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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

crafting maple in sanctuary bay

Posted by velveeta Friday May 13 2011 at 9:08PM
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ah, maple, maple, maple.  doing maple is such a delightful pain, at least at sanctuary bay.  a large, well stocked, and extensive field - heavily guarded by an army of treants........

as with most (if not all) of my favored resource/crafting spots, the trip to sanctuary bay starts with the main town port in brist (which you have seen enough already) - it is a settlement port, so you will need to scroll down the destinations.  there is a direct port in, but no outgoing port - you need to make the run to tishlar.  more about that later.

porting into sanct bay, you will no doubt notice how small it is - there is only one large plot area.  there is also a gazebo and a large archway (once destroyed by the withered aegis, but rebuilt by yours truly - as cheese queen of blight, i feel it my duty to slowly but surely rebuild destroyed public works), along with several lampposts - but that is all there is room for!

[before continuing, i would like to apologise for the lack of screenies for the following - i was so intent on getting a fairly detailed series showing my shortcut out of sanct bay that i neglected to get more good ones of how to get to the field itself]

as i mentioned above, the maple field is very vast - but very well guarded by high level treants (which, as a small benefit, are eminently harvestable, as well as supplying trophies that turn into tidy sums of cashy money or xp).  it is possible to avoid them, if you are very fast and willing to drop your disk in order to run away and come back to retrieve it - but there are many many more treants in the field than, i think at least, any other guarded area in game.  and they respawn quickly.

after getting into sanct bay, you will see a cliffside beside the lake (directly across from the port pad and slightly to your right).  you can run up this cliffside and you will be in the leading edge of the field above the town plot.

for several days i was joined (read: babysat) in the field by some friends.  lizzy was on a quest to see how fast you could make grand master crafter (level 100 in all 19 crafting skewls) - i believe it took him 23 days or somesuch, less than a month i know - so together we were able to watch each other's backs while harvesting.  a couple of times, vicegod elek, may his name be ever praised!, came out just to play with the treants while i chugged away. [sometimes, during the winter festival, you can hunt maple treants for parts to make a shoulder pet treant - i have one, they are kinda kute!  if i remember, i will take it out of storage for a screenie....]

as i said, sanct bay is a player town with room for only one plot.  as you will find out soon, in addition to maple, bright essence is also scattered in the field, in the form of wisps and residue.  i will explore this soon (as my next resource to harvest ingame is brights), but mention it now because whichever player gets that plot is helped by the entire shard, if necessary (most peeps who grab that plot are very high level alts) - because it will always have the highest tier of woodwork and essence stations, along with an excess of silos.

to get to the wws when ready to process, you simply head back to the plot, run off the cliff, and there you are!  depending on your tastes, you can fill a silo or two with processed resources - a warning!  the silos here are open to all - on blight, we are generally a trustworthy lot, but even we have bad apples.  common shard courtesy is to leave the silos as you found them, but it is also expected that you know any goods left unattended (shard wide announcement  that you are working with them is usually enough) are subject to not being there when you return, especially if left longer than overnight.

now we get to the screenie intensive part!  lol

once you have a load of finished product to haul back to whereever, you are ready to head to tishlar to port out.  you COULD take the long way - follow the dirt road in a wide semicircle of empty space to the town.  or you could try my shortcut (discovered back in the day before sanct bay had its' own port).

starting at the plot, run toward the cliffs behind the port pad.  go up the little plateau toward what looks like a sheer cliffside.  there is a vee shaped  'notch' in this cliff that you can run along, tho, to get to the other side of the cliff.  once you are on the other side, turn to face west and you will see the valley i usta use to get to sanct bay.  head thru it, and continue in a westerly direction until you see a bridge and a paved road.  run along the paved road for a few yards, then take the right hand road strait into tishlar.

tishlar is one of the rare ports that does not have brist as a destination.  in order to get to the port town, you have to use a settlement port that does.  i like heather, as it has the shortest length to run between port pads.  as you already know, heather has an awesome port!

and the takes care of the maple work and my carpentry needs!  i move on to the much hated essence work next (and if you think that pointing out that essence work is no harder than any other resource will lessen my hatred of it, you are much mistaken.  it is a hatred that is deep, abiding, and ancient - perhaps i might tell you why in the next post!).

finishing the carpentry also finished a couple buildings!  the large saris manor and the printing press popped, much to my joy! writes:
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