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uBer GeeK

intelligent rants n raves and 2 sextillion cents worth of opinions on games/hardware/incompetent and competent devs and software tools and the occasional Milwaukee Tool talk

Author: xkey

Stealth - seems to be a mostly loved or hated attribute in MMOs; sure there are those of us in the middle that could really care less either way.  Maybe it's only the hardcore 1000+ hours a year in a particular MMO issue. *shrug*   I read the supposed  pro/con points; most individuals don't really apply a logical analysis and argument in support of their position.  So should I then care or buy into it? Oh HELL NO. If you can't make a good argument you're wasting time.  Maybe the developers feel the same way? or ... .maybe they just don't care as some gamers seem to forget "it's just a G-A-M-E"


Speaking of just don't care - Heath Ledgers family and/or friends don't want his dirty lil secrets aired

BAH - wtf, people who are sitting pretty on 'career success', monetary success and they can't find excitement or challenge or de-stress?  pansies, vile, wimps, idiots & imbeciles - try being a single parent without an overflowing bank account if they want stress - my only addictions are a few hours a week in a game or maybe viewing a few movies a month ...or hugging and kissing my daughter each night and watching her grow ... she's the ultimate de-stresser :)

it's really irritating to see people look up to hollywood stars, singing stars, athletes when 50% of those individuals haven't worked hard in years and seem to have forgotten that the 'body is a temple' they treat it like a dump - dumping booze, pills, fattening food (and then getting lipo or $100 an hour trainers and weight loss drugs ... and Lord knows what else to take the pounds off), shooting up or snorting nose candy

and yet politicians and evangelicals [hey i'm christian but evangelicals beat paths to the wrong doors ] completely miss the boat in passing legislation and attempting to regulate fairly healthy addictions such as sex, games, and vitamins (fda meh)

they need to knock the carp out of steroid abusing athletes, drug using starlets and singers - nail em to the proverbial wall - they do the crime make em do the time

heads will roll if anyone ever approaches my kid when she is a teen and tries to entice her to ciggs, booze or drugs

instead of a war in iraq done wrong [ pull the troops out and warn them that you'll blow em off the face of the planet if they don't change their evil ways - if they don't then follow through, if they do then no worries - problem solved] do a war on drugs right

make love in life, make grief in games :)



xkey writes:

which reminds me of amy winehouse ...

great voice ... really talented ... dont think she NEEDs drugs to sing well .... apparently she'd rather kill herself with drugs than live happily ever after

shame -  might be reminiscient of janis


Mon Feb 04 2008 11:40PM Report writes:
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