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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

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Author: velveeta

apres gnomekindle attunement

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 15 2012 at 2:43PM
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so, as the party is winding down, i mention that derexx is not attuned to the isles of ice and fire.  there is a good reason for this - derexx is only level 6 (or maybe 7 now) and those isles are dangerous even for hi levels.  peeps power level at the ice isle on blight, but the safe area is very small and low levels often earn almost as many death points as they do levels.

at this point, the lovely lady cixi offered to guide derexx and nakties to the gatekeeper.  this is a danger filled trip, even before the remod.  however, the gods of istaria did make it slightly easier to get to the isle of ice to start with the remod.  there is now a 'path' of ice across the once open sea (as you will soon see).  one must still be careful, tho, as it is difficult to tell the difference between ice and water until it is too late, and falling in means drowning, a recall, and a restart of the tour - something no one wants!

to start the tour, we ported to acul, the only trandalar port available without attunement (and the trandalar attunements are even bigger headaches than the isles!), then running the south road until you get to brandon's shelf.  head for the coast and find the first ice island ( there are 3 ice islands that serve as landmarks).  

cixi led us across the ice to the first island.  we cut across it and headed for the second island.  it is between the first and third islands that one needs to watch for the ice path and avoid the open water.  there is no way to run fast enough back to a place above water before you drown.

cixi oriented our group toward the third ice island, and off we went.  we landed on the northern end of the island, then cut across to the east coast, to cross the bay to the isle of ice.  and so ends the safe part of the journey, and the time of sprinting and running from nasties starts.  cixi bid us to stay as close to the shore as we could, as the nasties tend to stay more toward the interior.

so we ran and ran along the southern coast to the eastern end of ice isle.  it is a good thing cixi could resurrect, as we ran into a pack of dire icy wolves and nakties was down before cixi could get back to fight them off!

at the southeastern end of the ice isle is the bridge of ice that leads to the gatekeeper's camp and ultimately to teh isle of fire.  the gatekeeper's camp is located about halfway between the 2 isles. dantor the scout is located next to the bonfire (of course, it's freezing!).  greet him and accept the attunements.  it is here where you would port out from the ice and fire isles as well.

and it is as simple as that! if you can avoid drowning, death by gol, beet, and/or wolf to make it to the bridge, you are all set!

of course, it seemed a small waste to come this far and not see something of the isle of fire.  we seemed to have been fairly lucky so far, and cixi was willing to guide us a little further, so we continued to cross the bridge to the 'entrance' of the isle of fire.

we ran along the cliffside until we came to some fire opal gols guarding the entrance to the tunnel that leads to the interior.  cixi managed (barely) to write them in the dead book so we could continue down into the very low ceilinged tunnel (don't jump or you will bump your head!).

the tunnel opens up into a mountain pass with roads leading in several directions toward the interior.  the screenie may look tame, but just out of sight are hordes of giant fire beets and flame ogres,and fire pygmies and more gols (lava, obsidian, and a couple gem types) - all waiting to party with you as long as you can hang!  on that day, cixi was, understandably, not ready to go into battle (no armour and still in her party clothes!), so after thanking her most profusely, nakties and derexx bid her a fond farewell and recalled.


and that was my time at the order shard's gnomekindle event!


i was thinking of starting a series on trainers of all stripes - tracking them down and showing you where and who they are. that will take most of the year, i am thinking!!  had the idea to start with the dragon trainers, so mourningwood has the chance to come out and stretch his legs a bit......  see ya soon!! writes:
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