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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

drain strike trainer

Posted by velveeta Friday August 23 2013 at 8:14PM
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once you have visited luadius, it is time to meet the other trainer who shares cave 2 - severant the drain strike trainer.  drain strike, as you might infer from the name, siphons some energy from your opponent and gives it back to you as hitpoints.

severant is in the lower level of the cave - turn right when entering the cave and head down the ramp.  at the bottom, you will meet the trainer.

speak to the trainer to get your level appropriate quest.  I forgot to take the screenie, so I had to fetch it from the chat log, which I post here:

Available Quests:  Drain Strike VIII:  Another Strange Oastic

 Severant tells you, 'I apologize for treating you as I did the last time you approached me for training.  We are all given different roles in life, and mine is to train others in how to drain the life from enemies and use it to heal yourself.  Your Drain Strike ability is an important one in your arsenal, and I should have recognized that.  I still, however, must test your worthiness before I can simply train you in this ability further.  So seek out the Forest Oastics that make their home in the Yew Forests west of the Eastern Outpost.'

You have received a new quest - 'Drain Strike VIII: Another Strange Oastic'.

check your quest journal for more details, of course.  my quest is to take out some oastics in the yew forest near the eastern outpost - a very dangerous area, full of high level withered aegis, not to mention the yew treants.  a deadly place - take a party with you!!!  make sure it includes a healer or three.......

and that's where you will find the accurate breath and drain strike trainers.  come back next time to find out who is in the next cave!!



accurate breath trainer

Posted by velveeta Wednesday August 14 2013 at 5:56PM
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now comes the time to get familiar with the accurate breath trainer, luadiusaccurate breath, as you might surmise, increases the accuracy of your breath weapon of choice, thereby affording more hits and hence, more damage.

not that I really believe you need it, but let's review how to get to the floating crystal island, as that is where we will find most of the rest of the trainers we will be meeting.  from the port pad area, turn right onto the road that goes past the vault cave and the town marshal.  go over the bridge and into the main cave.

once in the main cave, head for the second smaller cave from the left of the entrance, the one marked with the dark red crystal formation.  cross the bridge and turn to the left again at the intersection just inside the cave opening.  there you will find the accurate breath trainer.

as usual, listen to luadius and accept the quest you are given.  check your quest journal for details.  my quest was to hunt down some spiders in an area patrolled by the withered aegis.

so, back to the port pad I go and find the trandalar island ports.  aroah's leap is a free one, but some trandalar ports you will need to do quests to attune.  you read that right - plural, as in more than one.  more than a couple, in fact!  but that's for another time.  right now, I need to port to aroah's leap and go find some redback spiders.  they are to be found in the northwest area, scattered atop a rare clear mesa in a land of black and evil green.  they are also slow spawning, so I got a lot of exercise running around the area hunting for eligible spiders and avoiding the ones that aren't.  redbacked spiders, even the hatchlings, are no joke.

once you are surrounded by spider bodies and you have gotten the quest completion notice in your game chat log, check your quest journal (in the heat of battle, you can sometimes forget the secondary part of the quest.  of course, I use my breath weapon in almost all battles, so it wasn't too difficult for me...).  return to luadius for your reward and move on to the next quest!!

and we shall find out more about that next time!!  see you then!!!


spiked scales training

Posted by velveeta Saturday August 10 2013 at 2:07PM
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first on our adventurer trainer tour, we go back the the cave next to the cauldron, under the crystal island.  we first visited it to make the acquintance of the craft trainer, miemonus.

today, however, we will meet the spiked scales trainer, rykhar.  spiked scales is the dragon's version of the druid buff, cloak of thorns (vel actually took up druid just to get this buff).  and it is very handy!!!  def a go-to part of any good battle plan...

anyhoo - a refresher on getting to the cave, it has been  a while!  from the port pad, head down the cliff and head for the cave entrance.  approach rykhar and listen to the trainer's speech outlining the quest.  check your quest journal for details, of course!  now, i just need to head up north near the lairshaper cave and the ravine and hunt down some fire ogres!

adventurer training quests, appropriately enough, require killing rather than crafting.  you will eventually explore most of istaria doing these sorts of quests, as the critters you are set against are rarely tidily grouped together in one convenient place.  also, they will be appropriately difficult to do solo.  i have one quest i can show from start to finish, because it was the only one i could do without assistance.  i hope to show you that quest next time!!  come back soon for more!

istaria has the green light!!

Posted by velveeta Monday August 5 2013 at 8:32AM
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sorry, kiddies, I know I was supposed to start the trainer tour, but I have some exciting news I want to share first!!

istaria can now be found at steam - we have been greenlighted!!

we are all very happy and excited about this, we have been trying for a long time!


here is the original post by one of the gods, dated april of this year, describing our hopes for this development:

I've got some great news! We recently received a great suggestion from a member of the Istarian Community about getting Istaria listed with Steam's Greenlight program (thank you!). Greenlight is a program where players can propose games to be added to Steam.

The registration is complete and Istaria is now listed.

go here to read the complete post!

soon, I promise, in a couple days, I will start the tour!!!  see ya soon!!