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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

finally, after so long!!! a new comic!

Posted by velveeta Saturday January 29 2011 at 12:13AM
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Well my vacation has finally come to an end which means new books, new classes and new comics!

While I am sad that my break is over, I did enjoy it while it lasted. And while I got a chance to relax, it also means my characters got a chance to relax from the abuse they receive on a weekly basis! And what pray tell do characters do when their tormentor isn't around?

Well- Narcia went back home to Kirasanct to relax and catch up on her reading (I believe the title of the book was: "101 ways to skin a Saris"- guess she planning to take up tailoring in her spare time).

Sissel spent his entire time sleeping. (Ssliks.....they don't like the cold.)

And Runt? Well...... he did a lot of things actually.....

I would like to extend my thanks to Blue Hasia who provided the idea for the first panel. Also, a "thank you" to Image as well who inspired me with the idea for the third panel.

And Awdz- you can consider panel 2 my submission to your Istarian Carols thread. *grins* (

Three in One

Notes: Only one gnome was harmed in the making of this comic.


I lurk within the depths of your mind, for I am INSANITY!

cedar in the evil place

Posted by velveeta Monday January 24 2011 at 11:06PM
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now that the masonry is done, we move on to the carpentry.  the first tier of wood resources is cedar.

there are several places in the world to harvest cedar, as there is for most resources, but for my purposes, the training island of new trismus is the best.  on blight, it is an inside joke that i call nt the evil place - i spent more than my share of time there (i am no strategist, so it takes me while to learn the adventuring side of things - i always need the man in black!) and grew to know it well into the contempt stage.  i grew to curse its very existence........

however, that is not really what we are here for!  what we are interested in is crafting cedar timbers and braces.  new trismus cannot be accessed from brist (there are actually only 2 or 3 ports to nt), so you need to port to aughendell first, then on to the nt port.

once you hit the port pad, you turn to face westerly.  run down the hill in front of you and you will see a road (you can actually just take the road next to the port pad, but it makes a wide semicircle, so i just take the shortcut) - this is the beginning of the cedar field.  stay on that road until you reach the crossroads.  the stone marker you see in the screenie is a sign post showing the way to the copper and tin field (more about that when we get to metalwork) up the hill.  staying on the other road will take you to the wood work station.  you will run thru the unguarded part of the cedar field on the way.  the wws (as is all the workstations on nt - because it's the training island, of course!  lol) is a complete one, with a table saw and workbench.

cedar is the only guarded resource on nt.  not all of the field is guarded, thankfully, but a sizable portion (on the other side of the wws from the unguarded field) is infested with cedar treants.  not a problem for me, but i well remember a time when they gave me much grief!  beiside, it is fun to beat them up then harvest em dry!

once you have done the work you need to do, you just head back the way you came until you hit the port area.  unless you are attuned to brist, you will only be able to port to the other training islands or to kion.

and that is pretty much it for cedar!  easy tier, easy harvesting!

for our next venture into woodworking, we will be doing elm - which was a period of great change and upheaval for me, but fear not!  all's well that ends well!  fill you in soon!

crafting obsidian in char

Posted by velveeta Wednesday January 12 2011 at 6:06PM
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and now, to finish up with our stone construction, we move on to obsidian, the t4 stone.  marble comes next, but i don't need any for the plot.  there are actually several places to harvest and work obsid, but imho, char - a suburb of the lunus city of dralk - is the most awesome place to do it.  it is also a place to do cobalt, which we will explore when i get to the metal construction.  i usually do my cob in the kira tundra (i admit, mostly because i love pounding on isotope as much as the abundance and mws), but there is no access to open silos and the port is a very long run away from the field.  i have heard rumors of open storage in the craft cave directly across from the cob field in dralk, so it will be worth a look when it comes time (i gots a lot of cob to do...).  but i digress.

as dralk is a racial city, there is a direct port to it in brist.  the area around dralk is a dangerous place for anything less than upper middle levels (i would say anywhere from 55 and up).  fortunately for us, the char obsid field road just passes by the limit of the lava oastics, and the road to the field is safe, as is the field itself.

so, once you hit the port in pad, you will be swimming in red and black for however long you are in the dralk area - be prepared!  turn until you are facing the road and the vault cave - that is the road you need to take out of town.

char is southwest of dralk, but the road heads north until you get to a fork in the road just outside of the city proper.  when you get to the fork, you need to take the western road (the left hand road).  stay on this road (do not take the right hand turn at the next fork, unless you are looking for some adventure instead of crafting) until you hit a T intersection, surrounded by iron nodes.  take the south fork (the left again) and stay on this road until you crest the hill under the crossed cliffs.  once you hit the hill and go over, you will see the whole of the obsidian field below, with the craft cave on your right as you look down into the valley.

the field itself is pretty big - i have seen up to 4 peeps whacking away on the nodes and nary an end in sight.  it stretches from the top of the hill all the way down the south road (until you get to the far cliff in the leftish middle of the screenie) and on both sides (east and west) of the road up the cliffs.

once you get a load of obsid, you can then head to the complete craft cave.  this particular craft cave has  all the machines usable by dragons.  fortunately, peds can use most of the machines as well.

once you are ready to head back, you leave the craft cave and hit the road.  i recommend  swift feet for this!  turning left (north) from the craft cave, you basically head back the way you came until you hit the T intersection.  take the right hand turn, and head down the road until you get even with the lava cauldron.  at that point, you want to head for the notch in the cliff.  climb up and over the notch, and you will fall down into dralk right next to the vault cave.  once on the valley floor, you will see the road and the port.  take the port out to brist or anywhere else.

and that is all there is to doing obsidian in char!  it's a nice lil place, once you get used to the color scheme - i advise looking away often, as your eyes (if they are like mine, anyway) will get tired sooner than in other places.

finally, so that one does not get discourged in the midst of all the crafting needed to create a plot, it is important to take pleasure in the little things, like finishing some buildings!  here is a distillery and a cooking oven, as well as a sslik house for storage.

well, my dear readers, that is it for the stone construction!  i will start on the wood stuff next, beginning with crafting cedar timbers and braces in the evil place (new trismus, the training island, for those not in the know)!  see you soon!

crafting granite in aughundell

Posted by velveeta Friday January 7 2011 at 4:06PM
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greetings and welcome to the new year, my readers!  let me take this moment to thank you for your interest in my little newletter about the best game around!  both myself and istaria appreciate the time you take to read these posts!

well, it has been so long since i posted my own stuff that i had to remind myself where i stopped!  when last i posted about crafting, i was doing slate work - i have since moved on and finished wood and started on essence (affectionately known as wisp poo) work.  but i feel obligated to stay on the path, so i will tell you about doing granite masonry outside of aughundell, the racial town of the dwarves.

the aughundell environs have a lot of resources, and we will be back to visit them for later construction projects, but for now, we are concerned with granite.  as you can see from the map, the granite is located south of the city proper.

once you port to augh, you head down the hill past the festival grounds.  looking toward the south, you will see a faint trail.  following that trail up and around, until it ends at the beginning of the mines.  if you continue past the tower entrance deeper into the mines, you will encounter nickel golems (including the named boss, dimebach - i will introduce you later), iron and nickel nodes, t3 gems, and at the very end of the railroad tracks the run thru the mines, you will find a mine with mithral and platinum nodes.  you will find various workstations and quest givers scattered thruout the mines as well.

however, we are at the moment concerned with the tower entrance.  go thru that, and stay on the road thru the mines until you emerge once again into the sunlight.  when you emerge, you will be in the upper mine area.  to your left will be a partial metal workstation (you will see more of it later, when i get to metal construction), and to your right will be an ascending field of iron and nickel nodes.

run up that hill to the top, and keep running to the southeast across the plateau.  stay away from the other edge, because you really don't want to fall down into the bitter pickle area - especially if you craft sans armour and weapons!

follow the plateau down (you will see the granite field to your right), staying to your right.  once you get to the cliff above the field, you can drop down and start whacking away, or you can follow the contours down.

once you are in the field, you can see the complete stone workstation and you will meet the famished miner.  if you feed him, he will give you something nice!  whack away until you fill your disc with whatever you are making - i have yet to see that field completely mined out!

after you are finished with your biz, it is time to head back.  you can, if you wish, go back to town the same way you got to the field, but i have a shortcut that i like to use.

starting from the sws, you head back up the contour to the first plateau.  there you will see a bridge across a mine valley.  cross the bridge and follow the ridge toward the north (left).  it can be hard to see the narrow land bridges, so be careful you don't fall off the cliff into the mines, as you will get gank by nick gols if you are not of sufficient level to handle them.

once you get to the end of the road, as it were, you just jump off the cliff and you will end up near the road between town and mine entrance.  head back on the trail, and you will see player plots with better machines and hopefully some open silos.  or you can head to the port out and continue on your way.

and that is how i craft granite!  as long as you don't fall off the wrong cliff, you can do it safely, if not as conveniently as some resources!

i will next post on doing obsidian in char, a suburb of the lunus dragon city of dralk!  i love char almost as much as heather, and you will see why!  see you again soon!