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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

crafting brights in feladan

Posted by velveeta Monday November 14 2011 at 9:24PM
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so, as i was saying....

a kind friend helped out this eternal noob once again by telling me about the bright field in feladan.  feladan is the elven racial city, and a place i had not explored outside of the city proper (and little enough of that), but i was told the brights are fairly extensive (for that tier of resource, anyway) and only guarded by enraged bright wisps.  only a couple of those spawn at a time, as opposed to treants.

you get to the feladan field by taking any port that goes to the racial towns (usually brist for me).  it is a double walled city, and the field spans both sides of the main road out of the city.

the city itself is rather nicely set up, especially for bright work.  the shrine is centrally located, enabling easy recall back with access to all needed facilities.  these include a vault up the stairs from the ews.  thru the walls to the left of the shrine, you find 2 outgoing ports: one that goes to the major destinations and one that goes to the secondary (settlements, guilds, etc) ports.

getting to the brights is as easy as following the main road out of town.  the field lies on either side, and extends a fair distance on each side.

i have already showed you how to harvest, now let me show you the field guardian.  taking on level 70+ maple treants was a real hardship - here in feladan, i can take on level 75+ enraged wisps literally nekkid and practically with my bare hands!


and that is pretty much it for bright harvesting and construction.  not sure what my next post(s) will be about, maybe the just past summer festival (which i missed most of) and the new fall/winter festival, or perhaps about more construction.  either way, see you soon!

bright crafting in sanc bay

Posted by velveeta Monday November 14 2011 at 5:27PM
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i decided to get the bright posts out of the way, so that at least i can be done with them totally that much....

the first harvest location takes place in sanctuary bay, which i covered with maple harvesting - and i refer you to that for such imfo as entering and leaving.  this post will cover the bright essence harvesting done there.

interspersed with the maple and attendent treants in sanc bay is some bright essence.  the two resources share the same ground coverage here.

bright wisps and residue look like all the others, differing only in their bright white appearance, and harvesting them is the same.  i am still a low level to harvest brights, which only adds to my dislike and forces me to use potions of harvesting to have any great success, but the worst thing, for me, about harvesting in sanc bay is the treants.  they force me to wear armour and carry  opener and my shield (not to mention the inconvenience of using valable potion time to fight them and/or run away), losing me much needed cargo space.

there is, of course, the sanc bay plot with a high tier ews to use, as well as an in field one.  the sanc bay one is, of course, safe from treants - another def plus over the ingame ews.  you can cross the stone bridge to get to the plot if the road is covered with treants, as it often is.

so, despairing that i would ever get the bright work done ever, i was complaining in chat, as is my wont, and a wonderful subject advised me of an alternate ess work area - someplace i had never explored before......


but that is for the next post!  ;-}p

istaria in rl

Posted by velveeta Monday November 14 2011 at 3:36PM
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i haven't been in game much these last few months.  i blame it on homework, or housework, or just plain work - but the real answer is because i hate essence work.  I HATE IT. i dread, dilike, abhor, and just can't abide it.

therefore, i have made a decision to switch to another construct skewl.  i think i have fabric and metal(?) left to do, so i am gonna switch to that.  prolly metal, as it is way easy for me and i need some easy right now to get me back excited about the game again.

with that in mind, i am giving you one last forum post (it's a good one, i promise), then in a couple days i will post the bright ess constuct posts i have been putting off for months, then i will continue with whatever resource i choose next (thinking about it while i type, i am leaning toward metal more and more, especially since i am leveling up gatherer and miner, and will speed thru miner if i choose metal....then i will have all the metal resource skewls at, i believe there is both a miner and a fitter trainer in aughendell, which is very handy!)

ah, my mind is no longer filled with creative procrastination thoughts when i think of home........

so, here is the forum thread i think you should check out!


awdz posted the op:

You know you've been playing too much Istaria when...

I started painting our house this month. It began with scraping; I figured I gained a bunch of levels in learning how a power washer worked and how to scrape only the loose paint without damaging the wood beneath. I could tell I was gaining skill points as my efficiency improved.

I gained a few more levels in fixing boards. Some were just loose, so hammering a few nails in worked; other required replacing altogether. Learning to pull boards without damaging the ones above them made me thing I made it to a new tier. I figured I gained another tier in having to replace the rotted boards behind a damaged baseboard... or maybe it was multiclassing, learning carpentry? Is pine wood tier 0 ? I made it up to cedar with the siding, but I'm still not very good at handling that.

Next came primer. I already had skill points in handling paint brushes from working on sets for the local theatre group, so I was near maximum efficiency with that. I'm low tier, though, because getting the right paint color to go over top of it took several tries.

I figure I made tier 2 housepainting with trim work (including spindles all around the porch, ugh!) that was a different color than the main paint. It's all latex, though; I suppose higher tier would be oils and indoor paint?

Anyway, part of our house is looking better despite my inexperience. One thing is for sure: I much prefer crafting in Istaria!!



go here to read how horizons creeps into other everyday lives!

funny draggy pix

Posted by velveeta Sunday November 13 2011 at 11:28AM
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horizons has been around for a long time.  you get a sense of humor when you're old, ya know.

we have this thread for lolzdraggiez, cause peeps say the funniest things!

start thread here


some of my faves, tho it is hard to pick from so many:

bunch of funny

evil celery

picking a winner

not fat

stoner draggy

dangerous mount

cow dragon?  dragon cow?

a bite that bites back


there are 20 more pages of fun and games, can't post em all!!!  you gots to go find your own faves!!

roleplaying from your gut

Posted by velveeta Friday November 11 2011 at 9:27AM
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(an interesting discussion ongoing at the istaria forum.  create a forum account and come join in!!!  we got some serious rp going on the order shard!)


We all understand how our need to fill our stomach controls behavior. If we are hungry, we get something to eat, but it also result in planned action, we fill the fridge in advanced, we work towards getting money to fill the fridge, oh and not to forget we need to buy a fridge to fill it and a house to put it in.

The stomach is a strong motivator in our lives and humans have other needs like entertainment, social interaction that we go about accomplishing due to our nature as a pack animal and non-predator, but not every creature in Istaria comes from the human stock, I believe Saris, Sslik and Dragon is different, you might even call them alien. If say cats could have developed human intelligence, they wouldn't lead to anything like the way our human world has developed.

Many predators is not very social creatures, they have limited social skills thats allows them to function while growing up to adults, but they aren't using them as adult, there is for solitaire predators no natural path that would lead to the human concept of friendship.

read the rest of the post here

here is the entire thread

loyalty rewards

Posted by velveeta Wednesday November 2 2011 at 11:49AM
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the gods have been talking about loyalty rewards for several years now, so i will let the forums talk about it - they do it better than i do!!!


Back in 2007 when Virtrium first began development of the game, we promised Loyalty Rewards. It has taken considerably more time and effort than any of us would have ever thought when that promise was made to bring you such rewards, and we've had many setbacks along the way that have delayed progress on the system, but we will be patching to Blight very soon an update that finally will bring Loyalty Rewards to fruition. And so we'd like your thoughts and input on what sort of rewards would be worth your long term loyalty.

read more here.....


the forum discussions:

loyalty rewards thread

how will points be assessed?

closed topic:  early discussion of loyalty rewards

the first suggestion