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Asellia has a blog, duck and cover

The main mission of my blog is to give my varying opinions on different MMOs in not a bad way but rather an honest way. I would like to see other peoples comments on what they think about what I have to say also.

Author: Asellia

Free-to-Play, and Free-to-Play Models? (Opinions Please.)

Posted by Asellia Friday September 10 2010 at 9:53PM
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Okay, while I am especially looking at people who simply do not like Free-to-Player, I do not want arguments of why it's bad, that is not what this blog is about.

First and Foremost, I would like to say, I do not have any power over any game development or publishing companies, but I am curious if any of these ideas seem good (Who knows who'll read it, right? Low chance, but yeah.). Basically, I have been thinking about F2P, many of my own complaints, and what I think would make it better.

The first Model I was thinking of, would simply be called "Buy for more oppurtunities". Basically, the shop would quite simply sell only two things:

1. You can, without buying, reach max level via questing. What you can buy, however, is alternative areas TO quest in.

2. Fluff, and items already obtainable in-game, with just as much ease.

Why I mention this one is, I think it allows people to play the game, but at the same time, choose how much they want to play. What I mean by alternative areas, is, you can goto those areas anyways, and even help others with said quests, but you can't do the quests for them.


The second I was thinking of, is a bit iffy, but overall, I think it could work well. It would let you buy:

1. Extra Races, and Classes. That's it. And fluff, of course

This one, I think could be interesting if there's good reason to play other races outside of lore, but in gameplay.


This one is also somewhat iffy:

1. Crafting Ingredients

2. Gold

The trick would be, to have all of these easily obtained in-game, or at the very least, make needed recipes, and the best items, only attainable in game.


Tell me what you think of these, please!

TheDarkrayne writes:

DDO pretty much fits your first model.. some classes and races are purchasable. Your second model is basically the way EQ2X does it, with the exception of the latest expansion.

You can't buy gold in either of those though.

Thu Sep 16 2010 10:00AM Report writes:
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