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uBer GeeK

intelligent rants n raves and 2 sextillion cents worth of opinions on games/hardware/incompetent and competent devs and software tools and the occasional Milwaukee Tool talk

Author: xkey

LOTRO / 8 - 16 inches (uh huh you bet! lol) && Potpourri Politics

Posted by xkey Tuesday February 5 2008 at 3:47PM
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Ha I need to pay attention to some of the auto-pays on my CC sometimes - I've been paying for LOTRO at the founders rate since I stopped playing in month 1 - silly me , my bachelors in applied math is good for something .... wall art :)

so i played a few mins the other day and i ahve to tell you it is a lot better than during final beta and the first 2 weeks - it's really fun, easy to play with enough challenge starting to come on that i wont be bored anytime soon. i need to log more time to see where it shines and where it falls short though ... .so the jury will remain out for a few weeks on a summary.

8-16 inches OOOOO Aahhh  of snow  starting any minute...   what in hades - need MORE global warming MORE i tell ye!

actually they keep revising it upward - i've been out spending my state tax refund today so who knows what the expected snowfall total is now [picked up a new prescription+pair of specs so my eyes are happy with me anyhow; picked up  seasons 2 & 3 of sponge bob for Cass - she can sponge bob to her hearts content when she gets back from her mothers (friday night we make the kiddle swap), picked up a new kitchen garbage can (cass breaks things .... not on purpose mind you .. .she's just rambunctious and strong very strong) and some other odds n ends]

Politics for $500,000,000,000,000,000 Alex please ......  THIS IS JEOPARDY - well super tuesday, close enough!

The candidates? meh lacking all around in every party

I can tell you this much though if  Barrack Hussein Obama is the dem candidate I will vote for the GOP candidate -  not a matter of racism there either, i have Afr Am nephews that i love , i would vote for Colin Powell if he were running [solid military leader, solid family man - no drugs etc, man of stature, honesty and integrity not lies lies lies]

most of the political candidates lie *but*

OBama was too chicken to vote up or down on a lot of issues - he fence sat to protect his image???? afraid of making a mistake that would cost his image down the road  ...... chicken LIVER; i want a prez with balls - hillary or mccain both have more balls than obama

Obama talks a good game but he's got as many shady real estate friend issues as the clintons did

Obama was a major druggy - sorry i'll pass on having a flashback prez

Putin, Chinese leaders, N Korea, and a few other nations would pull a lot of crap on Obama that they wouldnt dream of pulling on Mccain or Clinton knowing they would send troops to meet force with force

I don't want a pansy in the white house even though i would like to see more done for the poor and disenfranchised

it's a bad idea to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens -  we need more legal immigration but encouraging more illegal immigration is not the answer.   Enough grrr can't believe so many imbeciles are voting for obama in primaries.  [do some people really think americans would vote for a man with muslim heritage(evident in his name and his fathers relatives; even if he "denies" being of similar faith) with 9-11 only being 7 years prior???]

of course if Mitt "flip flop, lie and i'm right you're wrong cause i'm a major *slick* arse" Romney is the GOP candidate i'll have to vote against him too  - one day he is pro abortion the next anti, one day tax this the next day lower all taxes .... oh yeah i'd love that ..except who the hell would pay the military or day to day govt operations etc .. nasa is nice ...etc   our govt isnt such a bad size - stll needs to be more efficient but  romney and paul have some serious  issues

i'd have to vote independent if  it becomes an obama vs romney election -  ewwwww that might mean ralph nader .... someone get Bill Gates or  Schmidt to run!

freaking politics - can't wait until it's over

Seriously better candidates would have been  JD Rocks descendants on the Dem side or Evan Bayh or ... Edward James Olmos (is he even democratic? lol);  on the GOP side they should have gotten Colin Powell or Bill Gates or Schmidt (Google CEO) or Chuck Norris to run

<< goes back to game programming gems 6  


Lizante writes:

I've played LotRO since early Closed Beta (Nov 2005). 

I'm a Lifetime Founder (paid $200 one time, no monthly fees ever).  While LotRO has added a lot of great new content (four major free upgrades since April 2006 release), actual game play hasn't changed much, except for new area expansions, a few Raids and the notable but not drastic changes/updates to character classes. 

The problem with LotRO is, for me, once your characters reach level 50 and you've done the quests, the raids, achieved Grand Master Crafter and you've completed your end game build(s), there's not much to do except PvMP (Monster play PvP) and helping friends & kin mates. 

LotRO -- Great game, great lore/content -- I still enjoy it, but with so many new MMOs coming out  (Age of Conan, Warhammer, etc.), Turbine needs to lift the level 50 cap and address the needs of the growing number of players like me who've basically "finished" the game.

Tue Feb 05 2008 4:30PM Report writes:
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