Ok please please make the mobs harder. As they are now the mobs are way way way too damn easy to kill! Especially the boss mobs and rift mobs! This is simply unacceptable.This is the number one MMO game killer for me. Every MMO on the market these days suffer from has this exact mind numbing problem problem.Where is the thrill of the kill? I want to feel the rush when I overcome a difficult fight.Not always but often... I don't think my H.P. bar ever fell below halfway during the entire Beta event. This is sad. This game could be a real winner if the mobs can be a bit tougher. Especially the "named" mobs. Even the Rift mobs were extremely easy to take down. This is the exact same reason i quit playing WoW. Yes raids can be tough but you have to be in a full group to even stand a chance! I like running with a group at times but the thrill is definetly better if you are solo and face difficult fights. I guess it is a balance issue to the extreme to get the mobs just right. I don't want to die all the time if I am not good at playing my class but I also don't want to completly overpower every mob I fight either. It would be nice to see my hitbar drop off to almost dead every once in a while though. I hope you guys know what I am trying to say here. If you guys can make it a bit more challenging I will definetly be playing this game. The enviroments and rift events are incredible to behold but are really no challenge . Why would I want to keep playing if I know I will easily destroy any monster that I come in contact with, without any planning or strategy whatsoever? It doesn't even really matter what skills I spam as the monster is going down regardless...... As it is now I really have no interest in playing yet another easy mode, brain dead MMO and that makes me sad as I was sooo looking forward to this game. When the game comes out I will not be buying it now until I see somewhere that the mobs are harder to take down than they were in Beta!!! Please do not dissapoint. I think other seasoned MMO players know exactly what I am talking about, Thanks!!!!