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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

The Daily Zerg - 12/12 - Sex, Drugs and World of Warcraft

Posted by zergwatch Friday December 12 2008 at 12:01PM
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My daily ramblings about  interesting things going on in the gaming industry.

Rock Band & Guitar Hero on PC?
Well not really, but if a little bit of Christian Rock doesn't bother you, there's always Guitar Praise, a Guitar Hero clone for the PC and Mac. Jam out to Christian chart busters such as Jesus Freak, Same Ol' Sinner, Savior and Rebirthing. The game works pretty much as you would expect it to and was created by a company called Digital Praise. So if you want to wash your sins away and scream hallelujah this Christmas, Guitar Praise is the game for you.

To-ubi bad
After destroying the Prince of Persia series this past week, it appears the cell shaded Prince of Persia wasn't the only thing gone wrong for UbiSoft. It seems now that UbiSoft was in the running to purchase Cryptic Studios, the company who made City of Heroes/Villains and currently developing Champions Online. Instead, as we know, the development company was sold to Infogrames, the parent company for Atari after a fierce bidding war with UbiSoft

Indie MMO Conference
The third Independent MMORPG has been announced to take place April 17-19 at the Alexis Park Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Previous speakers for the event include such people as Richard Bartle and Gordon Walton. The event, as usual promises to be a display of MMO's just scraping by under the radar in what some view as the minor leagues of the MMORPG industry.

Sex, Drugs & World of Warcraft
Following closely in the footsteps of Rock & Roll, Free Love, LSD and all that was wrong with the 1980's, World of Warcraft is now being blamed along with online gaming addiction as one of the top reasons students drop out of college. Like college, you learn nothing from World of Warcraft that actually prepares you for the real world, so it all balances out in the end.
You can read the full transcript here: Wow Responsible for College Drop Outs

Star Wars Galaxies Emulator in the news
The Examiner National Online wrote up an article today a week ago that somehow went under my radar, but either way, its still worth bringing up and newsworthy. Here is the full article:
Score one for the gaming industry!
By now, we all know that Rod Blagojevich is the Governor (for now) of Illinois and alleged to be one heck of a dirty and corrupt politician by mainstream media, but did you know Mr. Blagojevich was one of the key players in getting Grand Theft Auto IV advertisements removed, though only temporarily, from Chicago subways and buses?

In true GTA IV corrupt politician style, Blagojevich was reported as saying the following statement regarding the replacement for Senator Obama's now vacant seat: "I've got this thing and it's f--king golden and, uh, uh, I'm just not giving it up for f--king nothing. I'm not gonna do it." He also stated that if he wasn't satisfactorily compensated, he would simply take the seat for himself. "Unless I get something real good for [his first-choice candidate], shit, I'll just send myself, you know what I'm saying." He followed the statement up with "Nico, take my car down to the docks and take out this news reporter who is asking too many questions. Take care of him, and I'll take care of you!"

More violence blamed on video games
If you read my blog, you'll see that I usually like to heckle all the "ZOMG Teh Gaem maed me doit!" news articles. Usually, they do have an ounce or two of merit, but today, I found this one which leaves me completely clueless after reading it for the 4th time. I guess what the guy is saying is that America's obsession with hunting can now be blamed on video games too? WTF? Teddy Roosevelt must have played Xbox 360 I guess?

Thradar writes:

 College isn't supposed to teach you about the real world.  It's supposed to teach you a marketable skill.  This is the problem with too many kids who enter college:  they expect it to show them how the world works.  That's their job to figure out.  The job of college is to teach you something that will allow you to get a well paying, professional job.  For example:  Good luck getting an engineering, research, programming type job (etc) without a degree.  All of these are degrees that can lead to well paying jobs, but teach you nothing about the "real world."  Kids need to stop taking BS liberal arts classes and study something marketable.  You don't need to go to college to study literature or history...just get a damn library card.

At least you're right about WoW not teaching you anything. =)

Okay, that's my rant for the day.

Fri Dec 12 2008 12:28PM Report
Sketch5 writes:

Way to look like an idiot for undermining art and literature on a video game website.


As for the blog, I always look forward to reading these, I find them amusing.
Keep up the good work.

Sat Dec 13 2008 1:47AM Report
Jeremiad writes:

In before "Video games aren't art"

But yeah, god forbid you shell out a bunch of your own money to get a degree that you might actually get some enjoyment out of.  I don't know though, maybe I have a different view of college because I wasn't lucky enough to have my parents pay my way through it.

Sat Dec 13 2008 5:36AM Report
Kalafax writes:

Going to college shouldnt be about getting a degree so you can get a well paying job, if your going to college it should be because you wish to learn more on a specific subject and if that leads to a great career field awesome, if not, atleast you enjoyed learning about it. Most people dont understand that, and that is why the majority of poverty level people are happier then well paid proffesionals.

As for the remarks on Blagojevich, it made me lulz

Sat Dec 13 2008 12:19PM Report
Evasia writes:

Drop out of college is prolly only happen in US you learn more in wow then at school in US:p

Mon Dec 15 2008 5:56AM Report writes:
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