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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

wisp island

Posted by velveeta Saturday May 14 2011 at 12:07AM
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i hate wisp poo.  i just do.  i know it all started years ago - when the area the residue nodes were in would flash like a strobe light - we called it disco work back then.  since then, essence work has always been unpleasant for me.  maybe it is the shrieking sound the wisps make when you harvest them.....whatever it is, i hate wisps and thier poo.

but - whatever my feelings about it, it is work that must be done, so let's get to it!

the best place to do wisp work is, inarguably, wisp island.  the first 3 tiers of them are there, along with a essence workstation (one good thing about essence, it only needs one machine to do all the processing, unlike the others which need at least 2) - all unguarded (well, almost, as you will see).

as usual, we start in brist - but not the main town port.  one must go thru the guild town of sakon to get to wisp island, and that port is the port next on the right of the main port.  scroll down to the sakon destination and teleport. 

once you hit the pad, turn to the west and head down the road until you hit the three sisters bridgecross the bridge and you are in the front field of wisp island (the view is from the ews - the opposite bridge goes to some other island whose name escapes me - i think it might be fabric island, but don't quote me).  wisp island continues on to a spur in the back field, behind the large rock.

essence is a strange resource - you can harvest 'regular' wisp poo while the critter is alive, or you can kill the wisp and harvest blighted versions - something you can't do with any other resource.  a blight anchor can 'infect' the resources near and create blighted versions of metals, stones, gems, even trees - but killing and harvesting a maple treant does not get you blighted maple logs.....  of course, there is also wisp residue -  an immobile pile of wisp crap, easily harvested.

as i said, wisp island has the first 3 tiers of wisps on it - dims, pales, and glowies (it's hard to see in the screenie, but dims are a light blue and pales are white).

using the convenient ews, it is easy to make processed resources.  opening the knowledge tab, you would first choose to make essence orbs (of course, you are no doubt experienced enough a gamer to have the necessary tools and forms on a hotkey bar, but allow me to assume the opposite).  this will bring up the contruction form and allow you to make the needed orbs.  once you have the orbs made, you can then bring up the constuction resource form (in this case, essence spheres) in likewise manner.

heading back to sakon to deliver your goods is easy enough - you simply retrace your steps back to the east once across the three sisters bridge.  the sakon port goes directly to bristugo.

o, i almost forgot - the wisp island's one and only guard.  an enraged wisp makes it's home on the island.  it moves around and looks like any other wisp.  you can tell the difference in 2 ways - clicking on it from afar, or by wondering into it's range.  if you get too close, it will attack you, even without provocation.  this is nothing more than a nuisance, as it is very low level and easy to defeat, even barehanded, but all but the lowest level alt.

so, with the first 3 tiers of ess work done, i was able to complete the ews on the industrial complex.  here is mourningwood activating the machine after vel popped it.

that's it for now!!  be back soon with more fun! writes:
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