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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

derexx's report on the latest festivities

Posted by velveeta Sunday December 19 2010 at 5:29PM
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hails and praises, my beloved queen!

i come once again to report about the latest holiday festivities hosted by your dear friends, lovwyrm and flameus!

this time, the festivities did not take place at the holiday plot in snowfall, but instead, lov had us all gather on genevia island. the purpose of this became clear when lov informed us of the day's agenda.
once we had all gathered, lov split us into 2 teams and told us that we would be going on a hide and seek mission! the guests included: vasilios, susan, soliferus, lungtien, mimy, pyylin, thenalth, radiant, kalfyraa, keta, disintergrate, irene, and awdz.

i know you remember, my queen, but before my time, there were 5 islands devoted to the training of the newly gifted. in time, the gods decreed that one island be lost to us, one remain for the training of gifted, and 3 became resort islands. while the crafting resources have disappeared (altho the workstations remain, the trainers and other imperial personnel have been reassigned to other parts of the empire), so have the dangerous creatures! the resort islands have become places for elders to relax into pleasant memories of the old days and for newcomers to experience in peace. genevia is one of the very few direct portals to the resort islands, which is why we started there in the first place.

so, lovwyrm instructed us that we would be exploring the islands, looking for elders who would be located in farflung and underexplored areas. she gave us our first riddle, and advised us to make haste to the island of new vassarak to find a guarded grave, sslik statues guarding a waterfall, and a dragon statue. so we all landed in the main town and started searching!

once we had finished on new vassarak, lov advised us that new koraelia awaited us. once there, we would have to find a camp in a nice place, and a tent in a not so nice area. after meeting up in the main town, off we all went to find our hidden comrades!

eventually, everyone found what was needed on new vassarak, lov informed us that our last search would be on new brommel. once there, we needed to find a lovely cliffside camp with a view of the sea and a stonehenge that had been blighted. i must say, of the 3 towns i visited, i like the layout and look of new brommel the best!

after the hide and seek game (which was much more fun that i can express! i look forward to more games like that!), we adjourned back to genevia for refreshments before lov graciously decided to guide us on a sightseeing tour to discover some of the animal life that most peeps don't notice in the day-to-day.

first we headed to the lakeshore, where lov pointed out splash the water turtle. splash likes to sit on his log until something interesting catches his eye. he then dives into the lake to examine whatever it might be more closely. it was so kewl that i had to go underwater to watch him from below. as you can see, i was not the only one, and once a gifted did drown, forgetting to come up for air while engrossed in the strangely graceful dance of splash.
love then led us a little way around the lakeshore, around a curve next to a tree. there she showed us an explosion of butterflies, all colors and sizes, that fluttered around us like wisps.
after that, lov guided us around to the other side of the lake, where more butterflies flew around a normal seeming log. however, looks can be deceiving! it is not what is outside the log that lov wanted us to see, but inside! the industrious ants performed their duties to the exclusion of all else, never wavering or even seeming to notice us as they continued their march.

then it was time to end the fun, unfortunately. but i am most grateful for the fun time i had, and i can highly recommend that your magesty take some time in the near future to revisit the resort islands!

farewell until we talk again, my liege!
velveeta writes: rather than post each one individually, its prolly easier on all of us if i just provide the link to the forum thread where peeps are posting the new vids! check em out: Tue Dec 28 2010 12:40AM Report writes:
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