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Samhain's Zergwatch

Samhain's Zergwatch is a blog that started in 2006 on a different gaming community server and has since evolved into, a place to gather my twisted thoughts on the whole mess. Explore the oozing underbelly of gaming with me.

Author: zergwatch

Why we buy MMO Gold

Posted by zergwatch Tuesday March 11 2008 at 11:45AM
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If you play baseball, its ok to go to the sporting goods store and buy yourself the top of the line equipment to enhance your gameplay. If Hockey is your activity of choice, an expensive pair of skates and well made protection is your best bet. Perhaps you're not into sports and your hobby is to make custom dance mixes as a DJ? Investing money into the best sound system is the only way you can compete. It all sounds ok to me. How about you? The bottom line is.. If you suck at Hockey, Baseball or DJing.. No amount of money in the world is going to make you good.|

So why is it when you're a video gamer and you want to compete as a top level player, its taboo and scornful to buy the best things you need to compete on a level playing field? Because the time spent collecting gear in MMORPG's is what makes a player good. Skill is secondary. It comes in the form of Dungeon How-To guides freely available around the internet and everyone knows that.  Most refuse to admit it.

In an industry where top media outlets such as IGN freely offer up cheats (exploits) to multiplayer games such as Call of Duty 4 and other high profile competitive games, its frowned upon when a gamer spends hard earned money to get around MMORPG time sinks intentionally implemented in a game by the MMO publisher? Cheating in an FPS is done to get a commanding edge over a well skilled opponent. In an MMORPG, the gear is what makes you a well skilled opponent, but cannot make you better or worse than anyone else in the same gear.

MMORPG's are fun and addictive games, but you cannot deny that for the most part, they are huge wastes of time in the long run. Take World of Warcraft for example. Once a character gets to level 70, it can take several weeks or months to get your character to position where you can effectively compete against others. Some call this a rite of passage to be able to grace the presence of those who have already invested their life away for a video game. Others, those with families or jobs with long hours that don't afford them the luxury of playing World of Warcraft six hours per day, seven days a week call it a roadblock.

If you're the core MMORPG player, right now, you are scrolling to the bottom and writing the following comment "If you can't hack it with the big kids, don't play the game!". It's ok, most people in our society are close minded and quick to go on the offensive. Consider yourself at peace with the masses.

A small percentage of our population is open to investigate the reasons why people do what they do. They are open minded to see another person's point of view and try to put themselves in the other person's situation.

When you do this, the "Why People Buy MMO Gold" debate has two very valid points on each side. You must first examine the root issue behind the booming MMO RMT industry.

MMORPG publishers rely on monthly subscriptions. Therefore, they rely on keeping their subscribers busy in the game at all costs. Once a gamer has nothing left to do in a game, they usually move on to the next one.

The MMO industry has made sure that all costs, they don't lose subscribers. To compenstate for the expensive process of creating new game content, adding new quests or new professions, they dangle carrots and stretch out the existing content as far as they possibly can. They have even coined a buzzword for the carrot dangling. They like to call it progression.

At first, Blizzard delivered progression in the form of raids where 60 people engage a dungeon for hours on end to get 1 reward for a small number of people at the end. Usually, the people fought over the rewards. Friendships were lost. Guilds were destroyed. Fortunately, you can run that same dungeon ad infinitum until all 60 people got everything they wanted. Unfortuately, because of the difficulties, the 60 people were not a set group. While some quit the game and others got frustrated and left the group, there was always a steady stream of lemmings getting attuned and geared up, so the process was a never ending one.

Great for Blizzard, who collects $15 per person each month. Bad for the players who gave up a lot of real life activities and opportunities to chase a pixelated e-carrot that was all thrown out the window with the first expansion. In the end, Blizzard realized that the 60 man raid was a failure and while it never actually hurt their bottom line, when Burning Crusade came out, they made entry level gearing out a bit easier.

On the other hand, there is balance. Balance is when a person knows they want to play a game, but understands that for whatever reason, they cannot. Maybe your job has you working 50-60 hours per week with a 1 hour commute each way. Perhaps your newborn child needs your attention more than the World of Warcraft. Maybe your college studies just don't give you the freedom to play the game for more than a couple hours a few times a week.

As the core MMO players would say at this point "Then don't play my game if you're not hardcore. I worked for everything I got and so should you!". Yes, its witty, but I can't tell you how many times we've heard it before.

Instead, to get ahead, these people turn to China to outsource the tedium and repetitiveness that is the modern MMORPG. Any accountant would tell you buying MMORPG gold and items from a 3rd party Chinaman, who I will refer to as "Uncle Chin" from here on out, is a wise financial decision.

If you get paid $20 per hour, and it takes 20 hours of gameplay to get the item(s) you desire in game and it costs $200 to pay Uncle Chin for those same items, it's more productive for you to work 20 hours, make $400 and give Uncle Chin $200. At the end of the day, you have $200 in your pocket, the gear on your character and time in game to do whatever you want, instead of chasing the gear you needed. Who's the stupid one?

The underlying blame for gold buying does not lie with the gamer. It does not lie with Uncle Chin. The blame can squarely be placed on the MMORPG publisher for creating games that drive people to spend real life money to keep up with the core gamers.

If it wasn't for the WoW RMT business, I don't think Blizzard would have quite as many active players as they do. The number of WoW players who have bought gold, powerleveling or items from Uncle Chin could reach well into the two million figure. If you dispute this claim, then ask yourself how it could be a multi billion dollar per year industry.

Are MMORPG's too hard? No. Not at all. I've played many MMORPG's and its nothing a person who failed their GED test can't master, and usually do. The problem with most of today's MMORPG's is the timesinks intentionally implemented by the publishers to milk subscribers for every last penny they can. For the publishers, time sinks are financial gains and revenue streams. Why is it ok for publishers to intentionally waste our time, but its not ok for the player to find ways around these meaningless time sinks so they can actually play the game the way they want to?

zergwatch writes:

I worked for everything I have and so should you!  There, I saved everyone the time and effort by replying for you.

Tue Mar 11 2008 11:47AM Report
todeswulf writes:

Wow what a racist...idiotic and down right ignorant piece of trash.

Tue Mar 11 2008 11:53AM Report
BlackWatch writes:

I'd rather see gaming companies offer 'services' for their games, honestly. 

I do hate 'timesink' features in games.  Yes, they keep you playing longer... but they are meaningless and mind-numbing. 

Kill this mob for 10 rep... 10,000 times.

Run this dungeon... 500 times.

I dunno... some people just don't have the time to do all of that.  They want to play.  The gaming companies want their money.  There needs to be more of a middle-ground. 

Until dev's create games that don't drive players to purchasing goods/services from 3rd party companies.

Tue Mar 11 2008 12:19PM Report
t0nyd writes:

I want to PvP. If I can pay to skip PvE, so that I can simply PvP, I will. Not everyone has endless hours to grind and raid for eq.

Tue Mar 11 2008 12:34PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

Buying gold is not the equivalent of buying the best sporting goods; it is more like using steroids.  But you probably don't understand why steroids are bad for sports, either.

Tue Mar 11 2008 12:45PM Report
wolfmann writes:

Don't "we" us buddy, I would never cheat or pay others to play a game I obviously does not want to play myself.

If you feel the need for buying gold, you are clearly in a game you do not enjoy to play, and you are only wanting the bling bling to look cool or reach "end game"... A end game where you'd be whining "where is the conteeeeeeent cry!" anyways.


As for your examples...

A skater doesnt pay anyone else to skate for him, he pays for the tools.

The baseball player doesnt pay a chinese sweatshop worker to hit the ball for him, he pays for the tools.

The DJ, doesnt pay another DJ to play the music for him, he buys the tools he plays the music on.


And guess what? The gamers tools isn't the ingame gold, but the computer.. The gold is part of the game you're supposed to play and have fun playing... A game you seem to find so boring or "time consuming" you'd rather use cheatcodes than admit that you picked the wrong game...

Tue Mar 11 2008 12:46PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Amen Hexxeity.

Buying the best sporting goods helps you get that "competitive edge." Using steroids gives you an unfair advantage.

It's the same in MMO gold buying - it gives you an unfair advantage.

Above all else, all opinions aside, Blizzard says that it is against their Terms of Service. You are breaking these rules. You deserve any punishment you get.

And I hope you get it..

Tue Mar 11 2008 12:55PM Report
zergwatch writes:

The topic is not Powerleveling. The topic is buying gold to get the items you need.  Please stay on topic.

Its not like using steriods because steriods gives you something illegal that nobody else has or can get.  When you buy items you buy what every other player can get and use legally in game.  If you bought an exploited piece of gear.. then yes, you can throw the steroid claim around.

Thank you for the kind words, todeswulf.


Tue Mar 11 2008 12:55PM Report
slask777 writes:

pfft...All these idiots are on a me-me-me and only me-rush, giving a rats ass in the people they hurt in the process. Goldbuyers I put in the same box as the athlete cheating in his game. Kick their ass out of the game and ban them forever.

Tue Mar 11 2008 1:06PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Most of the analogies that I see are mentally challenged. How is buying gold to buy better equipment like using sterioids? WoW is a good example,

            Your an alliance warrior (irl your in the navy and you hardly ever get to play), you log in for an hour and hit up a bg. You get stomped into the ground all day because your gear is trash. We all know how important gear is in WoW. So you spend some cash to purchase some gold. You use this gold to buy some gear. Now you cant compete a bit with the standard player. You still get owned by all the other fucktards that play 24/7 and have insane gear.


buy gold = saves time

 Nothing more or less. Buying gold simply saves time. Now I know, most players rely on this time as an advantage. More time to play = less skill required to win due to you have an overwhelming advantage in gear superiority.

If your the type of player that is moaning about gold buyers due to you needing better gear to win, sftu.

Tue Mar 11 2008 1:07PM Report
t0nyd writes:

 You could also look at it like this....

 Buying gold is unfair? WHy is that? Is it because I make more money than you irl?


  I only get to play for 6 hrs a week. So you should only be able to play 6 hrs a week. You playing 40 hrs a week is an unfair advantage.


   These are two real life scenarios. Are they unfair? Nope, this is life fuckers. Some people work and make cash, some people sit in their mobs basement and play video games. If you dont work and make $ dont cry to me because your broke and I wont cry to you because you play the game 24/7.

Tue Mar 11 2008 1:11PM Report
vajuras writes:

Clap, clap, another brilliant article sir. This probably my favorite blog entry now. /bow

Thank you for having the balls to stand up and tell it straight haha.

"The MMO industry has made sure that all costs, they don't lose subscribers. To compenstate for the expensive process of creating new game content, adding new quests or new professions, they dangle carrots and stretch out the existing content as far as they possibly can. They have even coined a buzzword for the carrot dangling. They like to call it progression."

"As the core MMO players would say at this point "Then don't play my game if you're not hardcore. I worked for everything I got and so should you!". Yes, its witty, but I can't tell you how many times we've heard it before."

ooo no you didnt haha. Great point!

Great for Blizzard, who collects $15 per person each month. Bad for the players who gave up a lot of real life activities and opportunities to chase a pixelated e-carrot that was all thrown out the window with the first expansion. In the end, Blizzard realized that the 60 man raid was a failure and while it never actually hurt their bottom line, when Burning Crusade came out, they made entry level gearing out a bit easier."

Man, and yet many of us chase the carrots to no end. Its amazing. I guess a lot of us need a "project" to work on. Virtual goals are kind of sad I agree. Right now waiting on a 5 day training skill in EVE Online. sigh, so tempting to just go buy a character with all the skills. I mean, why shouldnt I?

I never done RMT yet. Usuaully I quit a game when I get tempted.

Yep, yep, preach it!

Tue Mar 11 2008 1:28PM Report
divmax writes:

No need to resort to stereotypes.  Some people make lots of money and still have time to play MMOs for many hours a day.  The point though is that you should play the game you choose to play, because its fun - whether its 6 hrs a week or 40.

If you have to buy ingame items in order to compete in pvp, pick another game. Seriously theres tons of excellent pvp games out there.

If you have to buy ingame items in order to complete end-game pve content which simply rewards you with more ingame items. Its circular - you are chasing your own tail. Play for fun, not for gear.

WoW is flawed precisely because it places such an emphasis on gear. There are other MMOs where skill actually trumps equipment or where ingame power is not at a cost to your real life. (eg. EVE Online has offline training and money making features)

Personally, I do understand that buying ingame items is an enabler for those who cant dedicate many hours to the game. But at the same time a careful balance must be struck. Because goldbuyers must acknowledge that those who put in a lot of hours or possibly just effort and skill in order to get something (items, skills or whatever) in game, they feel accomplished or pride, and it brings a certain measure of ingame prestige. And by this I mean its comparable to when a stamp collector gets a rare stamp which his collection was missing, or when a hobbyist finally finishes that model he was building out of matchsticks.

And the fact is if somebody comes along buys a completed scale model of something made out of the same matchsticks, that person will assume the same prestige or envy from the general modelling community or model-exhibitionists, while not really having gone to the same trouble or without having the same skill. At its heart, its dishonest.

My solution to make both sides happy, would be to allow goldbuyers to continue to have full access to whatever ingame items they can afford to buy - no need to exclude people from enjoying end-game content in their own way. But to keep the other side of the fence happy, those items must then be marked in some way to identify them ingame as "bought". Which will allow the Core crowd to continue walking around all snobbish like, while allowing those without the time to invest in time-sinks the opportunity to compete in pvp or pve with the rest of the Core community stats-wise.

Tue Mar 11 2008 2:23PM Report
zergwatch writes:

Its circular - you are chasing your own tail. Play for fun, not for gear.

That's the first good comment from the other side.  Very true.  The only problem with quitting the game and moving on is the argument of: "Well, all of my friends play this game, I can't quit because I would have nobody to play with. They can't really help me because they have their own carrots to chase".

Should those people just go twiddle their thumbs on their xbox, playing Halo with a bunch of noobs because they don't have time for an MMORPG?

Tue Mar 11 2008 3:26PM Report
BadSpock writes:

BTW there were never 60 man raids in WoW.... 40, but not 60...


Just ask yourself this question people -

If buying gold to help you keep up / get ahead in the game is OK and totally justified, then why does EVERY MMO that doens't have RMT servers say that it is wrong and have rules in their EULA against it?

There is some truth to the fact that yes, they want you to play at the "normal" rate of advancement and keep paying them your monthly fee instead of giving your money to some 3rd party company.

Do you blame them? I don't. If I spent years of my time and tens of millions of dollars, I'd want people to play my game the way it is suppose to be played, not cheat by buying/hiring from some 3rd party. I need to turn a profit and make up from my initial investment. 

Bottom line: If the devs say it's bad and you shouldn't do it, then don't do it. If you do, I hope you get caught. 

If you really can't see why these kind of things hurt a game, then find yourself a MMO that is RMT based or item shop based and spend all the real world money you want.

If you want to buy money in a game where it is against the EULA, then please stop playing that game.

Tue Mar 11 2008 3:52PM Report
t0nyd writes:

" if buying gold to help you keep up / get ahead in the game is Ok "

 Hell yea its ok. Fuck Blizzard. The game is designed to force you to PvE endlessly to get the gear needed to PvP. This gear is needed. Actually, buying some gold for gear only gets you to the point to obtain gear that you must grind for. There is no "get ahead" when buying gold in WoW. Tack on the fact that when your lvl 60 with 4k hps you will have retards camping you that are lvl 70 with top of line gear and a flying mount that you can not escape, fuck yea, buy gear. These retards must have this advantage or they can not compete. Blizzard caters to these retards. This is why I do not play WoW.

 This entire discussion only shows how flawed WoW. The game doesnt try to blend PvE and PvP into a fun mix. The game doesnt try to take PvP and evolve it into a strategic scenario where your skill and decisions make an impact. The game simpy forced you to grind for gear, then you can simply own people who do not have said gear.

 After all this what do we get, "buying gold is bad" and not "WoW is a shit PvP game". Will a game eventually come out that is PvP focused and skill and intelligence trumps gear, hopefully...

Tue Mar 11 2008 4:03PM Report
divmax writes:

Well, not to sound too heartless, because thats not my intent, but my local football club only has practise on days of the week that I cant make, but all my friends can. Is it the football clubs fault, or simply my own circumstances?

In truth, I do feel that theres a middle ground though. Hence my suggestion along the lines of allowing goldbuying to continue (legally even) while still pandering to the pride and prestige of the core gamer crowd. Guild Wars did something similar actually by allowing you to buy max level pvp-only ready characters. But this idea could use some more refinement in order to apply it even to a pve environment.

Tue Mar 11 2008 4:06PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Actually you should just play on a non-PvP server and you'll never get killed in PvP.... ever... unless you want to.

I agree that WoW PvP is entirely too much about gear, but if you roll on a PvP server you just have to deal with that fact.

On a PvE server, you never have to PvP once if you don't want to.

And also, buying gold for gear can only get you so far, as you said.

You can't get any of the raid or PvP gear, and even most of the really good crafted gear requires that you are yourself a high level crafter...

you can't buy any of the good 5-person dungeon gear, you can't buy Heroic Badges for the heroics gear..

So really, buying gold in WoW can't help you get gear, it can buy you an epic flying mount which DOES give you big advantages in all aspects..

but you can't even use them in Battlegrounds or the arena.. so....

yeah... it's all kind of a moot point

Tue Mar 11 2008 4:07PM Report
elvenangel writes:

Not sure what sort of world you live in OP but anyone with half a brain can go out and buy steriods to have an unfair advantage in sports.   They don't exactly make it hard to get.    They're heavily banned in sports because of the unfair advantage .. the funny part is just about everyone in their muscled uncle playing sports is using.   Does that make it right? No hell no.  Its still illegal, dangerous, and unfair to a truely skilled sportsman.

Gold Buying & Power Level Services are just like steriods as mentioned.  Anyone can buy them but only those that feel and fall prey to pressure have to have them to compete Faster than the average Joe is going to buy them.

I'll happily stay Average Joe and work my way up...I like when My games last more than a few weeks.   Its just sad gold buyers keep ruining the economy of the games I like.   Its almost impossible to buy anything because dumbasses that buy 2 million gold will spend 3 to 4 times more on an item than its actually worth just to ensure they get it fast.

Tue Mar 11 2008 4:49PM Report
wolfgang42 writes:

The problem with in buying gold in MMORPGs has nothing to do with gear, it has to do with economics in game. 

If 1000 characters on a server at 1st level bought 1000 Gold in any game, they aren't going to use that to buy equipment (fair enough).  Now they get to 20th level and there equipment needs updating, but more importantly, they start crafting and trying to make more money.  Now because they bought this gold, 20 silver for a stack of light leather is nothing to buy, but selling it for that price isn't going to increase their funds signifigantly, so they buy out all the cheap light leather and start reselling it for 1 gold each stack.  Now noone who is playing the game without buying gold is screwed, and they now have to buy gold from some (questionable to say the least) seller, to play the game at the same level as those first gold buyers.  Now this starts to spiral around and around and prices start inflating exponentially.  It goes round and round until is just isn't worth it to play the game at all, unless you plan on putting an extra 10 bucks a month into it buying gold.

That is the problem with buying gold in games.

Tue Mar 11 2008 5:01PM Report
Evilsam writes:

Anyone..That buys in game gold is not only a liar and cheat,but also supports credit card fraud and ID. theft.

 Two major banks have quit taking credit cards for on-line games unless you personally  call the bank to approve it,

A lot of the gold farmers/spammers use stolen credit cards or do a charge back after playing the game a few months,then use another to keep the game account current..

 Not to mention gold farmers camping the good spots and using bots.

 So..yes..if you buy gold in-game YOUR a liar and a cheat.period.

Tue Mar 11 2008 5:07PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

When you buy tons of gold and start slinging it around the auction house, it drives up prices.  You would not be able to do that if you had not bought the gold.

I do not buy gold not because I can't afford it -- most people who play MMOs can easily afford it -- but because I choose not to.  I choose to earn my gold in-game the way the designers intended.

But when you drive up prices at the auction house, you are keeping me from getting the full value of the gold I've earned legitimately.  You are keeping me from playing the way I want to play, and the way the designers intended.

That is why RMT is harmful.

Tue Mar 11 2008 5:12PM Report
Gishgeron writes:

wolfgang - I refuse to accept that argument.  That logic merely suggests that gold buying speeds up a process already bound to occur in the game.  At its core...that means that "economy" card is null and void right as soon as it left your head to your mouth.


There is only one TRUE position to take when deciding to hate gold selling and buying.  The damage gold farmers cause by taking up good spawns and nodes 24-7....and the costs it brings to the company when they do chargebacks and other ACTUALLY illegal things.


Other than this, there is no intelligent position to take against gold buyers.  I've thought it over about as long as I ever intend to.  Morally, economically, equally...there is nothing wrong with it.  In fact, if the gold farmers would be more kind and stop hogging spawns and server space 24-7 AND stop engaging in illegal chargeback THEFT issues....I'd have no problem at all with it.  Any game with a REAL economy cannot suffer from gold sales.  In with REAL PvP influenced economies don't have it at all.


Only games with hordes of gooses laying endless golden eggs do. 


The people who whine about a player taking less time to attain similar rewards can bite my intelligent eye.  Those players can play more hours a day...which means it takes them less days (and thus, less PAID subscription time) to attain them.  Most gold buyers actually STILL have to spend, on average, three times as long to gain similar rewards as normal players.  This, of course, doesn't include hardcore players whom also buy gold.  I find those players often do not.  Its the severely time-limited players which do.


Feel free to debate this with me.  I've done all the math and deep thinking I'll ever need to counter anything brought to the table.  Unless a gold buyer raped your sister, I guess.  I've got nothing to combat that one.  Hate em twice for me, then.

Tue Mar 11 2008 5:13PM Report
BarakIII writes:

There's a little something called the EULA that you agree to whenever you start up the game that prohibits buying gold. If you broke a business contract, you'd get sued, if you break the EULA you get banned and deservedly so. If you can't keep the contract, don't buy the game.

Cheating in fps games was mentioned, I guarantee you if you're caught cheating on any server worth while you'll be banned for that as well.


Tue Mar 11 2008 7:35PM Report
zergwatch writes:

There's also a sign on the road that says "Speed Limit 55".   Big deal.

Tue Mar 11 2008 8:53PM Report
vajuras writes:

I love all these examples about WoW's broken auction house. Why cant they assign a freakin' ceiling like we have in EVE Online in the 1st place? Blame the devs. I love looking up on a spreadsheet how much an item will cost me and being able to buy it for that price ingame


Give me one reason why Blizzard cant have price ceilings for items? Why cant Blizzard have Buy/Sell orders for their auction house? EVE Online stomps the crap outta WoW when in comes to economy. WoW has other good benefits sure but good economy aint one of them


Tue Mar 11 2008 10:05PM Report
divmax writes:

EVE has natural price ceilings. I hope thats what you are referring to. It doesnt have artificial ones, otherwise ingame scamming would not be possible. Having said that, I agree that its economy is one of the most natural of any game currently and is largely unharmed by RMT (ie the average player will not notice the effect RMT has on the economy)

Wed Mar 12 2008 1:41AM Report
streea writes:

I have money and want to do whatever I want with it, regardless of the rules stated by the game. I don't care about the fact that it's illegal, cheating and unfair to other people who actually put aside a handful of hours a week to play a hobby that's fun. I don't care that it ruins game economies to the point where people stop playing because they can't do anything in-game without spending real money. As long as I have fun, me me me.

People who buy gold are selfish. Your "Speed Limit 55" excuse doesn't change the fact that you are breaking the law if you speed and will get a ticket and have to pay the price. But that's okay, because heck, the world revolves around you.

Oh, and next time you want to try and make a "point," you shouldn't make up numbers like 60 people for one item to make it. You lie on purpose to make your point and support illegal activities, both in-game and out, to prove that you're somehow right? But that's okay, there are enough selfish, stupid people out there to support you and stroke your own egos.

Wed Mar 12 2008 10:07AM Report
zergwatch writes:

Well.  Some of you might feel stupid to know..   I've never purchased gold in World of Warcraft.  So spare me, the "I'm ruining you game" whine.   I do however have many gaming friends who have bought WoW gold, and have heard their reasons for doing so.  The article is a "step into somebody else's shoes and see why they do what they do" sort of thing.

How do I personally feel about Gold Selling? I hate chinese farmers because they don't speak good english and  send me tells with "IM sell you gold 4 $25 pls my site visit" all day...unless they are in EQ2 because then I can kill them and take their gold for free.  In WoW?  TBH, you can make buttloads of gold in WoW if you have a few hours a week to do it.  If you don't and you buy gold, I really don't care either way because I'm a casual MMORPG player at this point because there's no worth while MMORPG's to invest your time in these days.

The Speed Limit 55 reference was that each and every day, nearly everyone in society breaks the speed limit and few get caught and few care about it becaues they see it as a victimless crime.   Fortunately, I live in NJ and the speed limit is 65 and there's really no reason to go above 70 anyway.    The point was.. They see gold selling as a victimless crime.

Wed Mar 12 2008 2:47PM Report
streea writes:

The problem is, a lot of us HAVE stood in the shoes of the gold buyers... and we came to the decision that it was illegal, selfish and wrong. All of your "valid" arguments fail because the arguments are based on selfish wants and needs (the "me me me").

I've personally played in games that have had their economies utterly destroyed because of gold selling. The bigger MMO games can fight this a little harder because they have the time and resources. Even then, it's generally only a delayed effect.

So what buyers boil down to are people who want unfair advantages over others due to whatever excuse they want to use (I work a full-time job too and have family/irl responsibilities, but I don't buy and I don't buy this excuse either), regardless of how such actions have affected other MMOs in the past and could happen in the future, AND they cheat to do it. If the game says "yes, you can buy gold," then there's no issue. But if a game threatens to ban your account if caught, it's basically the same way of saying "If you're caught speeding, we're taking away your car, your license and your credit score is going to hurt from this too." It's not a little "oh, everyone does it and only the big, bad ones are charged"... if you're caught, at least with WoW, you're gone.


Wed Mar 12 2008 4:15PM Report
grimfall writes:

So why is it ... taboo and scornful to buy the best things you need to compete on a level playing field?

My main problem with it is that you're taking away from the enjoyment of other players.  If I never had to compete with a gold farmer for a rare spawn and never got tells and public messages about buying gold it wouldn't bother me.  But until that happens gold buyers are the assholes who are ruining my gameplay experience.

Thu Mar 13 2008 2:55AM Report
BarakIII writes:

The national speed limit hasn't been 55 since President Reagan was in office. Certainly it varies with each state but on interstates it's 70 and on most highways it's 65. Whether people feel it's victimless or not it's still breaking the law and people get tickets for it. If they have an accident while speeding and someone is injured or killed a ticket will be the least of their worries. How people 'feel' about it is meaningless, if they're caught doing it they'll still face some form of punishment.

Thu Mar 13 2008 4:40AM Report
scotsmangt1 writes:

I would like to see IP bans on asia/europe for north american servers.  Give them their own servers.  Lets see how many chinese people buy gold from other chinese.

Wed Mar 19 2008 3:54PM Report
tonyanderson writes:

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Sat Oct 30 2010 8:12AM Report
DeeK3 writes:

I find it funny only 1 person corrected the Writer about 60 man raids. He obviously never raided WoW in Vanilla days, because no one would make that mistake in a article as many times as he did.


Other than the few errors, wasnt a bad read even a couple years after it was written.

Sat Feb 26 2011 7:06PM Report
britone writes:

buy gold or dont buy gold....its up to the player me my self on some mmos ive gone and payed for gold i dont get why its such i big thing if we the players are paying some one for the in game gold it should be up to us not all you idiotts out there who dont like it.......


its our money not yours!! if we want to spend it on a online game its up to us not you.

for those people who say "it spoils the in game experience for every one ells" i ask how? how dose it? for the people who like to get there own ingame stull in hours and hours of playing go for it but for those who like quick and easy i say the same :)


and beffor i leave ill just say this yes i know i have real bad grammer and my spelling is shit when you comment i wont give a shit have funn


Thu Dec 11 2014 11:38PM Report writes:
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