Hello rift players, my name is Ernizzle and I am the Main Tank of <Maximation> and for those of you who don't know us we are one of the leading PvE guilds in rift. I would like to take some time to talk about the current state of raiding in Rift. In short it is an absolute train wreck and Trion should post an apology to all the players who they have abused in the course of making their “content.” Ask any guild who is competing for world firsts and they will tell you how bugged all of the Hammerknell content was/is, even after the extra 6 weeks they took from the original 1.3 patch release. As of the release of Hammerknell, not a SINGLE boss was bug free and about half of the bosses have gone through major changes in order to get them to work properly. I am not talking about small bugs, but encounter breaking glitches and coding errors. This is sloppy, unprofessional, and displays a lack of pride in the work done by the Rift dungeon team. Let me elaborate some of these encounter breaking glitches: 

-Murdantix would not cast his Tar ability (one of only 2 mechanics) and still isn't completely fixed, which is ironic because this exact bug was noted in alpha over a month before Hammerknell was live, and after the first patch the entire zone would bug out and reset if “too many attacks hit Murdantix at the same time, which will cause a reset”
-Zilas would not reset and continue to cast his AoE during the beam (even out of combat) which made more then one attempt impossible, and if anyone fell off the edge he would despawn, a patch later the beam would not move at all
-Matron's Mark of Oblivion could be cleansed, and the stacking buffs were not affecting her damage
-King Molinar would two shot the raid with Cursed Blows, along with Cursed Flames double ticking on the ground, and later on after a patch Cursed Blows could be purged doing no raid damage
-Grugonim was mathematically impossible to kill with uptime vs enrage timer, bile and decay both were bugged and would cast sporadically in addition to at 10% his parasite swarm would not stop casting which would slowly kill the raid while he sat there immune. Also he could be kited by a marksman rogue and would not use any abilities, and if he went under at 50% during the 3rd necrotic breath he would come up and continue the fight during the foci phase
-Estrode's nature's splendor and chastise could be dispelled by VK and about half the abilities were/are not tuned (spiritual conflagration much?)
-Sicaron's breath was inconsistent and after a patch the dispel mechanic would sometimes bug out and be completely removed

Let me explain one more little bug that no one knew about on Inquistor Garau. We were the first guild to make it to him on live, and we found so many bugs it would make an exterminator cry. Did you know that you could LoS him and he would not do anything, the porters would not despawn and afk LIKE A BOSS, small adds would follow healers around and not do anything, when porters were killed the buff could hit the boss without Garau casting Obliteration Beam on the person running the buff, his enrage never did anything, and that you could fall through corners of the room? Don't believe me? Here is proof http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=fm0vmd&s=7 . That's right 11 people, boss enraged, and got him to 34%. That's ok though because we were the only guild being cockblocked and they were going to fix it right? Patch notes next day: * Inquisitor Garau: Fixed an issue that could cause Garau to no longer cast abilities on his main target. I am glad that Trion did the right thing by documenting all of the changes and not ninja fixing him without letting everyone know. 

So after a month of alpha testing and a month of live beta testing, they finally got the bugs fixed. Well that's what we thought at least, until we did the next boss. If you wanna know how bugged Inwar Darktide is then message <Special Olympics>. The cherry on top being that during the alpha test of Inwar these bugs were noted and apparently once again never fixed. That in combination with the double gating of hit/focus/toughness and water resist, not a single boss was so hard that players couldn't beat it as the dungeon team would like us to think, but rather it was so bugged that it couldn't be killed. If you wanted to gate progression then you should have said so, instead of pretending it was overtuned. What is most frustrating is that Trion's dungeon team keeps making the same mistakes. Who here knew on day 1 of the RoS release you could purge Alsbeth's immunity shield during her first flight phase and dps her down in air while she auto attacked the tank? Or what about the Herald bug where he flew up and just stood their and never did anything, or the bug where you could purge the idols for 2 months?

Let's not get started on the class changes due to PvP and the PvP gear trivializing the PvE gear progression for any non tank. All in order to keep the PvP players happy with an unsatisfying, repetitive, and monotonous grind to rank 8. Next level money making maneuver, ****in smart. Now to be fair some of the developers did try their hardest to make their fights work correctly, and you know who you are. However, I do have a message for you Zor since you are the dungeon team lead, after you type your apology letter to the players of Rift you should go to your boss and thank him that he has not fired you yet. 

Finally to the other progression guilds in Rift striving to get world first, good luck and keep it up. I would like to apologize for the out of line and uncalled-for posts made by some of our members, they do not represent the rest of our guild in any sense. As of about a week ago we have had a large number of our best raiders quit beta testing Hammerknell and I think at this point is only fair to inform you that Maximation is done beta testing Rift and we will no longer be raiding. We have replaced over 70% of our roster since the Hammerknell release due to the bugs I have noted, and see no valid reason to keep going. Addiction, Special Olympics, Voodoo I don't know if you feel as cheated as we do, but as far as we are concerned this is not a fight to world firsts anymore, this is not the raid we were promised and it is not fair to any of us. Keep going guys and good luck, because when you see Akylios 1.0 you are going to need it. 

So rift community do any of you feel the same? I would like to know what you think.