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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

before the next draggy quest

Posted by velveeta Saturday September 29 2012 at 10:17PM
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much as i enjoy doing the beginning draggy quests for you, it is taking away from my main concern, finishing the industrial complex - the thing for which all this is for!  and thanx for some of my dear dear friends on blight, phase one is complete!

the newly popped workstations: left of plot, middle, right side

phase two is placing the silos and storehouses for resource storage while crafting.  i logged in mourningwood (as the owner of the plot, he has to make planning, permission, and activation changes) and started placing tier 4 silos (sorry, forgot to take pix, but the mechanics have been covered, check the archives if you need a refresher).  and rebuilding the sandstone walls - i did a real crappy job the first time.

first i had to activate the machines and set the permissions for the workstations.  when completed, workstations and such (any building with a npc and/or machine) are set in non activated, locked permission state by default.  the plot owner must activate the machines so they can be used, and set the permissions for who can use what on your plot. you need to first set your overall plot permission (i recommend allow all if you want guild members and friends to access your buildings) before you can set building perms.  building perms have 3 states - locked (no one but you can use), open (everyone can use), guild only (only guild members can access).

workstations, connies/pbs, vaults, etc, are usually set to open, so that everyone can access the services.  storage (especially personal storage like houses) should be set to guild only at the very least, to prevent theft of goods.  setting perms always takes 25 seconds to complete, and until the timer counts all the way down, you will not be able to set another permission.


i promise to get back to the draggy quests next time!  see you soon......

making the acquintance of spiders

Posted by velveeta Wednesday September 12 2012 at 10:49AM
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now that you made some room, you can head back to the dragon caves and speak to kerian again.  the dragon trainer has a combat quest for you, to test out your new claw.  greet the crafter and check your journal for further instructions.

finding the brown spiders shouldn't be hard at all, after all, you have already found them in finding other things!  take the monster road out of town, go past the lesser gruoks and grass beets, up the left hand road until you see the spiders.  if you make it to the fallen log where the skellies and over run camp are, you went too far.

by now, the spiders shouldn't be too hard for you.  when you find the spiders (as your game chat and journal will let you know), just go ahead and whack away with your new claw.  you can use your prime bolt to draw them in - that's fun too!  if you need, don't forget your training breeze - it restores hp slowly but over an amount of time.  once you have killed your needed quota, your journal reminds you to return to kerian.  the dragon crafter congradulates you on a job well done.

don't go away, kerian has more for you to do!  get used to it, as we say on blight, crafting never ends!  lol


speaking of, velveeta got all the cobalt jointings done on the industrial complex.  still have the cob sheets to do, some little bright sources to make (thanx to kisi, for making some for me while making some for you!), then the fabric construction (thanx to our beloved gro and ry, for doing the silk - i would never be able to do it myself!) and everything will be popped!  then i only have to get mourningwood to place the silos and rebuild the sandstone walls, which look like crap.....

using vault storage for the first time

Posted by velveeta Friday September 7 2012 at 9:51PM
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well, you prolly have some stuff you want to hold on to, but don't want cluttering up your inventory.  time to make the acquintance of the vault, which you will become very familiar with.  as an experienced gamer, i am sure you are familiar with the bank or vault concept, and istaria's is no different.  it is personal storage you can access from many places within the game, including on your own plot/lair.

on new trismus, you will find the vault in the main town.  from the dragon caves, head up the road.  once you reach town, you will see the three buildings in a block on your left.  the center one with the moneybag sign in front is the  vault.

enter and head to the back of the building.  there you will find serena, the vaultkeeper for new trismus.  greet her and listen to her talk.  keep the last part in the back of your mind - she is telling you how to get your vault upgrades.  when she is done, right click on her and choose open vault.

as with most things in the game, when you first open your vault, you will get the tutorial about it. there is a lot of detail, as it is kinda important!  

once you know what's what, you can start to move items from your inventory to the vault. open your inventory,   click (to pick multiple items, hold the ctrl down while you click) and drag from your inventory to the vault.

close your vault and you can get back to bizniz!!


that's it really for the vault, so head back to kerian and get your next quest!  find out more next time!!

making a new, improved claw

Posted by velveeta Tuesday September 4 2012 at 9:57PM
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as hopefully you remember, now that you have your metal bars and cut garnets, time to head back to kerian.  the dragon crafter gives you a verbal pat on the head and a new form with instructions to create a garnet tipped claw.  scribe the new form and head to the scaleforge, located behind and to the right of kerian's pedestal.

once you have created the claw, your journal naturally updates to let you know to return to the dragon crafter.  another verbal pat and you have a new claw to hunt with!

since your next quest is a combat one (altho kerian will give it to you), it is prolly a good idea to equip your new claw.  as with all things like this, first you locate it in your inventory.  highlight the claw, which will also give you the stats for the item, and right click.  choose the equip option and bring up your equipment screen (via the blue gem or the keyboard shortcut, if you don't have it open but minimized like i usually do) to make sure it is equipped.

speaking of inventory, you prolly have a bunch of stuff you don't need right now, but might come in handy later.  next time, before we go on our next adventure, i should introduce you to the vault.  something to look forward to!  ;-}

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