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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

second quest in learning lairshaping

Posted by velveeta Friday July 26 2013 at 8:57PM
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after you have done the crafting relstaroth requested, the lairshaper sends you to balennos, the apprentice who is also the crystalshaping master.  as i have said before, this is not the boon/gift crystals players can now make, but the building material known as azulyte.  these crystals are essential to building lairs.

speak to balennos and listen to the history of crystalshaping.  the trainer will send you off to make focused viridian azulyte crystals.

i did mine in the kion area, the volcano just outside of the town proper.  there is a handy gemworking station at the base of it (lower level adventurers might find it challenging to get to.  the area is swarming with spiders and undead.  just fyi!), right next to the cave entrance where the viridian nodes are.  i think i can spare you the details of crafting after all we have been doing lately.......

once you have the crystals required, return to balennos for your reward.  you are now a lairshaper!  the two trainers have more quests for you to do to get more mastery, of course, but those are the standard crafting quests and we all know all about those!!


there you go for lairshaping!!  next, we start a tour of dragon adventure trainers.  if you like to have lots of kewl abilities when you fight, you want to know these guys!!!

learning to shape lairs

Posted by velveeta Saturday July 13 2013 at 1:17PM
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now that you have found relstaroth and balennos, what next?  well, listen to relstaroth as the dragon relates the history of lairshaping, as handed down from the mighty dragon lord drulkar.   you will be tasked with first creating 20 each of: Rough Tri-cut Gems, Bronze Loadstones, and Sandstone Cast Stones.  these are all tier 1 resources, so I went to new trismus to do them, so I would have everything (resource nodes and workstations) in more convenient place.

once you have crafted the first set of resources, speak again to relstaroth and the lairshaper will get you started with - what else? - a quest!  you should have all the forms needed for these tasks in your inventory, so make sure you scribe them before setting off!  I think we all already know all we need to about the crafting side of things, so I will let you imagine the fun of making imbued bronze bars, weak excoriations of earth, and primal essence of melding.  once you have those finished, return to the lairshaper for further instructions.

so, next time we meet the building crystalshaper.  just one more quest before you become a full fledged member of the lairshaping skewl.  come back next time to find out what it entails!!!


getting started in lairshaping

Posted by velveeta Monday July 1 2013 at 12:19PM
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as a player in istaria, one of the best things is the ability to design, build, and revel in, your own castle, be it ever so humble.  bipeds get plots - from tiny ones barely big enough for a couple workstations and maybe a tent or two for storage, to the huge palace plots, like the 2 i have.  i am happy to support horizons with my money, which pays for the cheese palace - and with my meager talents in composition, i gain the industrial complex by blogging about the awesomeness that is istaria!!

but - i am using both plot spots for bipeds.  altho it is unlikely that mourningwood will ever have a lair of his own, he can still help out his friends, and it is one of the few skewls for dragons anyway.  so, i decided to get the boi started!

bipeds have lots of skewls to choose from, for both adventuring and crafting.  dragons don't  - but what they do have is pretty intensive.  it takes a lot of resources to dig out and construct a dragon lair, and until recently, draggies could not use ped stations (and vice versa).  aside from general crafting (and now crystalshaping, which i hope to be able to cover for you after the adventure trainers), dragons can learn to create a lair by learning the art of lairshaping.  

the first step in learing to lairshape is resiata in chiconis.  when we did the tour. resiata was one of the seemingly unneeded trainers, the one who sells forms and gives out low level crafting quests (which mw was too high level to get).  but resiata also gives you the info you need to find relstaroth the master lairshaper and its apprentice, balennos the crystalshaper (not the same as the new crystalshaping skewl.  balennos only teaches you the things related to lairshaping building materials, not to the shaping of boon crystals).  resiata will send you to talk to relstaroth in dralk.

so, by now, you should be at least passingly familiar with the area we need to get to, certainly if you have been reading the last couple posts.  the lairshapers are to be found just past the ravine for the attunement to drakul, around the little bend.  the cave entrance is on the left and can be hard to see if you are running past it, so once you see the second set of gates, you are there.

enter the cave and take the long drop to the secondary entrance.  just inside, you will see a large cavern filled with lairshaping workstations and 2 large dragons, relstaroth on your left and balennos on your right.

come back next time, when we will speak to the trainers and perform the tasks we will be assigned.  it's important work!

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