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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the satyr who would be king: on being a real noob again, part 3b (read part 3a first)

Posted by velveeta Friday January 29 2010 at 11:12PM
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gravus will also give you some general directions to the quarry. you will run into a lot of warning popups along the way.
if you stray from the path you are supposed to follow, you will get one like this:


once you get back on the right path, you will see this message when you approach the area:

just past the stone field is the entrance to the ore mine (the building in the above right center of the screenie). in you go and you get this message:

once you have equipped the pick and whacked away at the node for a while, you will get this message:

you will also recieve a note in your game chat window the you have used up the node. the game chat window will also show how many pieces you are getting with your swings (only 1 piece per swing at the lowest levels you need to work that particular resource; for example, you may get 8 or more pieces of copper and tin, but only 1 piece per for iron, the next tier up....).

the quest requires that you make 55 bronze bars, so you will see this when you are done harvesting and ready to make the bars:

you leave the mine and head up the hill a bit to the metal workstation:

the game will also give you tips on what to do at the smelter:

your quest window will show you your progress:

once you have made the needed 11 bronze bars, you head back to gravus to finish the quest:

gravus will give you your reward and another quest, if you desire.

and that is it for the first crafting quest! next time, i will finish up with the first adventure quest. then, i will let mourningwood take over with a post or two explaining the plot design process!

the satyr who would be king: on being a real noob again, part 3a

Posted by velveeta Friday January 29 2010 at 11:03PM
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okay now that the holiday fun is over, its time to get back to bizniz!

refresher: i created a new alt on the roleplaying server, order. i have already posted about the first steps and the background you are given by the first npc you are supposed to greet. i will continue now with the first crafting quest you will recieve, and finish with the first adventure quest.

as always, you start by greeting the crafting trainer, located behind and to the right of ryson stormbringer, the newb wrangler:

gravus will give you the basic speech:

i chose blacksmith and got the following talk:

when you clik the link indicating you want to join the blacksmith skewl, you recieve some starting equipment. this equipment is one step below basic and should be replaced asap.....this is where being on good terms with elder players comes in handy....
anyway, the starting equipment is a mining pickaxe, a pair of smelting tongs, and your first formula, one for making metal bars. this is the green icon:

first thing to do is to scribe the formula into your 'spellbook', for lack of a better term:

you can access your knowledge book, like you can access most of the game function, by cliking the gem in the (usually) lower left corner of your screen (or by pressing 'k', i believe - i always access game stuff from the gem myself...). as you can see, there are 3 types of scribable knowledge in game; spells should be self explanatory (i will later detail how to make actual usable spells, which require spell shards and essence before you can scribe the finished product, and is the realm of scholars), formulas are used to make resources and other usable objects like weapons, tools, and armour, and techniques, which also require certain resources to apply to usable items - for instance, a pair of cargo boots might have a speed tech and a crafting tech on them to add benefit to the user.

scribing is done by righcliking the desired item and selecting 'scribe item' from the menu. you can choose more than one item to scribe by holding down the left ctrl button while cliking the desired items. the first time you do this, you will get a warning screen:

a secondary menu will appear to confirm the item(s) you want to scribe:


once you get out into the wide world and begin to accumulate forms and spells, you will run into the beloved 'you do not meet the requirements to scribe this item' message frequently (you can always scribe techniques, but you can't always make and apply them). spells and formulas, like useable items, have level restrictions. i wish you all the fun times i have had with that (remind me to tell you about all the times i have tried to make a weapon with a tech i can do yet. you know you can make the weapon, but why can't you make it now?? cause you don't have the levels to apply the tech! the first time can take you an hour to figure out what's happening....)!


a busy day on order!

Posted by velveeta Thursday January 21 2010 at 8:35PM
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hail and praises to you, my beloved monarch!

my apologies for the lateness of this report, but i am just getting enough of my head together to relay to you the monumentous events of 5 days ago that occurred in the realm of order!


first off, tenkako and hitori graced us with a double ascension to adult. a large gathering took place at the top of the spire to witness the event:



the joyous celebration began in earnest as the tranformation finished:



the new adults were feted by the gathering as they basked in their new adulthood:






several hours later, the great goddess amarie called for the gifted (and not so gifted) to gather in carmo. all who could come were there:




as happy as i know you are that i answered the call of the gods, i know you will be more joyous to hear that i meet your fave fool in the flesh! i relayed your respects as i knelt before the awesome sephi, with his beloved fair looking on:



eventually, the mighty amarie appeared and began to arrange us as befits her divine plan:



once she had the picture she desired, the goddess instructed us to load onto the teleport pad. have you ever wondered what it is like to be on the bottom of a pile of dragons?:



at least i wasn't the only biped in the mix:



the goddess then told us to run north toward a guildhouse. this we did without question, as the ways of the gods are not for gifted to know.


after such a full day, i was exhausted! however, my mood improved upon recieving the news of the royal industrial complex commencement! i look forward to the day i return home to visit the new and improved palace!


until the next report, i hope you are well, your highness, and i remain your humble servant!

its always a party on order!

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 17 2010 at 1:02AM
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greetings, beloved subjects! in an effort to establish relations with our neighboring realms, we have sent a diplomat to represent us to the order shard. derexx dufromage was set loose in time to appear at our beloved friends, lovwyrm and flameus, residences for festivities to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.
it pleases us beyond expression to report that derexx was welcomed most warmly and managed to con the obsidian order into accepting him as a member of their most prestigious organization. derexx is finding the order realm much to his liking and is very happy with his assignment. he reports he is looking forward to many years to come as the cheese queen's representative in order.
accordingly, here is his first report from order, concerning the activities at the above mentioned party:

at the appointed time, the partygoers gathered in bristugo to port together to lovwyrm's plot in aiya. from the start, the crowd overflowed the port area:

the party started in aiya with riddles and seek-and-finds. it was as fun to watch such a large group of peeps running around the well planned and built plot as it was to be part of the running crowd:

after some games, the party moved to mia's edge, where we were honored to be a part of lungtien's ascension to ancienthood. here is the adult:

the ritual started with lung being encapsulated in the ascension field:

and ended with the newborn ancient rising from a shaft of altering light:

when it was all over, the new ancient stood proud in newfound power:

after much fireworx, the party retired to the plot for more games, gifts, and a big feast:

before being honored yet again by partcipating in a double ascension! elvin and shanoby were finally ready to become adults, and chose to share this special time with us all:


the new adults took their first flight amidst a barrage of celebratory fireworx:

for most shards, that would be quite a party already! but the order shard does things in a big way! after the ascensions, the party moved to flam's lair (fortunately, the peds were able to make it!), where to finish up the fun, lov sent us into the labyrinth to hunt for dysias and flam. we all got horribly lost, and the real game became who could find their way out first!
all things, especially the good ones, must end, and so it was with the party. after 2 hours of excellent companionship and fun, the party disbanded with hopes to have another get together soon.

that is all for now, my queen, and i look forward to having more to report soon!

thanx to nellie, i finally got my dream!

Posted by velveeta Monday January 4 2010 at 5:27PM
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a joyous day for the crown, dear blight! a long held dream of the queen has come true, and in a wonderful way!
all hail our beloved friend of order, nellie of carmo. honored nellie held land the crown has long desired to obtain, in order to construct more residential and industrial buildings as annex to the cheese palace. today, nellie allowed us to literally steal the land, charging the crown the paltry price of a single silver piece.
we have entrusted our ward, mourningwood the ungifted, with the designing of the plot, and would consider it more grace than we are due if any will deign to perform any construction work desired.
any wishing to know how to get to the work to be done, you may pm the crown or send an ingame tell for directions.

this is a shot of the current cheese palace:

and here is the site of the future annex:

all praises are due to nellie, forever a friend to the crown and a pleasure to our heart!
huzzah, nellie, huzzah!

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