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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

Mining in EVE and ore thiefs

Posted by Howatch Tuesday July 8 2008 at 8:44AM
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Mining in EVE and ore thiefs

There I was parked close to one of the asteroidbelts in the Korama solarsystem in my shiny Hulk. I was busy  mining Veldspar, Scordite and Pyroxeres ore and filling up one jetcan (jettisoned container 28.000m3)  after other and feeling very relaxed and peaceful.

I like to go mining now and then even if my true love is to run level 4 mission and blow up mission rats of all kinds and expecially the mission structures because as they make such a cool explosion when they blow up.

There was only one other miner in the belt with me and he was cargomining, mining into the cargohold of his ship until it was full and then docking at station, unloading and then warping back to his bookmark in the asteroidbelt to mine more ore.

Suddenly another small ship appeared in there and started to move over to one of my jetcans that was furthest away from me. I decided have a better look at this suspicious ship just in case and saw it was small hauling ship and when I looked up the info on the pilot I saw he was only a month old pilot in EVE so I wrote down his name just in case if he was going to try to steal some ore from my can. 

I kept on mining until suddenly he started to blink red in my overwiev and the 15 minute aggression timer started, and then I knew he had gone all the way and stolen some ore from me. I filled up my cargo from nearest can, unlocked all my three mining lasers and choose to dock at the station where I kept my Hyperion battleship (BS). When I had docked at the station I left my mining ship as fast as was humanly possible and boarded my BS and undocked from the station. When I was free from the station I set course to the BM (bookmark) of my jetcan and choose to warp to within 20 km from it, on the way I made my warp scrambler, webber, guns and drones ready for the fight.

Unfortunately he had left the asteroidbelt while I was away so nobody was there to shoot at when I got there but I decided to warp to another belt, wait a bit and then warp back in the hope he would try to steal some more. I was lucky as when I got back he was there blinking red to me only 23 km away so I activated my microwarpdrive and hurried over there very quickly, locked his ship, started firing with my guns, sent out my drones to attack and warp scrambled him when I was within 20 km form him, webbed him to slow him down when I got to 10 km and blew his ship to pieces in 5-10 secconds.

It was fun but it was also a bit shameful because using BS to blow up small hauling ship is total overkill but as he was thief so be it.

To make things more fun  he contacted me and asked why I had blown him up and when I told him it was because he had stolen my ore he apologized and said that he had thought it was a deserted can so he could take it. I knew as well as he that it was very lame excuse but as he said that he was sorry then I decided to give him 2 mil so he could buy another ship and modules to replace what I had blown up and also I hoped he had gotten the lesson and would not steal soon again.

So you can see that mining can be both fun and sometimes exiting as so often happens in the EVE world.

Howatch Johalla
Johalla MegaThor Corp

Majinash writes:

a 1 month old player with a hauler?  sounds to me like someone created it just for ore stealing.

Another reason I LOVE the new aggression timer.  back when i first started jetcan mining they didn't have that, so you had to be more careful.  Still a nice story.

Tue Jul 08 2008 10:21AM Report
Howatch writes:

In hindsight that looks like a serious possibility. The aggression timer sure helps a lot as you get 15 minutes to start shooting at the thief if you can find him and many of those are just plain stupid and stick around so you get often get chance to blow them up. I have been lucky and had the pleasure of blasting two of the last 3 thiefs that have stolen from me. 

Tue Jul 08 2008 10:54AM Report
vajuras writes:

good story man. I rarely mine but sometimes I do so as a part time miner I am happy justice was dealt. kinda wish he did not get 2 mil but perhapos he told you a good story :)

Tue Jul 08 2008 12:36PM Report writes:
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