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uBer GeeK

intelligent rants n raves and 2 sextillion cents worth of opinions on games/hardware/incompetent and competent devs and software tools and the occasional Milwaukee Tool talk

Author: xkey

Concept Programming / Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) / OOP / Snow

Posted by xkey Saturday January 26 2008 at 12:37AM
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More snow - if it could snow and be 70 degrees that would be fine - this 15 -20 degree garbage ... bites - i'm retooling my resume and moving away during the middle of spring to warmer pastures

Was reading de Dinechin's presentation on Concept Programming , he makes some good points - some of what he states has been covered b4 in software engineering articles, some of it is a modification or simplification (which is good lol better than increasing complexity) of ideas. Some of it is a little more 'new' insight; it's a good read whether or not one comes away with a different style or impetus for ones future software projects.

Likewise, aspect oriented programming can complement OOP -  and has a place in the latest rage "agile" development as well.  It really is a "slicing" of the old concept of "modularity" down to a finer, smaller piece; more of a refinement or logical extension at a more detailed level.

I need 30 hours in a day ... "make it so #1"

Huxley is ... late, conan is late, ... gw2 looks like it is going to be late, spellborn ... may be late, i'm thinking software companies ... dont have enough dev staff


Exmond writes:

If you put 9 woman together in one month do they make a baby?  No.  Same with development, the more devs you put in, the more information that needs to be passed around.  The answer isnt as simply as throwing more people into the fray.

Sat Jan 26 2008 6:19PM Report
Targrim writes:

Same works for construction if a building takes 30 man hours to build just becouse you get 30 men doesn't mean it will take 1hr but sounds nice in theory.

Sun Jan 27 2008 1:41PM Report
revinor writes:

If you want to have 5 babies, it is better to have 5 women and 1 man then 5 men and 1 woman. So at least up to some point, throwing more resources (of correct kind) at the problem helps.

Now, question is how to be that 1 man... ;)



Sun Jan 27 2008 3:40PM Report
xkey writes:

Yes but then in later phases of the BDLC (Baby Development Life Cycle) there is a lot more (child) support costs!  So the upfront cost-benefits are "great" but you *pay* for it later Rev ha ha ha

Far too many information system [and other projects across so many other business realms] projects are understaffed in various phases.  The most important phases in the SDLC are analysis, design and implementation they are of course book-ended ...and extremely iterative ...

Put it this way? Do you really seriously see the majority of projects coming in under budget and ahead of schedule? Seriously - no lying, not just the ones your company has a hand in but vendors you deal with, competitors in the industry, their vendors, .... heck industry wide and across all other industries - govt as well??  The requirements and expectations are not spec'd out to a proper scope and/or objective and kept reasonable - too much is still pay-as-you-go or we'll ahve the resources when we cross that bridge. Or we'll grind it out and we don't need more staff ....

Projects are notoriously understaffed - enough case studies in academia and at the SEI to prove that point out! along with anecdotal evidence (hmmm SQL Server 2008 launch in feb 2008... ooops 3-6 months later but the launch event is still going on! lol)

How many MMORPGs are coming in ahead of announced dates of delivery/rollout? 

Yes there DOES come a point where too many cooks make moving about the kitchen overly inefficient - usually in projects that comes from too many project managers, mid-level managers, and other personnel interactions and just too many managers in a company that do very little managing (gee the Big 3 sure have let a TON of excess go in the last decade and ...they are actually close to returning to profitability once they stop over-paying unionized low-iq workers)   The sooner you can get a product to an excellent state and beat your competitors the sooner you can steal market share - it's going to be a long road to hoe for sonys ps3 to beat down the 360 even if it is a superior product - they screwed the pooch.  Upfront development investment pays big dividends more often than not. Late to the game, late to the party .... late to the profits which are a dwindling function of time.

So yes these companies need more developers doing design work, implementation, and automated testing along with process improvement procedure analysis and implementation.  Blizz could pound them to a pulp with another big mmo if they throw the kitchen sink and a massive amount of $$ and turn out their next one ahead of schedule.

Time is $$; there will always be a drop-off at some crossover point where the cost-benefit isnt there as in construction - cant have 1000 guys laying 300 feet of concrete road  ...but it pays to have 30 instead of just 3 - you'll lose clients to another firm if you take too long OR do a shoddy job due to extremely overworked employees to save a few pennies ...which in the end you're not really saving but losing out on future profits due to taking too long on the present project.


Wed Jan 30 2008 2:50PM Report writes:
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