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Games:941 Promotion - Sword of the New World iPod Giveaway

Sword of the New World iPod Giveaway Sword of the New World iPod Touch Giveaway! has teamed up with K2 Networks to bring an exciting contest to our community! From now until Nov 10, 2008 at 9PM EDT we will be taking entries into this random drawing sweepstakes where we will give away one grand prize bundle which includes an Apple iPod Touch 8GB, Sword of the New World T-Shirt and a Sword of the New World poster!

About Sword of the New World

Sword of the New World is an action-packed tactical fantasy MMORPG inspired by Europe's exploration of the Americas. Delve into a visually stunning world of fantastic Baroque architecture and conspiracy. As a player you have the possibility of becoming a key representative of one of the political factions that constantly vie for power. Sword of the New World offers exploration and adventure in a world of political intrigue, conflict, and danger.

As you travel the lands of the New World, you may discover Ancient Relics among the ruins of past civilizations. And you may find these treasures guarded not just by the local beasts, but by other Families from around the globe as well. But, luckily, you have the option of joining forces with your own friends (other Pioneering Families) to battle your enemies and eventually control the world of Granado Espada.


  • Multi Character Control - Control up to three unique characters at once, each with their own statistics, skills, and levels.
  • Stance Leveling System - Master your characters' strengths through stances to unlock new skills and abilities. Increase your skill with your weapon as your stance level increases.
  • Prestige - Each one of your characters is devoted to the family you have created. As your characters rise in level, so too will your family level, granting additional buffs and prestige.
  • Guild Wars - Striving for glory and limitless power, the guilds of Prandel are constantly at war with each other. Gather your friends and lay siege to the halls of your enemies, claiming them as your own!
  • Massive PvP - Fight alongside your clan mates for control of the many colonies that lay unclaimed in the New World. The more colonies your clan controls, the more power you wield. Regularly held GM-run PvP events also add to the mix in fighting for honor and prizes.
  • Political System - Two political powers are vying for control of the New World, with player elected leaders for each side. Join the Royalists, devoted to colonizing for the old world, or the Republicans who wish to break free and create a world of their own.

For more information about Sword of the New World make sure to visit the official site or check out the Gamespace!

Contest has closed

We are sorry but this contest closed at 9PM EST on 11/10/2008. We will be selecting all the winning tickets and contacting each one by e-mail as well as MMORPG.COM private mail. The winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize...after this time they may be disqualified and re-selected using a method of our chosing (typically another random drawing).

Here is the list of winners:


chaoticgods Apple iPod + Prize Pack St. Paul, MN, United States * confirmed *

Congratulations to all of you!

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