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Exclusive Columns

Columnists - Player Versus Player

Every so often (or all the time), there are arguments brewing in the MMO fandom. This column pits two players against each other to face off on either side of a hot topic as they vie for your support.

Is PvP the New Fad?

General -  Column

AAA development is taking a back seat to small teams and niche games, and almost all of the attention-earners have one thing in common: PVP. This isn’t the first time PVP has come to save the MMO world, and we at MMORPG love us some player on player combat. Posted May 11, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Is Instancing Bad for MMOs?

General -  Column

Welcome back to another edition of Player Versus Player, the bi-weekly debate column that pits two MMO writers in a battle over the issues you care about. Like you, we at the MMORPG offices have been paying a lot of attention to Skyforge lately. Even though there is an awful lot players are excited about, the amount of instancing has players divided.Posted Apr 25, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Are Mobile MMORPGs Real MMORPGs?

General -  Column

You can trace MMORPGs all the the back to their roots of Pen and Paper RolePlaying Games. They’ve evolved from Pen and Paper to massive digital worlds that we’ve spent countless hours within. They’ve slowly been branching into the mobile world offering stimulating worlds for us to adventure in without being tied to a computer. However, can these mobile versions compare to our immersive, story-driven MMOs that we have today?Posted Apr 4, 2015 by Ryan Getchell

Are MMOs Becoming Too Casual?

General -  Column

If you’ve been around the world of MMOs for a while, you’ve probably heard it said: “MMOs are becoming more casual!” Sure, sometimes there’s a qualifier in there, but it’s a chestnut complaint. But is it true? Chris and Ryan sit down for another spirited debate and try to answer the question: Are MMOs Becoming Too Casual?Posted Mar 21, 2015 by Christopher Coke

New Content vs New Systems

General -  Column

Patches are the way of life for MMO players. They come and they go, but until a developer lays out exactly what each patch means to them, there’s no way of telling what’s in store. Some games wait months, like World of Warcraft, before release, while others, like RIFT, come out so quick it makes you wonder what the rest of the industry is doing wrong.Posted Mar 7, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Is P2P Doomed?

General -  Column

Welcome to Player Versus Player, the bi-weekly column that throws two writers in a cage in a battle of faction warfare. We debate the topics nearest and dearest to your heart and then throw it in the comments to you to decide the victor. This week, we cast our gaze to business models and ask whether it’s time for Pay to Play to go the way of the Dodo.Posted Feb 22, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Could B2P Hurt Elder Scrolls Online?

General -  Column

Welcome to Player Versus Player, the column that pits two MMORPG writers against each other in a battle wits, tears, and experience points. Twice a month, we take to our podiums to debate both sides of your most heated arguments. This week, Elder Scrolls Online rocked our newsfeeds with the bombshell that the game would be going buy-to-play before its summer console launch. Our topic: Is this a good thing for the game or the beginning of the end?Posted Feb 6, 2015 by Christopher Coke

Should Players Crowdfund MMOs?

General -  Column

Welcome back to another edition of Player Versus Player, our weekly delve into the world of MMO debate. With the rise of Kickstarter and crowdfunding, we have witnessed the birth of a new generation of game funding. We have seen the highs of Pathfinder and the continued impressiveness of Star Citizen. But we have also seen promising titles like Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen fall by the wayside and move to their own websites. We have to ask: is crowdfunding all it’s cracked up to be?Posted Mar 14, 2014 by Christopher Coke

ESO vs Wildstar: NDA Free Edition

General -  Column

Welcome back to Player Versus Player, your bi-weekly foray into the world of MMO debate! This was a week of free speech and strong opinions. Zenimax finally saw released the NDA keeping Elder Scrolls Online fans silent and the internet has erupted is review. Our authors are free to speak their minds, we’re back for a revisit. Which game will win the day: Wildstar or Elder Scrolls Online?Posted Feb 21, 2014 by Christopher Coke

Should Developers Sell Early Access?

General -  Column

Welcome back to Player Versus Player, the column where two MMORPG writers enter to debate before handing it to you. Please note, Player Versus Player is a LIVE product but if you would like early access to PVP 2.0, alpha packs can be purchased for $19.99. Readers should be aware that alpha articles may be missing critical features such as paragraphs, capitalization, and proper grammar. This only works for video games, you say? I think we’ve found our topic: Should developers sell early access?Posted Feb 6, 2014 by Christopher Coke

Do MMOs Need More Danger?

General -  Column

Welcome back to Player Versus Player, the column where MMORPG writers collide to debate the issues you care about. Day Z: one million copies sold in four weeks. Rust: 150,000 copies sold in two weeks. Players seem to be clamoring for their chance to take part in their harsh, kill-or-be-killed worlds. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the MMO community has taken these ultra-difficult sandboxes as their own. Join us as we ask: do MMOs need more danger?Posted Jan 23, 2014 by Christopher Coke

Wildstar vs Elder Scrolls Online

General -  Column

Player Versus Player: the column where MMORPG writers collide and debate the issues you care about. With 2013 behind us, we cast our eyes forward to the lush, release-heavy lands of 2014. Both Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online wait in the wings to earn your subscription dollars. But in a time when free-to-play has become the law of the land, is there room for both? Join Chris and Rob as they weigh in on which game will win the day and then let us know what you think in the comments!Posted Jan 8, 2014 by Christopher Coke

Dungeon Finders - Good or Bad?

General -  Column

Dungeon finders: the tool we love to hate. There hasn’t been a more divisive mechanic introduced into the mainstream since questing itself. If the game doesn’t have one, but still has dungeons, there will be threads wondering where it is and when it’s coming. In either case, you can expect players decrying the evils of the auto-group boogey-man and others begging for it like a cool rain. With dungeon finders quickly becoming a staple, it’s time we take it to the podium.Posted Dec 11, 2013 by Christopher Coke

Copying vs Inspiration in MMOs

General -  Column

Welcome to Player Versus Player, the column where we take PvP out of the arena and into your feed reader. This week’s column focuses on an all too common case in all of videogame design: when is a game merely “inspired” by one of its forebears, and when is it just outright copying another’s design? Today, we’ll try to make sense of the common practice in so many aspects of media and art, and come to terms with it if we can. Let’s get into it.Posted Nov 21, 2013 by William Murphy


General -  Column

The next hot and divisive topic in our Player vs Player series is the age-old battle between PvE and PvP. See what Chris Coke and Bill Murphy have to say as they face off on the issue of which one rocks before leaving your own ideas in the comments.Posted Nov 8, 2013 by Christopher Coke

Have MMOs Become Too Easy?

General -  Column

In this week's PVP column, we take a look at the notion that MMOs have become too dumbed down in recent years. Read on for the debate!Posted Oct 23, 2013 by Christopher Coke

Do Players Embrace Change?

General -  Column

Welcome to Player Versus Player, the column for MMO players who just can’t seem to get along. This week, we’re taking a suggestion from the comments: we’ve lived it, we’ve embraced it, and we’ve rejected it. This week we’re talking about change. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.Posted Oct 4, 2013 by Christopher Coke

Botched Launches

General -  Column

Welcome back to another edition of Player Versus Player! Each week MMORPG pits two of its writers against each other in a battle to the death – or at least a spirited debate. Final Fantasy XIV relaunched last week and reminded us all of how disastrous the first days and weeks of a new MMO can be. This go-round, our combatants step to their podiums ready to duke it out on a topic you probably have first-hand experience with: MMO launches.Posted Sep 11, 2013 by Christopher Coke

Subscription vs Free To Play

General -  Column

Welcome back to another edition of Player Versus Player. This is the column where writers collide and debate the topics you care about. It’s easy to get drowned out arguing on forums and sub-reddits, so we step to the podium to represent your side of the issue before turning it over to you in the comments. Ready for another spirited debate? See what our combatants think of the ever-present subscription vs free to play issue before leaving your thoughts in the commments.Posted Aug 28, 2013 by Christopher Coke

Stylized Graphics

General -  Column

Welcome back to another edition of Player Versus Player. This is the column where writers come to square off on the issues you care about, even playing the devil's advocate to make sure each side is represented. It's an arena battle of wits and words where only you can decide the victor.Posted Aug 15, 2013 by Christopher Coke

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