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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

newbie quest - lone wolf

Posted by velveeta Wednesday March 26 2014 at 8:49PM
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(as a time saver, since 2 of the 3 npcs you need to talk to are mapped pretty well in this post, i link it here so you can refer to the relevant parts easily without me having to repost the same info.)

this adventure quest starts with rancher elden, located near an outbuilding next to the pen with his herd of cows.  now, you can take the long way around - but by now you should be familiar enough with new tris to take the road behind the dragon trainers caves that runs around the resource area (on the map screenie, the ranch is the brown square to the left of the 't's crossbar).

you know the routine!  greet the rancher and listen as he complains about a large wolf who hunts alone and torments his herd.  he will advise you to talk to elainor, the guard we met earlier - remember, she patrols the road between the connie tent and  the town buildings on the monster road.  elainor will tell you the rumors she has heard about the lone wolf, and advises you to speak to guran the blacksmith for more info.

take the resource road past the portal and up the hill to the mws.  as always, guran is tending the forge fires.  questioning him about the lone wolf, he gives you directions to the area he thinks you will find the varmint.  you may have already been there, if you have been doing metalworking quests.  head due west over the hill next to the mws and turn a little northerly.  once you are over the hill, you will see a clearing around a cliff - the single tree is your landmark - and you will begin to hear the howls of a wolf.  track down lone wolf and kill him.  once you have, do not forget to loot him for the hide!

your quest journal will tell you to return to the rancher.  continue on the resource road, past the flax field, to the ranch.  show elden your trophy and receive your reward!

next time, i will finish up mw's trials of the gifted.  i guess, technically, mourn is considered one of the gifted, but i think i will keep him ungifted.  it has a nice ring to it - mourningwood the ungifted.  blight's one and only!!  see ya soon.

newbie quest - kill red tusks

Posted by velveeta Friday March 14 2014 at 5:56PM
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the second quest we will explore is an adventure quest - find and kill the named gruok, red tusks.

start the quest by speaking to elainor, a city guard of new trismus.  she can usually be found on patrol on the road leading to the monster fields, past the the connie/pb tent.  the guard will send you to talk to milicent, the town's consigner.

head back to the tent and greet milicent.  take the monster road out of town and head past the grulets and beets and spiders.  your game log will help you stay headed in the right direction.

once you have found the gruok boss, defeat him and loot the corpse for the needed tusks.  at newbie levels, red tusks can be tough, as you might imagine.  hunt in a group, if you need to, or get a babysitter.  check your quest journal for the next step - return to milicent with your trophy.

give the tusks to the consigner and collect your reward!


come back soon for another newbie quest!  they are a great way to gain experience while learning all the important mechanics of the game!

newbie quest - geoff and his cargo disks

Posted by velveeta Sunday March 9 2014 at 9:25PM
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as promised, we will do some low level quests for a while, to give the newbies something to think about.  these quests all take place on new trismus, the beginner or training island.  they are available to any race or class, and - as you might expect - geared to teaching new players about the world and how to function in it.  istaria is a big little world - most experienced players recommend staying on new trismus (or, as i like to call it, the evil place.  no particular reason, i am just not a huge fan!  ;-} ) until at least level 20.  chances are, if you are anything like me, you won't last that long, tho!  doing the quests will get you there faster, however.

anyhoo, let's get started.  i covered new tris pretty well for the beginning dragon quests, so you might remember the town is not far from the port pad, on the road to the resource fields.  geoff the pawnbroker is located just off the road, sharing a tent with millicent the consignor.  

approach him and greet.  geoff will tell you about cargo disks and offer to give you one as a reward.  all you have to do is deliver some caramel wolf ears to the gatherer trainer, elenna (who we will meet again at  a later day).  memory refresh - elenna is located in the wood work station just off the resource road in teh middle of the cedar forest.  give her the candy wolf ears (don't ask me, i don't question the tastes of npcs) and return to geoff for your reward.  the refurbished disk is not great by any stretch, but it is better than nothing and it gives you practice for the much better ones to come.

and that is how you get your first cargo disk!  come back soon for another fun quest!

2 trainer quests done

Posted by velveeta Monday March 3 2014 at 8:45PM
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thanx to the always awesome vice god, i was able to finish 2 of the dragon trainer quests - luadius' accurate breath VII: on the battlefield and the corruption on the battlefield quest, given by kaliphar.

in case you don't remember, luadius the accurate breath trainer is located in cave 2 of the dralk floating crystal island, marked by the red crystal formation.  approach the trainer and greet to get the quest (another one that is not covered yet on the wiki page) - in my case, to hunt down 20 scavenger scorpions.

with the help of alan, one of the avatars of blight's beloved vice god, off i went to the battlefield located just outside of aughundell city.  these scorps are no joke for a solo fight, but they, and the various other baddies that patrol the fort, had no chance against the awesome power of vg's stress bomb.  unfortunately, they are slow to respawn, so we had to wait a while longer than we had hoped to get the required amount.

but, eventually, it was time to return to the trainer and get my reward speech!


then, it was on to visit kaliphar, the dragon's gift trainer, located in the cave near the port pad in chiconis, along with wintheria.  the quest required me to go to the battlefield deep in the canyons outside of the helian city and hunt tainted spirits, the corrupted remains of dragon hatchlings who died and were converted by the withered aegis.  i didn't really need alan's help to defend against anything in this area, but he was having such fun running around and stress bombing everything in sight, that i didn't have the heart to send him on his way!

anyhoo, we went thru the gate and spent a pleasant couple of minutes hunting down the needed tainted spirits.  i thanked alan for the assistance and returned to kaliphar for my reward of some xp (useless to me) and some coin (never a useless reward!).


and that is the end of the quests i have completed so far.  next time, we will do some beginner quests, just for a change from all the higher level stuff!  see you soon!

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