Guild : Conquest

Location : North America

Server : TBD

Server Type : PvP

Faction : Defiant

Objectives : World PvP, Warfronts, PvE raids

Conquest is starting with a group of players with a lot of experience playing together. We have PvP'd in DAoC, WoW, Warhammer and other MMO's as well as FPS' such as Quake and Tribes. Conquest perfers mature players with a lot of PvP experience who also like to experience PvE raids. We are very organzied and our goal is an active, organized, PvP experience. You need to be an active player that is willing to join in the guild activities. If your goal is to simply run around and grief other players then this guild is not for you.

If you are interested please go to our forms at and let us know something about you.