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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

my fave essencel resource locations

Posted by velveeta Saturday July 5 2014 at 2:46PM
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now it is time to meet the trainers for the last basic crafting skewl for istaria - the scholar.  scholars are the basic skewl for several crafting and adventure prestige skewls, and provides important skills for those seeking a magic using profession.

in order to scribe spells, one must first make spell shards, which require stone and essence to create.  essence is harvested from wisps and wisp residue.  wisps are living creatures - the only ones that you can harvest from while still alive.  harvesting essence from a dead wisp gets you tainted essence, which can be used to make blighted weapons and spells.  residue is a big pile of essence, affectionately known as wisp poo.

as with all resources, wisps come in tiers.  so here we go with the in game locations - with, of course, my fave places to harvest:

tier 1:

wiki description:  the first essence you work with is dim.  as the first tier resource, it is the most common.  the wiki shows these locations for finding dims

  1.  South New Trismus
  2. Above Nuthala to the easy
  3. Isle of Wisps
  4. Northeast of Sslanis
  5. Southeast of Genevia
my thoughts:  when it comes to essence, at least the first few tiers, you will make friends with wisp island.  small island with plenty of dims, pales, and glows, at least.  supposedly, you can find brights as well, but i can't remember finding them - if i have, it hasn't been worth it, as you will see in a bit.  also a very handy ews right across the bridge from the port area.
tier 2:
wiki description:  pale essence is the tier 2 essence.  pales can be found at the following places:
  1. Isle of Wisps
  2. Between Dalimond and Chiconis
  3. Abandoned Island
  4. Mambow Point
  5. Northeast of Kenaf Port northwest of Slate Hills
  6. Slightly northeast of Bristugo portal pad
my thoughts:  see above.  wisp island is the only real place to go.  unguarded, small field, with workstation.  can't ask for better.
tier 3:
wiki description:  next, you will learn to work glowing essence (glows or glowies).  you can find them here:
  1. Isle of Wisps
  2. North side of Heather
  3. East of Mahagra
  4. North of Acul in the oak forest
my thoughts:  see above two.  the only small drawback to the isle of wisps is that the different types are all mixed together, so you do spend some time running around sorting.  small price to pay, to my mind.
tier 4:
wiki description:  next tier, we work brights.  we are getting into the higher tiers, and that means rarity and guards.  
  1. Between Sanctuary Bay and Spire's Shadow to the north
  2. Just outside Feladan to the west
  3. Isle of Wisps
my thoughts:  you can find brights in the maple fields above sanctuary bay.  but, as you may remember, that also means maple treants - and they are no joke.  doable solo if you are high enough level, but for an easier time harvesting brights, i go to feladan.  a fairly large field, guarded only by an enraged wisp or 2.  much easier than 50 treants on your butt all the time.  plus, the ews is inside the city proper, very close to the field.
tier 5:
wiki description:  yeap, the last 2 tiers.  the killer tiers.  tier 5 essence is shining (shinies, of course).  wiki lists 2 places to find them:
  1. North of Harro
  2. Spiritous Swamp
my thoughts:  spiritous swamp is deadly.  don't go there at all.  if you have to, go with an army.  still prolly won't last long, but you might find some shinies....  that leaves harro - only slightly less deadly, but at least, if you are careful, you might actually do some harvesting.  it was here that i got my death point, as you can see from the screenie.  those bloodsnouts aggro'ed me while i was taking screenies, and before i could recall, i was written in the ded book.  there are several high level resources in this area and surrounding, so keep in mind you will need a babysitter and/or lookout while around here.
tier 6:
wiki description:  the rarest and most difficult essence resource is radiant.  wiki sez you can find some in these locations:
  1. East and southeast of Harro
  2. Just outside Feladan to the west
  3. Mixed in with the Glowing east of Mahagra
my thoughts:  believe me, i looked.  i looked hard.  i could not find any rads in feladan or mahagra.  both would be better than harro, which is where i go to die.  but, if you are lucky, you will find some before you croak.
so, now that we are familiar with essence, we can meet the trainers.  come back next time! writes:
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