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Bloody Gaming B820R Optical Keyboard Review

General - Hardware Reviews

Mechanical keyboards have come a long way since the early days of PC gaming. They’ve come so far, in fact, that it can be hard to know where to begin in your search for your next gaming keyboard. We’re here to help. Over the last week, Matt has been looking closely at the Bloody Gaming B820R optical gaming keyboard. He’s here to tell you whether this premium keyboard is all it’s cracked up to be. Posted Aug 16, 2017 by Matthew Keith

The Frozen North is a Great Expansion to the Game

Conan Exiles - Columns

Robert E. Howard captured an amazing world with Hyboria. Conan was the main character, but the backdrop of the world he lived in, really breathed along with him. In Conan Exiles the team at Funcom picked up that breath and turned it to frost. The Frozen North is a fantastic expansion to Exiles and one that continues to capture Howard’s vision. Here is a breakdown of what to expect and how the game plays. Posted Aug 16, 2017 by Garrett Fuller

Atlas Rises - You Can't Take the Sky from Me

No Man's Sky - Previews

Over the past year, Hello Games has been releasing major update patches for No Man’s Sky to try to bring us back to the stars. While the previous updates introduced new vehicles, base building mechanics, and fixes to graphical issues, No Man’s Sky’s 1.3 patch focuses on developing the story, new ways to play the game, UI improvements, and some MAJOR quality-of-life components. While there are many parts to the Atlas Rises update, in this review, I will be focusing four elements of the update. Posted Aug 16, 2017 by Damien Gula

Daybreak’s Got a Brand New Bag

Just Survive - Previews

Ok, that’s probably not our best title, but we’re running with it. H1Z1: Just Survive is now titled just Just Survive, as it’s breaking free from King of the Kill, and running off into its own zombie filled world with its own lore and own mechanics. The Daybreak Games team has been hard at work since October of 2016 overhauling most everything. The result is a game that is recognizable to its original release, but far more polished and playable today.Posted Aug 15, 2017 by William Murphy

Roccat Leadr: A New Breed of MMO Mouse

General - Hardware Reviews

MMO mice: once you get used to having abilities on your mouse hand, there’s no going back. Today we’re looking at a new kind of MMO mouse with the Roccat Leadr. Featuring 16 programmable buttons and 31 keybinds with more than half of them off your thumb, wired and wireless connectivity without the lag, an improved Owl Eye sensor, and RGB illumination, it’s a new approach to MMO mousing. Posted Aug 14, 2017 by Christopher Coke

This Week at GameSpace - Batman, Agents of Mayhem & MiiTopia

General - Columns

This week at GameSpace was another big one with reviews, previews and interviews on a wide variety of games. You'll find our review of Telltale's Batman game, Bill's thoughts on Miitopia as well as a plethora of other nifty articles sure to catch your gamer's eye. Posted Aug 14, 2017 by Suzie Ford

Hands on With Path of Fire

Guild Wars 2 - Columns

This weekend, players got to experience the first taste of the Path of Fire expansion. The expansion takes us to the sunburnt wilds of the Crystal Desert, to combat the rising threat of Balthazar, Kralkatorrik and even the Lich, Palawa Joko. Astride their glorious raptor mounts, player got to experience a small chunk of the first map along with the first stage of the story episode that will launch us in to the expansion. Posted Aug 14, 2017 by Alexander Wilkie

August 13, 2017 Weekly Newsletter

General - Newsletters

In Issue 581 of the Newsletter, we look at Marvel Heroes Omega and all the rest of the news from the past week in MMOs.Posted Aug 13, 2017 by Michael Bitton

Corsair Scimitar RGB MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse Review

General - Hardware Reviews

The Corsair Scimitar RGB MMO Gaming Mouse is the stalwart tech company’s own entry into the MMO mouse arena, with 12 buttons on the side and 17 total buttons for extensive control options. It’s Corsair’s answer to the Logitech G600, the Razer Naga, and the Roccat Nyth. But how does it stack up? Turns out, really damn well. Read on for our full review. Posted Aug 12, 2017 by William Murphy

AK Racing Overture Gaming and Office Chair Review

General - Hardware Reviews

A few weeks back, Chris Coke reviewed the GT Omega chair here on this site. When AK Racing then asked us to take a look at their new Overture line, Chris was smart – he knew he’d get wife aggro if he gave a home to another large racing chair in his homestead. Ergo, Bill took on this assignment, lower back pain and all, and has come away pleased with the construction and comfort of the Overture. Read on, dear visitor.Posted Aug 11, 2017 by William Murphy

Blue Yeti Blackout: The Reigning Champion

General - Hardware Reviews

Even if you’ve never live streamed or recorded a single podcast, there’s a good chance you know about the Blue Yeti. Since 2009, the bullet-shaped microphone has become a staple of the gaming world. It appears on innumerable streams and let’s plays and is heard on even more podcasts. Before we expand into other streaming mics, we wanted to look at the gold standard. Posted Aug 11, 2017 by Christopher Coke

The Moonfire Faire is Back! Plus Patch 4.06 news

Final Fantasy XIV - Columns

It’s summer in Eorzea, and that can only mean one thing: the Moonfire Faire is back for another year. The event has always had a special place in my heart because it was active when I started playing the game, and, as a British person, summer is a season I see very little of.Posted Aug 11, 2017 by Michael O’Connell-Davidson

Deception or Belief: A Crowd Funded Paradox

General - Columns

While reflecting upon games we’ve lost it occurred to Tim Eisen that we’ve recently lost another member of the MMORPG family. The original idea behind a crowd funded MMORPG has died, and it means nothing. Posted Aug 11, 2017 by Tim Eisen

Sandbox Done Right

Albion Online - Review

Albion Online bills itself as a sandbox MMO where players can write their own story, and for the most part this is an accurate description. Everyone starts off the same; in their underwear with no possessions at all. There's the barest bit of a tutorial to show off the basics of the systems and how everything works, and then you are off to find your own adventure.Posted Aug 11, 2017 by Robin Baird

Steelseries Rival 310: True 1-to-1 Tracking?

General - Hardware Reviews

Steelseries has unleashed their latest mouse on the world, the Rival 310. This revision of the original Rival 300 includes the company’s brand new TrueMove3 sensor that promises 1-to-1 tracking up to 3500 CPI. Our own Kasey Gilder took it for a test drive and is here to share exactly how it holds up. Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Kasey Gilder

A Penny for My Thoughts

Wizard101 - Columns

I'm surrounded by questions. Whether I'm in-game, on social media, or just logging into the forums, it feels like there is always someone trying to get my attention. And honestly, I don't mind! I love sharing my thoughts on the game or offering any kind of help or advice I can. However, there are a few questions that I get asked more often than others. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to compile them and answer them all. I'll only charge you a penny ... ;)Posted Aug 10, 2017 by Vanessa Mythdust

Bloody B845R - A Light Powered Keyboard Not Just for Lefties

General - Hardware Reviews

designs taking over the market, it’s easy for keyboards to start looking the same and blending together. We wanted something different, so we reached out to Bloody Gaming to try two of their models of optical keyboards. Today, we’re looking at the B845R, an infrared powered keyboard made for lefties and MMO players alike.Posted Aug 9, 2017 by Christopher Coke

What's Your Escape Game?

General - Columns

The Civilization series has often been my escape game of choice. It shouldn’t be too hard to imagine why a game series known for its addictiveness (just. one. more. turn.) would be a great candidate to escape into, but it really is where I go to when I need to just disconnect and burn some hours away. Posted Aug 9, 2017 by Michael Bitton

Familiar Yet Different - The PS4 Version is a 'Must Try'

Marvel Heroes Omega - Review

Hard to believe it’s been a little over four and half years since buying a “Thor Starter Pack” for the release, of the then, PC based action RPG Marvel Heroes game by Gazillion. Since then the core game has undergone several changes, small and large scale, including supporting MAC, powers rework, raids being added and now gaming consoles with versions for both PS4 and XBox One. Posted Aug 9, 2017 by Scott Jeslis

Two Exclusive Jesper Kyd Tracks

Mu Legend - Media

MU Legend, due out in open beta in the coming weeks, is Webzen's next big installment of their flagship IP. To make sure the music was as memorable as the action, the company hired Jesper Kyd to craft the soundtrack for the forthcoming action MMORPG. Today, we're pleased to present two tracks, heard first here at Aug 8, 2017 by William Murphy

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