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I See...

I got two paws...

Author: wfSeg

4th Day in FFXIV "PvE Rage"

Posted by wfSeg Sunday September 26 2010 at 2:18AM
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Synthesis, failed. Rage!!!!... back to gathering stuff again.

Running out of room for stuff =_=.. why SE, why is it only 80 inventory slot + 80 from retainer.. that's not enough for all my classes. Atm, I'm foregoing fishing, cuilinery, and alchemy ingredients (basically vendoring it) and keeping the rest of the materials I acquire through mobs and harvesting.

The community is great though. Love that XIV doesn't have a 'global' chat, so trolls are few and far in between.. and when I find one, I blacklist em >:D (only got 2 names so far) . Joined a pug to do some leves this morning, was great fun.. ended up killing a bunch of dodos after we ran out of leves to do.

Don't see how this will merit a sub though, hope I find a real 'goal' in this game. Seems kind of pointless so far.. no more shiny CG scenes T_T

3rd Day in FFXIV "Lens Crafter"

Posted by wfSeg Saturday September 25 2010 at 4:09AM
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Been playing all day (yay Weekends).. started crafting. Realized I don't have enough materials, so went back to logging/botanist..harvesting.

Did some exploring to turn in the crafting leve quests, and man FFXIV is huge. And some of the field mobs are cute... others are huge and imposing. Don't remember the last time I've seen an MMO mob that made me think "uh oh better run". Guess it's because deaths in this game sucks.

Back to crafting/harvesting... I need to find the storyline quest chain somewhere.. finished the beginning one, and now it's pretty much free roam.

2nd Day in FFXIV "I am now a Sexy Miner"

Posted by wfSeg Friday September 24 2010 at 12:25AM
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Was a lot better than the 1st day =).

I still couldn't find a place to kill mobs... to grind (yeah play Korean MMOs a lot and you'll want to grind in every game too). So I decided to buy a bunch of tools (pickax, saw, hatchet, fishing rod, etc) and go about leveling my Disciple of Hand/Land jobs. Turns out I should've done that from the start lol.

Turns out if I want to do battle, I have to do the guildleves, which can be obtained close by the NPC that gives the starting quests. It's also a good idea to do the starting quest and finish it, because it gives a lot of gil. That's how I was able to buy the equipment I needed to change jobs (to change job, just change the main equipment, real easy).

Only problem I have with the job system is that it doesn't memorize the skills I set down in the main hand/off hand. Each time I change job, I have to rearrange all the skills.

As for the gathering / crafting, my miner and botanist rank is higher than my starting profession, the lancer. I haven't started crafting yet.. just been gathering pretty much the whole day. And whenever I see a mob, I'll switch to my waraxe and hope I get to it before someone else does (which they usually do..need to learn about macros to change equpments faster if someone care to share).

Another thing I liked about FFXIV, there is no KSing (kill stealing). Once a person is in combat with a mob, no one else (except the party) can join in.

Same as yesterday, I have Aion running in the background for the Scorching Heat "Event". That game is still a steaming pile of shit. Broken PVP and a system that is built around/encourages griefing. Not to mention, NCsoft... I'm worried about GW2. Glad my sub ends in Oct.

Still not sure whether to sub to FFXIV or not, but I still got 30days+6days headstart to decide. If worst comes to worst, I'll just hop back into EVE (two subs still running >:D) and farm ISK for PLEX (EVE is basically F2P for me =D )

1st Day in FFXIV "The Angry Noob"

Posted by wfSeg Thursday September 23 2010 at 5:27AM
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Game arrived at 1pm.. overnight shipping =_=..yeah right... patching till 6 or 7pm.. freaking hate the patcher.

Log into game, can't create character... because SE is ******ded. Already registered my game, but it doesn't automatically add the character option.. just inconvienent. Oh and the Square Enix Members site said the serial code I have has 'expired', wtf.

Finally created my character and go out into the field.. crowded.. and mobs are scattered so far apart that I'd have to run for minutes to find one that isn't being killed by another player.

Not having a great time so far. Playing XIV at max settings in windowed mode 1280x720 and playing Aion at max settings in windowed mode 1280x720 at the same time.. and spending I'm more time on that piece of s*** game Aion. Most of the time, I'm just autorunning around in XIV.

Not very happy with it atm.

Vindictus is fun...

Posted by wfSeg Wednesday September 22 2010 at 2:19AM
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Except for the lag. On good days, my brother and I could duo Decisive Battle on hard mode with Season of Macha option on. Usually, though, one of us is rubberbanding and teleporting all over the map. We're both using cable internet and just couldn't understand why it's so bad. Solo running the instance is smooth sailing, but anytime we team up in a party it gets real laggy.

It's beta, and I like the game, but I hope they fix the lag.

As for the gameplay, I'm told it's similar to Monster Hunter (jp only). Though there are only two classes available right now, and only two instances too (with varying objectives and mob spawns). It's a fun short MMO I guess, and can be picked up really fast. The game needs more content, because it can get boring after a while. Still, fun game, since it's action oriented. A good break from the tab+hotkey games.

Wish they allow us to embed videos (also FFXIV stuff)

Posted by wfSeg Monday September 6 2010 at 4:26AM
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..because I uploaded a lonnng video with comments about my experience in the FFXIV ob.

I like it.

Only gripe I have is the lame, fail patcher... two days since I played last, and each time I wake up.. launch patcher.. leave it until bedtime, and then it patches. So I can't play. And tonight, what's worst was that I finished patching, and the servers are down.


Posted by wfSeg Friday September 3 2010 at 5:08PM
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Took forever, but I finally got in. And I like it. Lalafells are so cute.

I know it's in beta, but there is no tutorial and it's clunky. Really wished there were advanced options so I can tweak graphics to the max and use my gamepad. Too lazy to hop on the forums and dig for info, so I'll just mess around.

Loved the graphics, the sound, the story (awesome cutscenes), and moogles. Voice acting should've been done for all the dialogues .. but that's gw2 I guess :P

Hate the clunky controls and slow pace. And, lol typos.

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