Destiny expansion outrage (and RedBull partnership!), multiplayer Skyrim, and more!Posted Jun 26, 2015 by Christopher Coke

E3 2015 RPG News Round-up

General -  Column

It was E3 week and that means lots of news! This was an excellent conference for RPG fans as many new games were unveiled and lots of new details on games we’re looking forward to. This week we gather them all together and share our thoughts. Click through to see all of the RPG news from E3 2015!Posted Jun 19, 2015 by Christopher Coke

My Troubled Relationship with Fallout

General -  Column

With last week’s announcement of Fallout 4, Chris explores his troubled relationship with the franchise. Like an old flame, it’s an on-again off-again relationship. Read on as Chris dedicates the first half of this week’s RPG Files to the game to an open letter to the franchise and the second half to the week’s news. Fallout 4 releasing in 2015? It’s looking likely. Click through to see why!Posted Jun 12, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Will Elder Scrolls Online Satisfy RPG Fans?

General -  Column

Zenimax emailed me this week. The email was a reminder that I’d paid my $20 to unlock the PS4 version of Elder Scrolls Online and that the game would be launching next Tuesday. I had the tingle, my friends; the little flurry of excitement just before a game you’re looking forward to. Then I remembered just how divided the game’s community was at launch. It makes me wonder, will ESO be a hit or will it just disappoint Elder Scrolls fans who don’t know what they’re in for?Posted Jun 5, 2015 by Christopher Coke

The Witcher 3 is Not Skyrim

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -  Column

Read any forum, reddit thread, or review of The Witcher 3 and you’re likely to come across Skyrim. Constant comparisons, the “it’s better than, worse than, learn this from that and don’t forget the crafting” kind of banter consistently put these two games at odds with each other. It was easy to do before having played the game. Now that we have, it’s time to admit that we were so, so wrong. These games shouldn’t be compared. Here’s why.Posted May 29, 2015 by Christopher Coke

25 Tips for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

General -  Column

The day has finally arrived. The long awaited The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt hit store shelves this week and has quickly taken the gaming world by storm. The 200-hour playtime has panned out, the open world is rich with stories and hidden content, and the game as a whole can be taken as one of the achievements of this generation of video games. It’s also deep. But never fear! We’re here to help you get started with our own set of 25 handy tips.Posted May 22, 2015 by Christopher Coke

10 Reasons to Get Hyped for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

General -  Column

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is almost upon us! Can you hear it? That’s the collective sound of millions of players chomping at the bit to get their hands on this bad boy. We here at the RPG Files are already basking in the deep, warm waters of pre-release excitement and think you should be too, so we’re dedicating this column to the reasons why you’re right to be excited. Read on and see if yours made the list!Posted May 15, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Paid Mods Are Likely to Return

General -  Column

Here on the Internet, we love a good debacle. This weekend, the most beloved gaming retailer in the world teamed up with the world’s most beloved RPG publisher to collectively “piss off the internet”. Valve and Bethesda trying to monetize Skyrim mods? It’s on hold for now but paid modding is far from dead.Posted May 1, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Steam Plagued with Problems for RPG Gamers

General -  Column

Sometimes, you just want a new game. You’ve made your way through your backlog or scrolled through and found nothing that strikes your fancy. So, you turn to Steam, hit that RPG button and hope to find the next undiscovered gem. Except, it almost never happens like that. You’re hit with a wall of DLC; a torrent of 16-bit nightmares; and then you notice that even the featured games are mostly hybrids or completely misplaced in the genre. With an ecosystem so big, why is Steam so bad?Posted Apr 24, 2015 by Christopher Coke

The Witcher 3 Completed in 25 Hours

General -  Column

Hot on the heels of this month’s confirmation that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would take 200 hours to complete, we have confirmation that a playtester made his way through the game in only 25 hours. Is this The Order: 1886 all over again? Posted Apr 16, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Witcher 3 - 2 Expansions, 30+ Hours of Content

General -  Column

CD Projekt Red astounded fans this week by announcing two expansion packs for The Witcher 3 this week. Totaling more than 30 hours of game time, and on the back of sixteen free pieces of DLC already coming, The Witcher 3 is out to set a new standard for fan service. The studio also took to Twitter to answer questions from its fans and revealed new information in the process. All that and more in this week’s RPG Files!Posted Apr 10, 2015 by Christopher Coke

The Witcher Will Take Hundreds of Hours To Complete

General -  Column

The Year of the RPG continues to steam along with more and more quality titles releasing as the months march along. This week is no exception, with new titles coming out and old favorites being updated. Add in a dash of general news about some and it works out to another great week for RPG fans.Posted Apr 3, 2015 by Suzie Ford

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