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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

Funcom says I should go play WoW?

Posted by zergwatch Friday July 11 2008 at 10:00AM
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I've managed to put up with lots of terrible things in Age of Conan since launch.  Constant crashes, gray maps, falling through the world, poor economy, boring landscapes, but because my guild plays, so I stick with it.   In the recent patch, it's almost like Funcom was telling me I should go play some other game.

I just made level 50 and exhausted all of the level 50 quests in Eiglophian Mountains.  So the guild says "Do villa's for a bit because there's really no quests unless you want to grind".

Lol, not bad. ok.  The last patch says "Villa quests give less experience and villa npc's buffed!".  WTF.  This is definitely Funcom telling me.  "Oh no you don't bitch, no Villa's for you!" 

Where can I go for quests without grinding?  Is it true that there is no level 50 quest lines?  Do you have to grind your way to thunder river?    Fanboys and haters alike are welcome to chime in, but if somebody has an answer, that is what I'm looking for.


mxmissile writes:


Fri Jul 11 2008 10:10AM Report
Naike writes:

Man I didnt know its so ful of bugs, I think its way too overpriced, like, 60€ or so for the first month, I can play 6 months of wow with that money and it at least is bug free, with maybe a couple of exceptions, but pvp sucks in wow.


Fri Jul 11 2008 10:53AM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

Age of Conan land is extremely boring and small.  Even compared to Ultima Online.  I felt like Ultima Online had more freedom when it comes to exploring, and you can't even swim or jump in that game.

Fri Jul 11 2008 11:24AM Report
Trashcantoy writes:

it was meant to be small... its the game design... some ppl like it

Fri Jul 11 2008 12:59PM Report
Isatanica writes:

thats weird  cause I`m lvl 61 now and still questing ;),maybe a good idea to change guild or ask other people.

made to lvl 58 by questing at Eiglophian Mountains,now questing at thunder river and atzels aproach:).

Fri Jul 11 2008 1:20PM Report
HumbleHobo writes:

 I just hit 46 in WoW, and for the first time ever, I cannot find any quests for my level.  They are all red and impossible for me to solo.


So I think this phenomenon happens in WoW as well, but here it was much less severe, because the next level, I had plenty of quests again.


But it is frustrating to be on the questing roller coaster, then have it stall, and you have to get out and walk to the next cart.

Fri Jul 11 2008 2:23PM Report
Meltdown writes:

Frustrated at lvl 50... WoW might be too difficult for you. Honestly I agree with what your saying except for "boring landscapes"... huh? The graphics are pretty much the only decent part of the game.

Fri Jul 11 2008 4:52PM Report
shimano writes:

Some quests in the Eglo mountains you cant get till your 56 and you cant have done them all wanted posters too you would have been at least 58 or 59 by now if you had.


Fri Jul 11 2008 5:35PM Report
trancejeremy writes:

This happens in almost every MMORPG. It takes a lot longer for companies to come up with quests than it does the players to do them.

Fri Jul 11 2008 9:09PM Report
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