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I See...

I got two paws...

Author: wfSeg

Just started FFXI...

Posted by wfSeg Monday August 30 2010 at 6:01PM
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..and 18 hours later, it's pretty bleah. Bland I guess.  The graphics hasn't aged well, but I love the music. I guess it's expected of all FF games, but not in MMOs. Most MMOs I play, I just turn off the sound within an hour or two. FFXI, after 18 hours, I still have it on.

Which brings up the game's "Time played" option. Great feature to have, and should be in all MMOs.

With only 18 hours, I'm still near Bastok grinding on Guadavs and... bored. I don't see why an average RPG can be so entertaining in a short amount of time, and MMOs require so much time. Most RPGs are about 60 hours, but I haven't even scratched the surface of all the contents in FFXI when I'm about 1/3 of the way through an RPG... uh that wasn't worded well.. What I'm saying is, after 18 hours, why am I still doing worthless menial stuff? I guess that's just MMOs.

I'm worried about FFXIV.. I pre-ordered the CE the moment it became available for pre-order. But from what everyone's saying about FFXIV being a near carbon copy of FFXI, it doesn't look good.

Maybe I just picked the wrong server or joined in too late. I've only met one other player during the whole 18 hours I've played.. and we only had one exchange: I asked "How do you do emotes?" and he answered " /? " that was it. .. For an MMO, it's dead empty.

Yeah, I joined too late. For all the good things people had to say about the game, it's dead. I still got about 27 days left on the free trial, though, so I'll play around until FFXIV comes out. Hopefully XIV will be fun since it's new and there will be lots of people. As for FFXI, I'm not subbing. Nuh uh, Square can't trick me into paying for FFXIV and FFXI, the perks and discount isn't worth it right now.

I'm on the fence about cancelling my pre-order, but I'm going to stick around FFXI for a bit to see if it's my cup of tea.. I like the class system.. but.. it's still the same old boring grind X mobs, run here do that, etc. LOTRO has it too, but it had lore.. a real story, and it's very very shiny..pretty. If I have to choose between paying for a grindy game or not paying for a grindy game.. well I'd pick not paying.

ugh.. maintenance until 31st.. I picked a bad time to start. Well.. going to try EQ2 extended.

Frolly writes:

You should come play on Sylph server. The community is really nice, you can also look me up once you get there by openning the main menu and using the search function. Search the entire world for Frolly and then send me a message if I'm on or try simply sending me a tell by doing /t Frolly once you get in game, if I'm on I should get your message if I'm not on you'll get a message saying I'm not on lol. I'm on during the day between 10AM and 3PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). Be glad to help you out with your adventures and teach you the game's mechanics. I just returned to the game myself after a 3 year break so alot has changed but I can teach you what I know, the game has gotten alot better than it used to be and you'll understand why once you hit level 10 and start grouping. I'm with San D'Oria but I can still help you with stuff if you choose to sti ck to Bastok (They are in first place anyways for conquest at the moment on this server).

On other note, the game is really hard to get into if you dive into it alone, the game was designed for either a sociopath menttality or for you to play with 6 friends which is what the japanese do. They join the game as 6 friends and only play the game when all 6 of them can, this is known as a static group.

You need to talk to more people and ask questions when you're in a populated area like around the auction houses or outposts. You should also talk to every NPC you see like in the classical Final Fantasies where there weren't any tutorials during gameplay which is how FFXI is ment to be played, it's a return to origins of Final Fantasy, especially FFIII and FFV imo

Tue Aug 31 2010 10:18AM Report
wfSeg writes:

Hehe yeah, it was silly of me to go into FFXI alone. Btw, I talked to all the npcs.. heck I spent the first few minutes trying to open jars, closets, or break barrels for Potions.

Also, people have told me that there used to be a limit on alts, but now Square allows players to make as many alts on different servers as they want (?). So I'll be sure to check on Slyph.. and this time I'll make a taru or something that doesn't look so wrong as a Male Hume in a bronze subligar >.> .. do not enjoy looking at that as I grind.

Thu Sep 02 2010 6:01PM Report writes:
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