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MMORPG.COM Dreamlords Monster Design Blog!

Lockpick Entertainment invites the community to help design a monster for the dreamworld of Dreamlords. The monster will be developed by artist Björn Hurri together with everyone who wants to join. In order to contribute, just submit an idea you have for a really cool monster and hope that Björn picks up on the idea.

All ideas that influence the monster will be marked with a green checkmark.

When a new update is posted make comments and remarks in order to influence the direction of the monster. As time progresses the monster will be more and more developed and shaped by the comments you make.

The finished monster will be developed and put in the game so you can all beat it some day!

Submit the craziest idea for a monster you possibly can!

Current Concept Artwork:

Selected Update:

Member Comments:
BjornHurri posted on 11/30/06 05:00 PM:
Hello boys and girls! I'm calling it done! Thanks all for the ideas and suggestions! Now it's time to start a new one maybe? So any thoughts? IT CAN BE ANYTHING!
GoT1977 posted on 12/05/06 01:36 AM:
First thought, and im sure other people will want something completely different; is like an armadillo based monster. This thing stands on its rear legs, but hunched over with the other front feet either leaning on the ground holding weapons or only just above the ground with the weapons. Its shell is a major feature and features the armadillo like shell appearance as well as cuts and chunks missing due to previous combat. Stuck in the shell might be an axe blade or arrows from previous combat and its head is a dominant feature with a fearce dog like demoic appearance with row upon row of razor sharp teeth. There should also be a series of spines running all the way down its shell which are a type of defensive armour (albeit natural armour) that stops other larger monsters from rear grappling the armadillo beast. Its tail is long and curls foward in the [artwork] and has a large spiked mallet like appendage growing from the bottom of it. The mallet is rectanguar with spikes and looks large as-if this creature itself might find it difficult to swing (an over-the-top comic like appearance). Its rear legs appear to be similar to the legs of a lion, pawed and hairy whilst the front legs are more like hands (but not quite hands), perhaps three or four fingers maximum, with long twisted claws but without thumbs so quite awkward looking. This beast has evolved from a monster like dire-armadillo form to that of a large sized armadillo, larger than a big cat but smaller than a large horse.. somewhere in between. It is a cumberson creature, well armoured and would be more interested in defending its habitat in groups than solitary attacks which would be slow and almost pointless. In groups the armadillos are wretched enemies and rarely do others encrouch upon their set territories. These creatures have been known to have been hired as mercenaries and are intelligent and quite clever. The intelligence shines in the eyes of the dog like face.
Window posted on 12/07/06 10:34 AM:
Well, one idea popped into my mind few days ago. This monster is like a goblin or troll. There are many sizes of this monster, because these monster live together, they are like a tribe in the middle of the jungle. Bigger, troll-like types, have like a bulldog face. Their lower jaw has very big teeth. But what makes them different from trolls, is that, they have many sharp bones growing out of the body. They have two large horns above his little dog-like ears and one horn on top of the head. and some horns are growing out of their chest and neck, building a cage around their head. Their body doesn't have anything new, only sharp bones and horns growing out of his back, legs, hands (they have two thumbs and two gingers). This monster is very large , strong and awkward. For protecting him from scratches and little damage in the jungle, he has wooden armor. This spikey and massive monster has a little version too. This little one, is like a goblin or a kid for usual humans. But it has a "cage" around his head too. He is hook-nosed and has a very small lower jaw. Ears look like a large elf ears. His hands look just like this big monster's and few bones/horns growing out of his body. This little guy is not ment for fighting, he's more like a shaman. Both of these monsters do not look very smart, but when there is a whole bunch or army of these monsters, they are quite powerful and clever together.
Renos posted on 01/03/08 11:34 AM:
Can I upload a picture with a monster I draw??????????
xenonnati posted on 03/22/08 09:18 AM:
i thought about a monster ( about 5 minutes ago ) i was thinking that it could be a rider with a whip and some kind of cloak ( or some kind of cloaked armor ) riding a winged creature ,im thinking almost like a dragon like creature but much less lizard like ( maybe 4 wings what look more like bat wings ) so it would have a long slender body ( possibly without feet ) and a strange looking partially furry head , with long whiskers and large eyes .......the ideas do not necessarily have to bee all included , but i would like to see it , im making my own drawing , but im not really good at painting , so i can only make it black and white .......
leafpower posted on 05/01/11 04:24 PM:
can i show a picture of my monster idea?

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