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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

happy holidays, all my beloved gamers!

Posted by velveeta Sunday December 20 2009 at 3:23AM
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from my fave GUILD to yours!

i am so vork..........



(copyright, of course, belongs to THE GUILD -

now that's what i call a lair.....

Posted by velveeta Saturday December 19 2009 at 12:01PM
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shian does awesome work, doesn't she?  and still a hatchie, no less - she's not flying, she is gliding.............drakul is a dragon only guild island - if you can't fly/glide, you ain't getting there.......

the satyr who would be king: on being a real noob again, part 2

Posted by velveeta Thursday December 17 2009 at 6:31PM
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(warning, the following post is screenie intensive!)

once you pop out onto the spirit isle, which is the very beginning of the wonders your alt will discover, you will first meet a man named ryson stormbringer. he will tell you the story about how the gifted came to be:

clik the link that sez 'to be one of the gifted' and away you go!:

and then he sends you on your way! next time, we will see what the starting quests do to explain how to function in horizons.

the satyr who would be king: on being a real noob again, part 1

Posted by velveeta Tuesday December 15 2009 at 7:37PM
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before i start, i want to warn you that some of the following posts will be screenie intensive. pix speak louder than words, and it is handy for the curious to see what things look like rather than a mere description.

in view of all the upcoming holiday festivities on the live shards, and to see what all the drama is about for myself, i decided to create an alt on both order and chaos. starting all over frightens me, after being 'uber' with vel and mourningwood for so long. at least i have a few peeps who know me on the live shards, so hopefully i will be able to get the stuff i need when i need it until i can make it for myself......
so, come along with me as i create a new character and thrust him upon order's stage!

first step is to call up the launcher and login. you will see your character screen - any alts you have already will be listed at the top, under them will be the options to create new characters on the particular shards. with only a tiny, almost inaudible whimper, i bypassed vel and mw and choose the option to create a new character on the roleplaying shard, order.
now, i am not a roleplayer in my mmo's and am not really interested at the moment, but that may change - i chose order because i know more peeps there.....

once the game starts to load, instead of the normal game loading screen, you will see one like this:

since you don't have anything to load into inventory or vault or such, the only message is the 'receiving new character essence'....

once the game loads, you see a long hallway with arches on the left. beyond the arches are male and female examples of the player races available. you choose a race and the camera pans down the hall to the appropriate arch:

since saris and draggies were out, i was forced to think about what i wanted to be next. of the choices i had left, i thought about how i never see a satyr wondering around, and figured that would be a good choice, or at least a fun one. off i go to the satyr arch:

as you can see, but prolly can't read, the right side of the screen tells you a little about the particular race you have selected, the base stats, any racial bonuses or abilities, and the option to choose your gender. since i can't wrap my head around a female satyr (or a male dryad, for that matter), the only choice is male!
once you choose your gender, the appearance options open up. you can make all the usual appearance choices; in this case, things like horn style and body type, as well as hair and eye color, etc.:

so, after prodding and poking the sliders, i finally settled on what i think is a very properly saturine figure:

and i named him - derexx dufromage! the king of cheese, suitable consort and diplomat for her cheesy majesty!

well, that is basically it for character creation. its not hard, but it can be time consuming. not really more so than rolling up a new character the old skewl way, but much more rewarding visually!!

and for those of you who obsess about these things, here is the stats screen from the newborn's character page:

nekkid queen runs thru istaria!! we have pix!!!!

Posted by velveeta Saturday December 12 2009 at 3:05PM
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so i finished the iron construction work on col's plot and wondered what to do next. since i was already mostly equipped thusly, i decided to switch to miner and work on the most wonderful resource spot in the whole world (in my opinion, of course) - with heather a very very close second - char's most excellent obsidian field. seeing as i was only a miner 49'er (okay yeah, its a very moldy joke, but after all these years, its the simply stuff that lasts.....hey, what do you find in an ewok's ear???), working obsid would get me some fast levels without all the hassles of working marble, which i still need 4 pieces of ore to make on brick with, as opposed to obsid - nice safe field with plentiful nodes, a handy, complete craftcave that is centrally located and accessible by bipeds and with a very handy road complete with road bonus running right down the center........truly, it is heaven for crafters!
heather is prolly considered a better place for crafters, and i do not dispute that claim, altho i obviously do not agree with it. heather is heaven tho! at least 3 different resources (kenaf, oak, and i forget which mushcap, but i think i remember its roughcap....and really, it's 4 if you count the granite, but it is way beyond the oak field - it does have a ws tho. no idea if it is complete, as i do my granite in aughendell. o and there is a wood ws at the top of the far oak field, but i use the player ones myself.). but - no game ws handy for any of it. however, at least on blight, who cares, because player built ws are better anyway, and peeps snap up those heather plots and build build build! hey, they do say real estate is all about location!
also, the oak field is not safe. treants all over, which can be a hazard to lower to mid levels (may need a babysitter) and storm's shadow has been known to roam the area as well.

anyhow, the point is, because i switched from a higher level skewl (fitter) to a lower level skewl (miner), i lost my ability to use my currently equipped cargo clothes. i could have donned my lower level cargo clothes (one NEVER gives away ones best cargo clothes of any level - unlike some things like cargo disks, they are always level dependent), but i figured i could just keep them in inventory and don them again as i hit the appropriate level.
but until then, this is me running around char obsid field in my skivvies:

center left is the craft cave and behind me is the beginning of the obsid field. you can see the outcroppings of black lumps that indicate nodes.

happy birthday, horizons!!!!!

Posted by velveeta Saturday December 5 2009 at 2:34PM
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today is the 6th anniversary of the arrival of the second most awesome game EVAH!!!!!!

as awdz would say:

*sings off key* happy birthday to you!
*nearby flowers wilt* happy birthday to you!
*glass shatters* happy birthday dear istaria!
*dire wolves howl along in the distance* happy birthday to you!

rolling a (iron) joint, part 4 - the payoff

Posted by velveeta Tuesday December 1 2009 at 6:49PM
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yippee!!! after all that, you finally have a full inventory of joints!! you will be very popular.....

now you need to attach your disk before you leave to apply the joints. this is done the same way as detaching - you clik the chain button to the right of the equip space on your equipment page (the chain icon changes [the chain is 'broken' when you detach and is whole again when attached] and you receive a message about the status in your game chat window):

now its time to make your merry way to the final destination for your finished goods - in this case, colin's plot in harro. to get there from here, i cast swift feet and run from summit to mahagra to port to bristugo. once there, i scroll down the main town port's menu of places to go until i find the settlement: harro destination. col's plot is right off the port pad, as you can see:

you can see the silos i am working on behind the vault building. you can also see the harro gatekeeper. you have to talk to the gatekeepers to get attuned to settlements and pennisulas, as i believe i have mentioned before.
so, once you get to the building to be jointed, you have to use your mallet to apply the construction material. this involves double cliking the building you want to apply the joints to, then selecting the material you are applying from the list, and choosing how many units you want to apply. like making resources, there are a number of pieces required to make a unit - in my case, as i am over optimal to apply iron, i only need 2 joints to make a unit. i think the highest number is 4 per unit, but it may be 5....

phew!! that's done!! now you only have 10 more silos to do the same process over and over for!! so it is time to unequip your disk:

stow it in your inventory, and recall to whereever (in my case, bristugo is my bind point) to head back out to the iron field:

so there you go!! you can now make and apply joints!!! this is pretty much the process for making anything in horizons. someday, i will do a series on dragon crafting, but its pretty much the same process, with just minor differences.
the winter festival (usually called gnomekindle) should start soon on blight, so i think my next series will be the happy happy joy joy of in game events!!!

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