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uBer GeeK

intelligent rants n raves and 2 sextillion cents worth of opinions on games/hardware/incompetent and competent devs and software tools and the occasional Milwaukee Tool talk

Author: xkey

The cold wind blows and I fear not

Posted by xkey Wednesday January 30 2008 at 9:19AM
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No, not deep in philosophical thought here - it is really freaking cold out , though the 'weathermen' got the forecast a little wrong in that we merely had a dusting of snow.  Temps bottomed out around -5 with 50+ mph winds rattling windows pre-dawn (not sure where that put the windchill but i was inside sleeping off and on so it really didnt matter to moi)

Nothing game-wise for me on  Jan 29th - just a lot o errands and coursework and no work - work today though for a few later.  It took me forever to do my taxes yesterday (had to track down daycare totals and information for last fall) and then it seemed like my other errands/tasks were all taking 10-20% longer than they should.  I managed to exercise twice though ...more than i had been the last 5 days or so [biked at the gym, did abs at like 10 pm at home last evening]

Today I have to finish the course-reading material I did not finish yesterday [several hundred pages each week for this present masters class, i have now had tired eyes 4 of the last  6 days and that is very rare for me]. 

Err almost descending from fact-stating to whining so enough of that :)

Life is good - woke up this side of the grave rather than 6 feet under :)

On the plus side I will when this course is over  jump back into LOTRO (founders cost will save me $5 a month over most other pay-for mmos so it's an added attraction besides the purported improvements since month 2).

I will also splurge and bump my inspiron 9400 up to 4 gigs of ram from 2 - should see a 10-20% improvement for some of my computationally bound code and other apps(like fractal generation etc). I looked at other options like selling this lap off and buying a new one etc but the nvid 8600 option for laptops right now isnt much of a step up [am running nvid geforce go 7900 gs] it's mostly like   1 step up and 9 steps to the side.  a much faster drive was also an option i looked at but .... if i can keep more apps in memory it'll be better than going from 5 to 6 ms  to 4  and 10-11 ms to 8 ms or so on the drive.  also i'd have to ghost the current one OR go through some reg processes again due to a few of my applications needing new key/reg codes [like mathematica for students from wolfram ... which expires in oct and i dont think i'll renew anyhow; it wasnt too expensive but i dont like the concept of basically leasing software or outrageous costs for full-blown versions ... rubs me raw as a developer. so i'll probably stick to using my maple for students  & maybe d/l and use sage (u washington - free as in beer)]

i'm not lazy ... just always busy - love staying busy and so really dont care to upgr the drive per reasons above and the fact i'd have to do a DOD wipe and then try to sell this present one on "schmeebay"

so just memory upgrade on this thing - my warranty expires feb 1 2009 - by then there should be better options for high-end vid (without breaking the bank like some of those underperforming over-priced beasts from widow and alienware

also owe the ex-gf some money from a couple years ago for the posh place we lived - i was only paying the elec/heat/cable and i'm an upright dude [not a bent over gorilla like at the gym?] so the rest of my refund will go towards a few nice things for my kiddle and paying the ex  1/2 back what is fair.

I will be able to afford tCoS but if they don't send me a beta-key pretty soon i'll probably say scr**-it and go beta Warhammer   AoR and just buy that and never buy tCoS - my time is not infinite. [time may not even be infinite ....]

Well, i'm off to read about 50 pages between now and lunch with another 100 pages after lunch today [seriously! lol i will probably take a break and play some more DungeonRunners as a get-away vacation for my brain for an hour later]


The cold wind blows and I fear not ..... i feel only the warmth of my own Hell searing the flesh away from my soul writes:
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