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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

crafting granite in aughundell

Posted by velveeta Friday January 7 2011 at 3:06PM
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greetings and welcome to the new year, my readers!  let me take this moment to thank you for your interest in my little newletter about the best game around!  both myself and istaria appreciate the time you take to read these posts!

well, it has been so long since i posted my own stuff that i had to remind myself where i stopped!  when last i posted about crafting, i was doing slate work - i have since moved on and finished wood and started on essence (affectionately known as wisp poo) work.  but i feel obligated to stay on the path, so i will tell you about doing granite masonry outside of aughundell, the racial town of the dwarves.

the aughundell environs have a lot of resources, and we will be back to visit them for later construction projects, but for now, we are concerned with granite.  as you can see from the map, the granite is located south of the city proper.

once you port to augh, you head down the hill past the festival grounds.  looking toward the south, you will see a faint trail.  following that trail up and around, until it ends at the beginning of the mines.  if you continue past the tower entrance deeper into the mines, you will encounter nickel golems (including the named boss, dimebach - i will introduce you later), iron and nickel nodes, t3 gems, and at the very end of the railroad tracks the run thru the mines, you will find a mine with mithral and platinum nodes.  you will find various workstations and quest givers scattered thruout the mines as well.

however, we are at the moment concerned with the tower entrance.  go thru that, and stay on the road thru the mines until you emerge once again into the sunlight.  when you emerge, you will be in the upper mine area.  to your left will be a partial metal workstation (you will see more of it later, when i get to metal construction), and to your right will be an ascending field of iron and nickel nodes.

run up that hill to the top, and keep running to the southeast across the plateau.  stay away from the other edge, because you really don't want to fall down into the bitter pickle area - especially if you craft sans armour and weapons!

follow the plateau down (you will see the granite field to your right), staying to your right.  once you get to the cliff above the field, you can drop down and start whacking away, or you can follow the contours down.

once you are in the field, you can see the complete stone workstation and you will meet the famished miner.  if you feed him, he will give you something nice!  whack away until you fill your disc with whatever you are making - i have yet to see that field completely mined out!

after you are finished with your biz, it is time to head back.  you can, if you wish, go back to town the same way you got to the field, but i have a shortcut that i like to use.

starting from the sws, you head back up the contour to the first plateau.  there you will see a bridge across a mine valley.  cross the bridge and follow the ridge toward the north (left).  it can be hard to see the narrow land bridges, so be careful you don't fall off the cliff into the mines, as you will get gank by nick gols if you are not of sufficient level to handle them.

once you get to the end of the road, as it were, you just jump off the cliff and you will end up near the road between town and mine entrance.  head back on the trail, and you will see player plots with better machines and hopefully some open silos.  or you can head to the port out and continue on your way.

and that is how i craft granite!  as long as you don't fall off the wrong cliff, you can do it safely, if not as conveniently as some resources!

i will next post on doing obsidian in char, a suburb of the lunus dragon city of dralk!  i love char almost as much as heather, and you will see why!  see you again soon! writes:
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