In the name of The Sentinels Linkshell I, Navywolf, Tribune and Linkshell leader of Final Fantasy XIV greet you and invite you to join our small close knit group of dedicated members. I beseech you to take part in our quest to discover the unexplored world of Eorzea, to triumph over it's dangers, and to experience the wonders it has to offer. All are welcome to join us in our journeys, it matters not if you are a guest visiting our website for the first time, a pledge seeking to try something new, or an established Sentinel who wishes to support us by lending us their strength. It matters not if you are taking your first steps into the lands of Eorzea, or if you have trodden her roads before. It matters not if your nature or lifestyle dictate you may only join us for a few hours a week, nor does it matter if you wish to plunge head first into our world and join us everyday. We only ask that you grow with us, and along the way help us forge a linkshell that through friendship, strength, and honour shall endure the tests and tribulations of time.

The Final Fantasy XIV branch of The Sentinels is a friendly social group, we are more interested in the actual journey itself rather than rushing through everything to reach the end. We have players who may be found online everday, but our goal is not to simply reach the endgame content. Our members have taken the time to learn the mechanics of the game, and all the little quirks that come with it. We have taken the time to muddle and stumble through those more confusing aspects of Final Fantasy XIV so that we may guide new members through them, allowing their first steps into Eorzea to be smooth and less shaky then our own were. Our members are ready and standing by to assist new members with advice, explainations, crafting materials, and adventuring gear to any member who wishes to recieve them. We won't force them down your throat if you are the independant type, but we won't make you beg for help either (well, maybe a little bit...).

There is no denying that Final Fantasy XIV had a rough launch, many of the games features were lacking or were outright broken causing many of the initial player base to leave in frustrated disgust. The problem was so dire that even Square Enix admitted they fouled up and have been working hard to make changes to the game, address issues, and offer incentives to the player base to be patient with them. Some of the more relevant changes have been;

The game is now free to play, at least for the time being. That means that there is no monthly subscription fee for the next few months. As long as you have a copy of the game, or a buddy pass that means you can play for free. This isn't some F2P set up where there is an ingame store with all the juicy bits you have to shell out money for. There is no ingame store, and you get the full game. Not sure how you can beat that.

The interface has been streamlined. There are still alot of menus to click through for some actions, but the number of menus have been downsized.

The market wards have undergone several changes dividing wards into specific categories, making it easier to find what you are looking to purchase, and in the year's final patch today a search feature is being added.

Lag issues have been dealt with and the game runs much more smoothly than it did at launch.

Crafting has been changed to remove some of the more bizarre ingredient requirements to make some items. New crafting recipies in all trades have been added.

Players may now have two retainers (essentially in game mules), instead of only one, and inventory space has been increased to 100 for both characters and retainers. Retainers may also now be dressed in clothing/armour you craft in order to better display the wares your retainer may be selling.

The number of monsters/mobs and variety of monster/mobs has been increased. New monsters have been added into the game, and now Named Monsters (bosses) can also be found.

New guildlevies (quests) have been added.

Many other small changes and tweaks have been made, but are too numerous for me to list here. My message to you, the reader, is simply this; if you have been staying away from Final Fantasy XIV due to the negative reviews, or were a previous player who left due to frustration with the game system, there have been enough positive changes to the game to warrant giving it a first or second chance. It's not perfect by any means, very few games are, but here you have a friendly helpful group who are more than willing to help you out and make your experience an enjoyable one. We hope to see you in game.

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